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Genshin Impact Truly Mouthwatering Quest Guide and Tips

Complete the quest in no time!

Genshin Impact Truly Mouthwatering Quest is a quest added in Version 4.0 that players can encounter in the new region of Fontaine. This new quest involves helping a strange man named Henri who is buried in the sand. Furthermore, this quest is part of a two-part quest series that unlocks after completing the Fontaine Archon Quest.

How to complete the Genshin Impact Truly Mouthwatering Quest

Players need to go to Poisson’s north to start the Truly Mouthwatering quest in Genshin Impact. A roast chicken, two Armored Crabs, and Henri will be there, hidden in the sand next to the beach. To begin the Mouthwatering quest, defeat the crabs and speak with Henri.

After speaking with Henri, players must search the area for hints concerning their circumstances. There are four things to look for: a roast chicken, a shovel, a broken machine, and two additional NPCs with the names Turner and Hunter. To make them more visible, utilize your Elemental Sight.

Genshin Impact Truly Mouthwatering Quest
Image via HoYoverse

Moving forward, they need to talk to Henri after having examined all four hints. He will be asked to use a logical reasoning process to determine what transpired to him. To reach a conclusion, players must accurately analyze and associate the clues. Below are the appropriate responses for each step:

  • Associate the Crabs with the Roast Chicken.
  • Associate the Nearby shovel with the Roast Chicken.
  • Interpret the Self-proclaimed “beauty treatment” to get the Shout out so that he can be heard option.
  • Associate Shout out so that he can be heard with the walker duo.
  • Associate Fearful of the walking duo with the Nearby shovel.
  • Submit Henri was buried here as your conclusion.
Genshin Impact Truly Mouthwatering Quest
Image via HoYoverse

After players have solved the first deduction, a cutscene will play where Turner and Hunter will return and reveal that they were the ones who buried Henri as a prank. They will also explain why they did it and how they used a barrel and a roast chicken as bait. Finally, every player will then need to solve another deduction based on their confession. Here are the correct answers for this step:

  • Interpret Barrel on the Body.
  • Interpret Roast Chicken.
  • Interpret Crabs.
  • Associate Crabs with Buried safely.
  • Associate Roast Chicken with Buried safely.
  • Associate Buried safely with Truly mouthwatering!
  • Associate Lesson with Broken Machine.
  • Submit Because he broke the machine as your conclusion.

Another cutscene will play after players have answered the second deduction in which Henri apologizes and receives their forgiveness for damaging their equipment. They’ll also invite the players to join them for a roast chicken and crab feast. Following that, the quest will be finished.

Quest Completion Rewards

After completing this quest, you will receive:

  • 200x Adventurer’s Exp
  • 20x Primogem
  • 15,000x Mora
  • 30x Friendship Exp 2x Hero’s wit

Furthermore, players will also unlock the second part of the quest series, Still Mouthwatering! after this, which involves finding seven Mysterious Cores scattered around Fontaine and giving them to Henri. Every player can also grab the roast chicken after completing both quests to get an achievement called Truly Mouthwatering! which is worth 5 primogems.

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