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Genshin Impact Version 3.8: All 60 Water Ball Locations and Puzzle Guide Part 1

Easily locate all the Water Balls and solve the puzzles!

Genshin Impact has released Version 3.8 which includes its limited map expansion Veluriyam Mirage. which will be available throughout the whole patch. The map is filled with many puzzles, quests, and other exploration content that gives away Primogems and more. One of these exploration content is the Water Balls (Hydro Eidolons) scattered across the whole map. Solving their problems will grant you different rarities of chests. There are about 60 Water Balls on the map, here is a Genshin Impact guide on its locations and a walkthrough on the puzzles and the water ball locations in Part 1. 

Genshin Impact Veluriyam Mirage: All 60 Water Ball Locations and Puzzle Guide Part 1

Genshin Impact Veluriyam Mirage: Overgrown Valley – (6 Water Balls)

Genshin Impact Water Ball Locations Part 1
Image via HoYoverse

1. Hydro eidolon is near a rock. Stand close to the hydro eidolon to trigger it to move toward the sealed water ball chest.

2. Head to the caves that follow the green rails and you will find the Hydro Ball in the middle of the underground path. A few steps away, a hydro eidolon is surrounded by pyro slimes. Rescue the Hydro Eidolon by defeating the enemies. 

3. Touch the water bubble and continue to follow the bubbles by swimming. After following the third bubble the hydro eidolon will show up and guide you towards the hydro ball. 

4. Make sure you enable the Four-Leaf Sigils by using the Dendrograna for this puzzle. The hydro eidolon will hide on one of the big leaves. Simply follow it as it transforms into different objects. It will take form as a Barrel, then a Hydro stone, and then finally a stone again. 

5. Defeat the big pyro slime first. Then interact with the big blue box that was beside the pyro slime. The hydro eidolon will appear and lead you to the sealed chest. 

6. Interact with the sign beside the chest. You have to play hide and seek with the hydro eidolons to unlock the chest. Use Elemental Sight to find them all. The 3 hydro eidolons will take the form of a big pink box, a brown slime balloon, and a small box. 

Genshin Impact Veluriyam Mirage: Overgrown Valley – (6 Water Balls)

Genshin Impact Water Ball Locations Part 1
Image via HoYoverse

Part of the section of the Water Ball puzzles is from the World Quest “Capturing Light and Shadow”. 

7. Follow the Water Ball as it leads you to a chest and then power the Choo-Choo Cart. After riding the cart, it will unlock one of the Streaming Projectors. 

8. Follow the track and you will notice a Water Ball getting terrorized by Hilichurls. Defeat the Hilichurls then follow the Water ball. 2 Pyro slimes and a few more enemies spawn. Defeat them as well. Afterwards, ride the Cart and it will lead you to unlock another Streaming Projector. 

9. Extinguish the fire around the Water Ball allowing it to escape and guide you out. 

10. Follow the Water Ball to #11 where you have to activate the hydro totems with its help. Then fight the ambushed enemies till finally #12 solves another elemental monument puzzle again. 

Genshin Impact Veluriyam Mirage: Silver Bottle Courtyard – (20 Water Balls)

13. The water ball is surrounded by Shrooms. Defeat the Shrooms and rescue the hydro ball. The Hydro ball will then eventually spawn a chest. 

14. The chest will be surrounded by flowers. Interact with only the Sumeru Rose to summon the Hydro Ball. The other 3 Sweet Flowers will summon Whopperflowers so it’s best to avoid them. 

15. The Hydro ball is hidden within a Dendro Pile. Hit it with either Dendro or use the help of the Dendrogranum to free it. The Hydro Ball will eventually unlock the chest. 

16. Interacts with the barrel that is located on the lilypad. It will then transform back into a Hydro Ball. 4 Hydro Monuments are surrounding the Hydro Ball. The Hydro Ball will then guide you through the order of activating each Hydro totem serially. Follow the Hydro Ball’s guide and activate the totems in order. You will then receive a chest. 

17. Is another Hide and Seek game. Interact with the sign to start. The 3 Hydro Balls will then take different shapes. One is hiding as a Barrel on top of a box, the other one is a Cryo flower located on a door, and finally blue crystals that are located by the edge of the roof. Use can also use Elemental Sight to locate all 3 Hydro Balls. 

18. Is a bunch of hydro balls gathered near a table with a plate on top of it. The sign beside it hints to you that you need to place an apple on the plate. Players have to place an apple 3 times to obtain a chest. After placing one apple, you can either teleport away from the map or log out and log in again to reset the plate. 

19. Can be found near the waterfall. Interact with the barrel local just around the waterfall. It will turn into a hydro ball and guide you to the chest. 

20. Is a Hide and Seek game. Interact with the sign to start. The 3 Hydro Balls will then take different shapes. One is hiding over at the roof of a tent in the shape of a box, the other on top of a wooden ledge as a barrel, and finally, the last one is the shape of a box on top of another box. Use can also use Elemental Sight to locate all 3 Hydro Balls.

Image via HoYoverse

21. And #22 both spawn the same chest. Interact with #21, the barrel beside the bushes that have bubbles coming out to change its shape into a bush. For #22 there is a bush misplaced from the rest. Interact with it to guide it to its original place. 

23. Is located at the top of the floating island. Once you reach the top, interact with the Dendro pile by using the Dendrogranum. The water ball will come out and unlock the hydro monuments. Activate the 4 Hydro totems and you will then obtain a chest.  

24. There is a Hydro ball lying on the water. Interact with it to guide it towards the chest. 

25. Interact with the Cryo flower surrounded by the exploding Dendro flowers. The hydro ball will show up and lead you to the sealed chest.

26. The Hydro ball will be surrounded by 5 Hydro Monuments. Interact with the Hydro ball and it will guide you to the order of the hydro totems by transforming into an arrow sign. Follow the guide and you will receive a chest.

27. First interact with the box that is on the tree. The box will then unlock the hydro totem beside it. Then interact with the blue crystal chunk and then finally the blue candy cane (which will lead you to interact with the box on top of the tree). Activate all the unlocked hydro monuments to obtain the chest. 

28. Approach the water ball. It will transform into an arrow sign pointing toward the location of the chest.

29. First defeats the shrooms surrounding the Dendro pile. Then use Dendro on the Dendro Pile and interact with the lamp underneath it. It will transform back into a hydro ball and you will obtain a chest. 

30. Kill the 2 hilichurls surrounding the box. Afterward, the 2 Hydro eidolons will lead you toward the chest. 

31. Save the water ball that is surrounded by 3 pyro slimes by defeating them.

32. Helps the Eidolon to find out his 3 other Hydro Eidolons. One is in a rock pile, one is surrounded by 2 mushrooms and the last one is hidden as a barrel at a waterfall.

That’s all for this Genshin Impact guide on how to find the Water Ball Locations!

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