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Genshin Impact Guide: Tips to obtain Furnishing Blueprints for Serenitea Pot

Find out locations for 7 blueprints for the Serenitea Pot

In Genshin Impact, players want as many blueprints as they can find for equipping their Serenitea Pot. There are a few significant blueprint sources, and some of them are hidden in unusual places across the game. This guide will show you where and how to obtain all of the Genshin Impact furnishing blueprints you’ll want for your perfect Serenitea setup.

Where to buy Genshin Impact furnishing blueprints from NPCs

Outside of the teapot realm, you can buy several furniture plans with Mora from a handful of vendors, and this guide lists their locations. Furniture plans are sold by two sellers in Mondstadt and Liyue. Here’s how you can buy seven blueprints.

1. Ludwig Goth in Mondstadt

Goth is the name of the first furniture blueprint dealer in Genshin Impact. During the day, you may see Ludwig Goth, the namesake of the Goth Grand Hotel, in the park to the south of the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. He can be found on a bench southeast of the city’s western teleport point in the city.

genshin impact furnishing blueprints
Image via miHoYo

He’ll only appear during the day, so you’ll have to alter the time manually using the pause menu. the four blueprints that Goth offers are:  The Deadwood Road Sign, Lightning Protective Tent, Simple Single-Person Tent, and Adventurer Camp.

2. Master Lu in Liyue

Master Lu is the second furniture blueprint merchant, and he can be found on the south side of Qingce Village. Although Master Lu only has three designs at the time, each of his offerings cost 50,000 Mora.

genshin impact furnishing blueprints
Image via miHoYo

The Adventurer’s Burdens, Lone and Cautious Adventurer, and Dialogue Twixt Ancient Tree and Rock are among the items he offers.

3. Tubby

When you gain your Trust rank, which you can acquire by manufacturing new furniture from blueprints, Tubby the Serenitea Pot overseer will offer you a few blueprints. Tubby trades designs for Realm Currency, which is created hourly dependent on your Adeptal Energy.

genshin impact furnishing blueprints
Image via miHoYo

As you install more furniture in your realm, your hourly rate rises, so be sure to fill it out. Tubby’s shop has hundreds of blueprints for sale, and buying them all will cost several thousand Realm Currency, so it will take a few weeks to collect everything.

Similarly, completing activities in the Serenitea Pot journal will unlock additional blueprints. When you clear a whole page, you’ll receive a batch of blueprints, and individual journal challenges might give blueprints as well as furnishings.

4. Teapot traveling salesman and side quest

genshin impact furnishing blueprints
Image via miHoYo

Every weekend, a Teapot Traveling Salesman will visit players’ worlds, and they should have some extra blueprints to sell. Furthermore, it is speculated that this merchant may not provide the same stuff to all customers, and Genshin Impact fans will be able to travel to their friends’ homes to purchase items that are not accessible in their realm. Furniture may also be obtained through the reputation system or by unlocking chests on Tsurumi Island.

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