Giant Monster War Beginners Guide and Tips

Master the art of war and lead your army to victory!

Giant Monster War is a 4x strategy game recently launched by AUDERE gaming limited and X-Legend entertainment. This game consists of tower defense, character development, and the ability to form and join guilds. The game consists of two main armies, one of which is the player’s army. Here in this beginners guide, we will offer help to get you started on Giant Monster War and then make your way further into the game.

The first thing the player experiences as soon as he/she opens the game is a tutorial with a small storyline. The tutorial directly leads the player to play a game. Players get to experience the basic essence of the game.

Gameplay Overview

As soon as the player enters the game they will start a quest. There are two armies in opposition. The player’s army is the army of titans. The enemy’s army is an army of monsters that look like giant cats. There are two main buildings during the war – The Titan Altar and the Enemy Altar. If any of the armies destroy the enemy’s altar, it means that they won that level.

Basics of Giant Monster War
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The basic gameplay is that once you open the game the quest field has two opposite altars- the titan altar and the enemy altar. Enemy monsters who look like giant cats (also called Devil Cats) start moving toward the titan’s altar to attack. Players now have to choose heroes and titans to attack and protect their altar. The player is given a titan army.

Each hero can be selected to attack once they are recharged and the player has enough points to redeem them. After playing and getting points, the titan skill is activated. And then the players can click on the titan skill orb in the bottom left to activate the Titan attack. Default points are given to the player to get started with the game. As the game starts, the player can earn points by attacking the enemy.

Giant Monster War
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In the game, there is a default maximum number of points that can be gained by the players, but there is an orb in the game screen at the bottom right where the player can increase the maximum number of points players can gain. This will help in selecting heroes with more points range.

After winning, a few rewards like rare hero EXP books, Level breakthrough chips, damaged accessories which can promote heroes, etc, are given to the players. After getting the rewards, the players can choose buff effects like stone stats percentage increase, paper stats percentage increase, and heroes attack power increase. With the rewards gained, the players can upgrade the players, improve their gear, and build and protect the tower.

Introduction to the Basics of Giant Monster War

Heroes and types of Attacks

In this game, there are three major types of attacks. Each hero can have one type of attack. The three types of attacks are called elements. Scissors, Paper, and Stone are the elements. Each hero can equip one type of attack element. As the names suggest, these elements work just like the game rock-papers-scissors.

  • Scissors counter Paper
  • Paper counters Stone
  • Stone counters Scissors


This is the main homepage of the game. This section shows the levels. These levels include the main game. Each stage helps the players defeat stronger enemies and upgrade players. In these levels, the players choose heroes and titans which counter the attack style of the enemies.

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To play the game, the players are given challenge points, which are tickets to enter the levels. The challenge points are recovered over time.


This is the section of the game which shows the players the troops they have gathered. This section consists of all the information about our army’s heroes and the players can also upgrade their level. When we select a hero, we can see their dispatch cost, health points, attack level, range and level, defense level, movement speed, and skill.

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The heroes’ skills and strength can be increased using the rewards, rare EXP book, level breakthrough chips, etc, gained by winning the levels. The heroes can be categorized based on the player’s choice. They can choose to rank and categorize heroes based on:

  • Level
  • Rarity
  • Points


Team Giant Monster War
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In this section, we can adjust the squad and deploy the heroes. Titans can also be selected, which decides the side altar house too.


This section shows the empire where the players are building their empire buildings, in which the player can train and strengthen their heroes, store the treasures, and the titan captain altar which has the enrichment information about the heroes.

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There is a sub-section with the world icon, where the players can enter and take over other armies’ kingdoms. This section also has daily tasks, which deploy the players with rewards upon completing them.


This section of the game leads the player to all the available events the player can participate in and have the opportunity to win rewards and new characters.

Utilizing your Rewards

There are mainly two types of rewards:

Empire upgrade giant monster
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  • Hero Upgrade: Rewards like rare EXP books, level breakthrough chips, and broken gear can help us in improving the level, strength, and skills of the heroes and titans.
  • Empire Upgrade: Rewards like resource points, food use, wood use, chests, etc can be used to build and upgrade the empire. These can also be used to conquer other army’s armies.

Giant Monster Wars Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Giant Monster War Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

  • Start upgrading the capacity of the point in stages in the home at the beginning of the game, because once the stronger monsters start attacking there will be no time to upgrade and wait for reloading.
  • Don’t forget to pick up the pop-up rewards on the screen while playing the game.
  • After gaining the rewards, it is better to upgrade the heroes and titan altar.
  • Based on the level of the game, deploying the army is very important.
  • Make sure you have at least one low points dispatch hero as the waiting time can be also used for attacking.
Image via Audere
  • Make sure to go to the empire and collect your task’s rewards so that new tasks will be loaded.
  • Keep upgrading the buildings in the empire section, so that the heroes can train properly
  • And don’t forget to dominate the world by attacking surrounding armies’ altars in the world icon section.
  • Once you are in the world icon section, you can set the formation of heroes for a better attack strategy
  • In the world icon section, you can also go through the backpack of heroes to see what assets we own and what is available in the shop section.

Final Thoughts

In a breath, this is a good game if you like tower defense games and would like to play something light-hearted. The simplicity and visual graphics of the game are a plus point for the game. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this Giant Monster War beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Giant Monster War Beginners Guide! Did you find our Giant Monster War beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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