Goose Goose Duck Beginners Guide and Tips

Keep an eye out for those malicious Mallards and other birds, who have infiltrated your team and will do anything to stop you!

Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction strategy game developed and published by Gaggle Studios, Inc. The genre of the social deduction is a genre of gaming in which the players try to unveil other players’ hidden roles or team allegiance. This game consists of social interaction, missions, attacks, sneaky escapes, and accessorization. Since the game is popularly growing, most players who are new to the genre are waiting for a Beginners guide for Goose Goose Duck.

Introducing the basics of Goose Goose Duck

As soon as the player enters the game, they are directed to the login page, where the players have various login options. After logging in, the player is given the opportunity to enter the game directly or play the tutorial.

Although there are many modes in the game, the basics of the gameplay involve two main types of players: goose and duck. Geese play the game by finishing tasks, finding out the undercover duck, and protecting the gameplay to win. Whereas, ducks have to fake doing tasks, disrupt missions, and kill geese to win. The players are segregated into either of the categories or can choose either role.

Basics of Goose Goose Duck
image via Gaggle Studios, Inc

This is an online multiplayer game. In this game, the players can play with random players from all around the world or play with their friends. After joining the game, the players enter the game lobby and begin the game when all the players are ready.

Mastering the in-game special roles

Largely, the players can be either ducks or geese. But there are more categories to how the players’ role in the game works. Few types of ducks and geese have special features and roles in the game. For example, a few birds can stalk a single player, or few ducks can eat the corpse, a few ducks can shapeshift into other players, etc, Descriptions of various types of roles can be seen when the player clicks on a tutorial.

Game modes

There are many game modes from which the players can choose. The game modes available are:

  • Multiplayer modes: To start a game, the players have three options. The players can either host a game, join a random room online or join a room with the room code and play with friends. While hosting a game, the players can either make it public to everyone or make it private for their friends.
  • Freeplay: The Freeplay mode is the type of gameplay in which the players can randomly play while finishing tasks and exploring the maps. This mode is activated when the players are offline.
  • Classic: The Classic game mode consists of the basic gameplay between geese and ducks where they have to kill and prevent the missions or finish the missions while surviving, respectively.
Hanging out
Image via Gaggle Studios, Inc
  • Draft: The gameplay is the same as the classic mode, but in this draft mode, the players get to choose their roles from the three options given at the beginning of the game.
  • Goose Hunt: This game mode is a race against time. The geese have to finish the tasks before a single killer duck tries to kill everyone. The timer resets happen per mission completed or per kill.
  • Dine and Dash: This model is a two-team game of morphers and vultures.
  • Trick or Treat: In this game, they are in the role of villagers and escape the monster from turning them into thralls.
  • Hanging out: In this mode, the players can gather around and hang out with interact.


In the center of the screen, right below the play button, the players can see the tutorial button. Upon clicking on this button, the players are led to the tutorial section of the game. Here the player can select either play as a goose or a duck. The players can choose from different maps available too.

On the right top of the screen, the players can see the roles icon. Upon clicking on it, the players can see the information about all the kinds of roles the game can offer and how the players can play and enjoy the game in different ways.

Image via Gaggle Studios, Inc

After choosing their preferences, the player will enter the tutorial by clicking on the explore button right below the map options. The player can play as long as they want and explore the options available. When the player has finished the basic requirement to understand gaming, the game suggests leading them into the real game.

Other in-game features and characteristics

The main homepage of the game consists of the option to start the game or tutorial along with other features like recently played players, collection, settings, etc. The main features of the game are:

  • Collection: In the bottom center of the screen, right below the tutorial button, the players can see a button named collection. Upon clicking on this, the players are led to a section of the game where they can customize the avatar’s appearance and accessorize them, change the banner and card of the player profile, shop for unique packs and gold, and check out the achievements fulfilled by the players.
  • Settings: On the top right of the screen, there is a settings icon, where the players can change the basic settings of the game.
Collection Goose Goose Duck
Image via Gaggle Studios, Inc
  • Players List: Right below the settings, there is an icon for the players list. This will lead to the list of players that the player has recently played with. This makes it easier for the player to socialize and enjoy the game more.
  • News: On the bottom right of the screen, there is a news icon. This leads the players to any news regarding the game.
  • Game Theme: On the bottom left of the screen, there is an icon with the song named on it. Upon tapping on it multiple times, the players can change the theme and background of the homepage, along with the song being played.

Goose Goose Ducks Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Goose Goose duck is a perfect game for gamers who love to play social deduction multiplayer games. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get started with the game:

  • Play the tutorial to understand the basic gameplay.
  • Read the roles available to properly understand how to play and enjoy various roles.
  • Explore all the game modes available and choose the mode you enjoy.
  • If you are a duck or in a killing role, try to plan the killings near a vent so that you can easily escape.
Goose Goose Duck mobile
Goose Goose Duck gameplay
  • If you are a duck along with the killing, try to fake tasks in order to escape suspicion
  • If you are a goose, try to finish your missions as soon as possible, while keeping an eye on the surroundings.
  • If you are ever falsely accused, try to negotiate and stay in the game and try to expose the real killer.

In short, it is an enjoyable game. So go ahead and give it a try and if you ever need a kickstart for understanding the game, you can always check our Goose Goose Duck Beginners Guide for more tips. Happy gaming!

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