Graffiti Smash Beginners Guide and Tips

Get immersed in the awesome Graffiti Slingshot Mayhem

Like a lot of great games out there, there are tons that are anime-based and can bring a lot to the table. The same can be said for Graffiti Smash and how great this game has been for some time now. What this game offers are, as mentioned, an anime-style of visuals when it comes to cutscenes and a 2D fast-paced slingshot action type of game. Check out this Graffiti Smash beginners guide and see it can change up how players can improve and easily move forward.

Although it is a game that is quite recent, it is one that has managed to stay on top in the following months. It is more like a simple pinball game with great visuals but can also pose a challenge, especially for newer players. The visuals are what sets it apart and can appeal to fans of the art style and to anime itself. Its stunning visuals are really something as it seems like the game itself is a whole anime and uses a lot of colors to really get a complex and appealing visual for the gameplay.

Graffiti Smash Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Strategize for the optimal damage

Graffiti Smash is also a battle game where players have to reduce the health points of enemies to zero in order to progress through the game. Now this means that in most levels, there would be more enemies and lots of health points to lower down in order to win. As mentioned before, Graffiti Smash is like a pinball game and it can also be closely compared to Beyblade.

Graffiti Smash Beginners Guide

The game shares the same mechanic with both pinball and Beyblade as they use almost the same mechanics. Like in Beyblade, players must collide with their opponents until they are beaten down. In Graffiti Smash, players have to use their characters as a projectile and do as much damage as they can with one turn so they can advance through the game. It would take a bit of time to strategize and be quick on the feet, but with enough time and practice through the game itself, players will get it in no time.

2. Pull off Combos with Characters

Some of the characters that players would get can pull off some abilities and combos when hit by other characters. Players can use these combo mechanics to pull off combinations that can deal massive damage to the opponents and make sure players get to the next stage much easier.

Pull off combos with characters

Players can get to try out these combos and abilities when they get different characters. Additionally, there are a lot of characters in the long run of the game that players can unlock and have stronger effects. Players should feel free to mix and match what works for them and use a variety of those combos to move forward and beat other levels while gaining more resources to get those other characters.

3. Use the Paint wisely

Certain attacks from the characters players unlock or have will trigger some animation and bring out the paint. There would be a tooltip from the tutorial that points this out but newer players can always check out this guide later on. What paint does is that it allows attacks from characters of players to be massively increased and can be used to make certain battles much easier.

This would also fall under making a good strategy for other levels and battles. It would also be crucial for players to know when their characters would be applying paint so they could plan out their next attacks well. Using paint can be a huge deciding factor in battle. Additionally, it could grant players’ best character to do more than enough damage and turn tides of battle in a second.

4. Know when to summon Graffitis

Players’ attacks would allow a part of the field to be painted. When players paint over the field, there would be a good chance they would also paint over a graffiti mark in the center of the screen. What this could do for players is another mechanic that can swiftly turn the tides of battle and shift the favor over to the players. Once Graffiti would be revealed by a painting of the players, players can have the option to tap the Graffiti mark and summon the Graffiti.

Know when to summon graffitis

This is known as a great power move when it comes to Graffiti Smash and can easily win battles if played right. Players should be cautious as summoning Graffiti is only allowed one time per battle. Players should think of it as a huge damage turn when they summon Graffiti. Although it is powerful, it is not guaranteed that it would bring players an instant win. Players can also incorporate this into their strategy in order to get a win when they need it and also use it to turn the tides of the battle for maybe a quick win.

5. Test out luck in the Gachas

Graffiti Smash is no stranger when it comes to in-game currency. The game also has its own in terms of gems. These gems can be acquired all throughout the game and can be used to garner up strength for a players’ team and move forward from there. These gems can then be used for Hunter packs, that is what the characters are called in the game. It is similar to getting a random pack in which players would be able to get a random character from a pool. Any of the characters generated and chosen for the players can then be used for their team and to move forward.

Test out luck in the gachas

With that, players can also feel free to mix and match like mentioned earlier and use that to their advantage. The more gems they would acquire, the more times they would be able to draw. This would then allow players to get better chances of eventually drawing stronger Hunters. These hunters have unique abilities and can also be used in a number of ways. Players should be aware of the times they can draw for Hunters as this could be what brings them to victory.

With this great game coming out, it would be no surprise if there would be some confusion to newer players. Even so, this guide is here to help out new and returning players. Graffiti Smash is one of those top-tier games and has seen success and it would not be long before there would much more players and only updates will make the game even better. Be sure to check this Graffiti Smash beginner’s guide out and in no time, it would come as a breeze.

That’s all for today’s Graffiti Smash beginners guide. Did you find our Graffiti Smash beginners guide helpful? 

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