Great Conqueror 2: Shogun Beginners Guide and Tips

Strategize the best way to conquer enemies!

Great Conqueror 2: Shogun is a strategy game developed by EasyTech, and is now available on mobile devices, including iOS and Android. Within a gaming world filled with historical quests, this new strategy game takes players back to the chaotic Sengoku period, where the fall of the Ashikaga Shogunate sparks conflicts among warlords striving for supremacy. In this Great Conqueror 2: Shogun Beginners Guide, you will know how to strategize properly and conquer enemies.

For gamers who thrive on the principles of battle, conquest, and domination, Great Conqueror 2: Shogun is the perfect choice. Experience the historical warfare and relive epic moments from the past. Plus, don’t forget to explore some Great Conqueror 2: Shogun free redeem codes for potential in-game rewards.

Great Conqueror 2: Shogun Gameplay Basics

Great Conqueror 2: Shogun is a captivating strategy war game that begins with you commanding a single castle. Your objective is to expand your territory through strategic battles, conquering foes, and asserting dominance over all castles in your path. To succeed in this strategic endeavor, you’ll need to employ cunning strategies and clever tricks to master the art of battle, conquest, and domination.

Great Conqueror 2
Image via EasyTech

Each battle presents formidable challenges that demand your utmost wisdom to overcome. From the initial skirmishes to the showdowns, the key to victory lies in your ability to devise and execute effective strategies. In this game, every decision you make matters, making it essential to think critically and plan meticulously to emerge triumphant.

Great Conqueror 2: Shogun Game Modes

The Great Conqueror 2: Shogun game presents various game modes for players to explore. For newcomers, understanding these modes beforehand ensures an enjoyable experience. Here’s a comprehensive list of the game modes available in Great Conqueror 2: Shogun:

Great conquerors 2 shogun game modes
Image via EasyTech
  • Campaign: Begin your adventure by playing through the Campaign mode, where you’ll fight strategic battles across different chapters and stages.
  • Conquest: Select a clan and take on challenging battles in the Conquest mode. Use different tactics to level up your prestige and give your troops powerful boosts.
  • Tenkabito: Construct and upgrade your castle’s facilities in the Tenkabito mode. Attack different territories for great rewards, with battles playing out like those in the Campaign mode.

So, prepare yourself to command armies, conquer territories, and dominate your foes in this exciting strategy game.

Great Conqueror 2: Shogun Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After grinding the game for hours, here are some of the best tips and tricks we came up with that I wish someone had told me before I started with Great Conqueror 2: Shogun:

1. Complete Objectives

Completing objectives in Great Conquerors 2: Shogun is super important for your success. It’s not just about winning battles as there are also side quests that offer some rewards. So, always keep an eye out for these goals to move ahead in the game.

Great conquerors 2 shogun objectives
Image via EasyTech

Whether it’s gaining valuable resources, recruiting new allies, or unlocking strategic advantages, completing objectives helps you progress and enjoy the game even more.

2. Upgrade your Castle

Upgrading your castle is incredibly important, especially for defending it against enemy attacks. It’s a significant aspect of the game where you’ll need various resources and currencies. When you’ve gathered enough, invest in making your castle stronger.

Great conquerors 2 shogun upgrade castle
Image via EasyTech

Each upgrade boosts its defensive capabilities, making it more resilient in battles. So, remember to prioritize castle upgrades to ensure your stronghold becomes increasingly formidable, giving you an edge in combat with each improvement.

3. Position troops strategically

When deploying your troops on the battlefield, it’s essential to position them strategically. Consider where they’ll be most effective and where they’ll face the least danger. This decision can significantly impact the outcome of the battle.

Great conquerors 2 shogun troops
Image via EasyTech

So, take your time to plan your troop placement carefully, as it can make a real difference in how the battle unfolds.

4. Choosing a General

Choosing the right general is crucial for success in Great Conquerors 2: Shogun. Matching a skilled general with suitable recruits can greatly enhance the strength of your army. Take the time to assess each general’s strengths and abilities, and then select the one that best complements your team’s composition.

Great conquerors 2 shogun general
Image via EasyTech

By strategically pairing generals with compatible recruits, you can significantly bolster your forces and increase your chances of victory on the battlefield.

5. Using Food and Rations

It’s crucial not to overlook the importance of providing food and other supplies to keep your troops strong and content. These resources play a vital role in maintaining your army’s effectiveness, especially during extended battles.

Great conquerors 2 shogun food
Image via EasyTech

Make sure to use them wisely, ensuring that your troops are always well-prepared and in peak condition to give their best performance on the battlefield.

What are your thoughts about the Great Conqueror 2: Shogun Beginners Guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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