GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Guide: Tips to earn Ultimate Premium Kegs easily

Gather more Ultimate Premium Kegs easily in the game

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is known for its generous, but complex economy. In the game, there are multiple resources with different purposes and options for acquiring them, such as scraps for crafting desired cards, and meteorite powder for transmuting (upgrading) standard cards into a premium. One can also earn reward points for unlocking diverse prizes in rewards trees, ores for getting Kegs, and in return Kegs for getting new cards. In this article, we will focus on kegs and their special kind known as Ultimate Premium Kegs and therefore how to earn them easily in GWENT.

What are Kegs in GWENT

Kegs are one of the most basic items in GWENT. They are simply card packs consisting of 5 cards, including one Rare, Epic, or Legendary card. Acquiring and opening a keg is therefore a great method of strengthening your deck and, if you are lucky, getting one of the powerful Legendary cards. 

Base Kegs contain exclusively cards from the Base set, while Ultimate Kegs provide you with cards from all existing sets. Moreover, there are also Ultimate Premium Kegs that equip you only with Premium cards. Therefore, Ultimate Premium Kegs can serve as a valuable source of strong cards that can expand and strengthen your deck.

How to get Ultimate Premium Kegs in GWENT

1. Making purchases with real money

An easy, but the costly method of getting Ultimate Premium Kegs is purchasing them with real money from the store. They are special kinds of Kegs, so Gwent currencies such as ore, meteorite powder, or scraps do not come into play. Also, it is advisable to look out for special promotional events.

gwent android GWENT Ultimate Premium Kegs
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During such occurrences, Ultimate Premium Kegs are sometimes offered as a part of special time-constrained deals or packages that you can buy. Luckily, there is also another effective way of getting Ultimate Premium Kegs in Gwent that neither requires you to spend a lot of money nor to make the extra effort. That is the recently launched rewards platform

2. Using the MillionPugs browser extension

MillionPugs is a startup offering in-game content, like Ultimate Premium Kegs, in exchange for points called Pugs that you collect by ordering a pizza, doing groceries online, or purchasing food for your pets. Collecting Pugs is quick and simple as it only requires you to do shopping in the affiliated stores and activate deals prepared for MillionPugs users.

The platform is fresh but already lists over 850 different stores from multiple industries like Walmart, Walgreens, Grubhub, New Balance, Samsung, and Groupon. The most effective way to use the service is to install the MillionPugs browser extension. It will notify you every time you enter one of the listed stores with a pop-up presenting you with a deal you can activate by shopping there. As a result, you won’t miss out on any opportunity to increase your pugs wallet.

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Once you activate a chosen deal and make a purchase, your account will be filled with pugs. It is worth mentioning that your account can be filled with thousands of bonus pugs just for signing up, downloading the extension, or making the first visit to a shop. Once you collect a sufficient number of pugs, you can exchange them for GWENT content, such as:

  • 2 or 15 Ultimate Premium Kegs,
  • 500 or 2000 meteorite powder,
  • Shupe leader skin
  • Ultimate Starter Pack

Since the selection of affiliated stores is wide, all you have to do to start collecting points is to download the MillionPugs plugin and activate deals once you shop online. It makes the MillionPugs method of getting Ultimate Premium Kegs easy and effortless.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Ultimate Premium Kegs are not a common resource you can easily get for ore, scraps, or meteorite powder. They are a special kind of Ultimate Kegs consisting only of the Premium animated cards that can strengthen your deck. Luckily, there are straightforward methods of getting Ultimate Premium Kegs in GWENT. One of them requires using the MillionPugs extension and collecting points exchangeable for in-game items. The latter is by simply purchasing them in the store for real money.

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