Heroes Evolved: 5v5 MOBA free redeem codes and how to use them (January 2024)

Redeem these rewards asap!

Heroes Evolved: 5v5 MOBA is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game created by NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited. Heroes Evolved is a truly fair and competitive hardcore MOBA with over 120 unique heroes to choose from as you battle real rivals from all over the world. Between your battles and adventures in this game, if you run out of resources and need some redemption codes, we’ve got you covered with our Heroes Evolved: 5v5 MOBA free redeem codes in this article.

Heroes Evolved: 5v5 MOBA free redeem codes and rewards

These are the free redemption codes that can be applied to get exclusive benefits. These codes are still valid as of the time of writing, but they are likely to expire soon. So hurry up and enter the codes listed below to receive incredible benefits! The Heroes Evolved: 5v5 MOBA free redeem codes listed below can be used to earn fantastic free rewards such as Hero Trial Cards, and more.

Heroes Evolved: 5v5 MOBA Redeem Codes (Active!) Rewards
herocondorCondor (1 Day) x1
herotiamatTiamat (1 Day) x1
xiahoudunXiahou Dun (1 Day) x1
heroborgonBorgon (1 Day) x1
zhaoyunZhao Yun (1 Day) x1
heroguanyuGuan Yu (1 Day) x1
zhangfeiZhang Fei (1 Day) x1
herolubuLu Bu (1 Day) x1
damacusDamacus (1 Day) x1

Make sure you enter the redeem codes exactly how they appear in the table. We will be updating the list from time as new redeem codes arrive and remove the expired ones from the list.

How to redeem the free codes in Heroes Evolved: 5v5 MOBA

Now that you have your Heroes Evolved: 5v5 MOBA redeem codes, let me explain how to get your free stuff. Follow these steps to use your codes and get the rewards in Heroes Evolved:

Heroes Evolved free redeem codes
Image via Netdragon Websoft Inc
  • Click on the Events option on the Main screen.
  • Select the Social Media option.
  • Select the Gift Code option.
  • Enter the Heroes Evolved: 5v5 MOBA codes that were provided.
  • Click Redeem and Claim the free rewards!

How to get free redeem codes in Heroes Evolved: 5v5 MOBA

Heroes Evolved: 5v5 MOBA creators frequently give out special codes to players as a nice bonus. These codes can provide gamers with additional perks and benefits such as Hero Trial Cards, and many other items. Especially at events or as part of holiday rewards. Using these codes unlocks cool items and significant benefits in the game.

Heroes Evolved
Image via Netdragon Websoft Inc

Game codes are the keys to unlocking this kind of exclusive rewards, which are regularly given away by game creators at events. These codes are available from several sources, including the game’s social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and YouTube. On this page, we will provide the most recent Heroes Evolved: 5v5 MOBA codes, explain how to use them, provide redemption instructions, and list the in-game rewards available.

How often these codes are released

Heroes Evolved: 5v5 MOBA special codes can be used to obtain Hero Trial Cards and a variety of other items. At events, celebrations, festive occasions, and milestone rewards. Keep an eye out for additional codes coming your way soon!

Expired codes that do not work anymore

  • direnjie – Di Renjie (1 Day) x1
  • heroathena – Athena (1 Day) x1
  • celestius – Celestius (1 Day) x1

Above are the most recent and active Heroes Evolved: 5v5 MOBA redemption codes! I hope some of that helps to improve your gaming experience!

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