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Honkai: Star Rail Banner Guide: Character pulls and other Banners explained

Be sure to choose the right banner of your choice!

Honkai: Star Rail developed by HoYoverse, developers of Genshin Impact have a very similar banner system for their new high-end title Honkai: Star Rail. There are in total 4x different banners in the game, Honkai Star Rail as of now, with the game still in the beta testing stage. Hence more banners on a periodic basis can be expected to be added to the game very soon. In this Honkai Star Rail Banner Guide, we will try and explain how these banners work and what players should expect from them.

Currently, there are four banners in total, one each for Beginner, Character Event, Light Cone, and Standard. Players from other HoYoverse games will find the banners in the game, Honkai Star Rail easier to comprehend as it is very similar to other games. Just like in the game, Genshin Impact, players get unique in-game currency Gacha coupons which they can use to summon some strong characters having various different rarities and features.

Different banners in the game offer different types of characters

As mentioned before there are in total 4 different banners in the game, with each offering different character classes and rarity of cards. For summoning a character from any of the banners, Gacha coupons are required. The four banners which are available as of now for the players to redeem their characters from are, the Departure Warp, Character Event Warp, Light cone Event Warp, and the Regular Warp.

The chances of drawing a 5-star character depend on different banners in the game. For example, in the Departure wrap, there is a hidden condition that players will be able to obtain a guaranteed 5-star character after pulling 50 times. Similarly, different banners have different character limits in the game after which players can obtain a guaranteed 5-star character.

Honkai Star Rail Banner Guide, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

The currency needed to pull the character differs for each banner in the game. The regular character banners require the Gacha coupons, whereas the Character Event banner, on the other hand, requires a different currency to pull, called the Star Rail Special Pass.

List of all the different banners in Honkai Star Rail

Light Cone banner

Along with the other character banners, there is a specific weapon banner for the game by the name of the Light cone banner which can be pulled for Light cones in the game which act like weapons and pieces of equipment capable of granting a boost to the stats of the character. As players will progress deep in the storyline they will find Light cones more and more of use and essential to their gameplay.

Honkai Star Rail Banner Guide, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

The specific banner uses the special Star Rail passes, where every 80 pulls guarantee a 5-Star character pull from the banner. Every 10-pulls guarantees a 4-Star character. Light cones are very helpful in the battles and grant effective bonuses to the character’s powerups. Be sure to not ignore them when using the Gacha Coupons in the banner section of the game.

Departure Warp banner

Departure warps is a permanent warp event. Players can get an assured 4-Star or above character after 10 pulls. After 50 pulls are done from the player’s end a 5-star character is assured from the banner. The Departure Warp is the banner with the most number of characters on offer, with characters of 4 and 5 stars alike on offer.

Honkai Star Rail Banner Guide, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

The chances of landing a 5-Star character are 0.600% however after 50 pulls it’s 100% given that it is assured by the developer. When it comes to drawing a 4-Star character from the banner then there is a 5.100% chance of pulling a character. Characters like Welt, Bronya, and Himoko, who got voted as the best character in our Character tier list, are available as possible character pulls from this banner.

Character Event Warp

Character Event Warp is not a permanent event, this event keeps on updating on a weekly basis. As of now, Butterfly on Swordtip event is going on which has 4x characters on offer. One is a five-star character and the other is 4 stars. The character events require special in-game currencies that are available by the name of Star Rail Special Passes.

Honkai Star Rail Banner Guide, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

After every 90 pulls, players are guaranteed a 5-Star character that will be available. There is a 0.600% chance of obtaining a 5-Star character from a random pull and after every 10 pulls there is a guaranteed 4-star character available.

Regular Warp

Regular Warp is again a permanent banner, it never expires. There is a 0.600% chance of drawing a 5-Star character from the banner. With a guaranteed 5-star character on offer after every 90 warps. There is a 5.100% chance of drawing a 4-Star character in the game, with a guaranteed 4-star character after every 10 pulls from the banner.

Honkai Star Rail Banner Guide, Honkai Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

There are 7x 5-Star characters in the game and light cones available in the game along with 16x other 4-Star characters in the banner to pull. Star Rail passes can be used for pulling characters from this banner.

Final Thoughts

Players who have played Genshin Impact in the past won’t find the character banners in Honkai Star Rail even a bit challenging to understand as both are very similar. However new players might struggle a bit, with understanding what banners are used for what purpose. We hope that with this Honkai Star Rail Banner Guide, we were able to simplify things well enough for players to understand.

Did you find this Honkai Star Rail Banner Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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