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Honkai: Star Rail: The complete Character Progression Guide and Tips

Know all the hacks to upgrade your character quickly!

Honkai Star: Rail is the new space fantasy RPG title by HoYoverse which offers turn-based gameplay along with a great many features in the game, from different game modes to different character elements. The game is the next high-value project by the developers HoYoverse after Genshin Impact and after playing the game it shows, even on the low graphics, the game offers console-level graphics and experience. There are different enemies and challenges in the game and to compete against them it is essential to keep your character updated in this Honkai: Star Rail Character Progression Guide we will tell you how to do it effectively.

As you progress further, down in the storyline players will encounter new characters some of who will be there for the story’s progression and some might even join the squad for a couple of missions. There are many different character banners in the game through which players can draw different characters of different rarity and elements.

Understanding the importance of the Character’s experience points

The character’s experience points help greatly in enhancing the attacking stats and the other powerups of the character along with being up the defensive stats. A higher Character experience reflects a better-equipped and well-honed character, one which is capable of taking on higher leveled enemies in the game.

Character Experience Points
Image via HoYoverse

The real game starts mid-way through the tutorials when the game offers the chance of making a personalized character, from there your character progression starts. As the game progresses further in the storyline, the importance of combat capabilities keeps on increasing as the game has a progressive enemy upscaling method where higher-leveled enemies are concentrated in the later stages of the game.

How to make your character stronger quickly

Following are the ways you can actually make your character progression easier and defeat higher-level enemies with a certain ease.

1. Keep on upgrading the experience level of your character

For each character in the game there are 80 levels of experience as you progress through each level certain addition points are added to the different stats of the game. There are certain limits to which you can upgrade your character in the game in one spread, for instance, from level 1-20 in the game you can just level up by fighting enemies and the experience points.

Character Details Destruction
Image via HoYoverse

However, once reached that milestone you will have to use in-game crafting materials and resources to ascend the character so that you can break through the level 20 mark and progress further. Your overall level of the trailblazer account is also a criterion to progress the character in the game, even if you qualify the rest, if your account doesn’t meet the progression criteria you won’t be able to progress further with your character’s level.

2. Use the Traces skill tree to boost the abilities

Traces is the skill tree where all the skills are listed for each character in the game players can unlock different ones according to their gameplay needs. Needless to say, different characters in the game have different traces and for each upgrade in addition to the in-game credits players will also need different materials for making the skill upgrade.

Honkai: Star Rail Character Progression Guide, Honkai: Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

Having higher stats in the skill menu really helps a lot in delivering devastating damage to the enemy units. Unlocking and upgrading the various nodes in a Character’s Trace will provide them with stat bonuses, extra passive abilities, and enhancements to their 5 Skills. Again for the traces, a similar pattern is followed where players will have to make sure that their account and player both have a sufficient level for the update to be done.

3. Unlock the character’s Bonuses through Eidolons

Eidolons as mentioned, offer character-specific bonuses which act like different sorts of enchantments and boost the different statistics of the characters thus giving the players a chance to enhance a Character’s abilities or provide them with new passive bonuses. Different characters will be having different Eidolons depending on their character element and path.

Honkai: Star Rail Character Progression Guide, Honkai: Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

Each character gets around 6x Eidolons nodes with each having different sorts of perks attached to each one of them, again you need to fulfill the character level requirements for the character if you wish to unlock them. Once attained the required level, materials and resources can be used to unlock that specific node and add the bonus to your character’s abilities.

4. Equip various Light Cone cards to beef up the stats

Light Cones are the different cards that are there for each character in the game, these cards can also be viewed as different types of shards that are used to boost up the attack or other statistics of the character by a specific amount once equipped.

Light cones have character path eligibility criteria they work best when the character of a similar path equips the card in the game. For different character paths, there are different character Light Cones available.

Honkai: Star Rail Character Progression Guide, Honkai: Star Rail
Image via HoYoverse

Light cones come in different rarities from 3 stars to 5 stars with each offering different bonuses to the characters. Just like the character progression system, they can also be upgraded from levels 1-80. They work just like equipment works in other games, granting an additional percentage of bonuses to the character’s statistics.

Final Thoughts

Honkai: Star Rail offers a very deep character progression interface where there are various ways of making sure your character gets strong enough to fight off the more dangerous enemies in the game. This is a very positive side of the game to have such a detailed level of character progression available for the players to utilize and grind for. With all this being said we hope that this Honkai: Star Rail Character Progression Guide was able to fulfill the aim of the article and made it simpler for players to level up their characters.

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