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Honor of Heirs Beginners Guide and Tips

Embark on an adventure to create the most epic hero tale!

Honor of Heirs is an MMORPG game developed by AUDERE GAMING (HONG KONG) LIMITED. This game tells about the chaos of the world due to betrayal and disaster that befell. Then you were born as someone who can get the Excalibur sword and raise it from the throne guided by Merlin. Therefore you need to adventure and form chivalry to conquer the world again. In this Honor of Heirs Beginners Guide, we are going to do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Before you do exploration or adventure in this game, you will choose a class that will later have branches of specialization with different skills. Then during the exploration, you will also be accompanied by several partners who can help in every way.

Introducing the Basics of Honor of Heirs


In this game, there are three main classes and each class has its own branch. The first is Warrior, a male character who has a balanced DEF and ATK. Then there is the Ranger who has high attack power followed by good abilities in terms of avoiding enemy attacks.


Then the last class is Elementalist, he has abilities that are not so prominent compared to other classes but has good abilities in supporting his allies when playing parties


In playing the Honor of Heirs game or other MMORPG games, you cannot be separated from the so-called quests because by completing quests, you will get several rewards and also EXP to increase your level. There are various kinds of quests in this game, such as the Main Quest which is the main quest while completing the storyline.

Honor of Heirs farm Resources

There are quests from Event Dungeons such as Basic Quests which consist of Soulstone Dungeon, Partner Dungeon, Equipment Dungeon, and Gold Dungeon. Also, there are Advanced Challenges which are quests like Knight Arena, 12 Trials, Heritage Temple, and Discipline Hall. Then if you have joined The Order, then there are also several existing quests.


As the name implies, this partner is a character that will accompany you on an adventure in Honor of Heirs where every partner in this Lineup and Aini, when used, will improve your abilities.

Partner Honor of Heirs

There are four types of partners in this game which are called Lineups, there is a Battle lineup that will fight alongside you, there is a Mount Lineup that can take you anywhere quickly, there is a Life Skills and an Exploration Lineup that can collect the resources required to craft equipment.


Skills Honor of Heirs

The skills in the Honor of Heirs game are divided into two, there are Class Skills where these skills are available from each class you choose, and can configure talents to get special effects. Then there are Soulstone Skills that are obtained when you inlay Soulstone and have various skills that can be combined into your character.

Honor of Heirs Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Honor of Heirs Beginners Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Prioritize completing the Main Quest

In playing this game, the most important thing for beginners is to complete the main quest. When you experience difficulties or confusion while playing, one of them is in this way, because indirectly, you will carry out quests while increasing your level and EP. The higher your level, the more unlocked features.

Prioritize the main quest

If your character has reached a high level, at least level 30, then you can explore other features. Why level 30? Because at that level you usually get the specialization branch of the class chosen at the beginning, so it’s easier to go on an adventure and fight enemies.

2. Increase your character’s CP

CP is important for you if you want to have strong strength in battle while making it easier to complete existing quests. In the previous article, we discussed how to increase your character’s CP, so here we only briefly explain it. The first is by inlaying your soulstone. This Soulstone is divided into 4, there are Skill, ATK, HP, and DEF, you can upgrade the soulstone that you have with soulstone shard and mithril using gold. If you want to see a significant difference, you can upgrade your soulstone skills.

character's CP

Then you can fortify and use the equipment which is usually obtained through chests or event dungeons. For the materials needed, there are Equipment Scrolls, mithril, and gold for payment. If you want to increase ATK, then upgrade the weapons and gauntlets, then if you want HP to upgrade your Helmet and belt, if you want DEF to upgrade your Armor and Boots,

The third way is to upgrade your partner by using partner shard and mithril using gold for payment. If you want to increase your CP while increasing your battle, then you can increase the partner from the Battle Lineup, because he will help you in the ongoing battle, different from the other three Lineups.

3. Don’t miss out on the in-game Gacha

You can tap the Mall in the top right corner, then select the Gacha section. There are many types of gacha in this game, such as event gacha, costume gacha, partner gacha, soulstone gacha, and Holy Blood Gacha.  

Do Gacha Honor of Heirs

Of the many, we recommend doing gacha for partners and soulstones only, because partners here will need them in terms of dispatching, during battle, and exploring the area. Then for this soulstone, it can be used into skills, so your skills will vary not only that and can make combinations between your skills

4. Master your Skills

In fighting, you must understand the skills you have first, or what is commonly called the fighting mechanism. Which skills can dash, attack, or area? If you already understand and remember these skills, you can look up combos for each skill, which skills must be issued first, in the order.

skills Honor of Heirs Beginners Guide

Then, if the skills that belong to your class lack damage or dodge skills, then you can add skills from your soulstone. This additional soulstone skill is very effective and can be used to mix and match various combinations

Final Thoughts

Honor of Heirs is a game like other MMORPGs that requires a high CP to complete existing quests, apart from that there are many other factors for beginners to play optimally, such as understanding skills, gathering resources for upgrading, and increasing levels so that all features can be unlocked. Don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this Honor of Heirs beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Honor of Heirs Beginners Guide! Did you find our Honor of Heirs beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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