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Honor of Heirs Guide: Tips to increase your Combat Power (CP)

Increase Combat Power using this guide!

Honor of Heirs is an MMORPG game developed by AUDERE GAMING (HONG KONG) LIMITED. This game tells about the chaos of the world due to betrayal and disaster that befell. Then you were born as someone who can get the Excalibur sword and raise it from the throne guided by Merlin. Therefore you need to adventure and form chivalry to conquer the world again. In this guide, we will tell you how you can increase your combat power in Honor of Heirs.

In this game, you will go on an adventure to complete quests and various available events, one of which is the Dungeon Event which requires a certain level and EP. EP here is the power of the character you use and in other games, it is generally called CP or Combat Power. This EP or CP is very important in the game Honor of Heist because it’s easier to complete dungeons. Apart from that, fighting in PvP is very necessary to win. There are many ways to increase it, which we will discuss further below.

How to increase Combat Power (CP) in Honor of Heirs

Here are the different ways to increase CP in Honor of Heirs:

1. Inlay your Soulstone

Honor of Heirs Combat Power
Image via Audere Gaming

Soulstone is an important factor to increase your CP. There are 4 different types such as Skill Soulstone, ATK soulstone, HP soulstone, and DEF soulstone. By inlaying each empty slot, it will increase your CP, and don’t forget to unlock if unlockable slots are using Ancient Avalon Coin so that you have more slots.

Punch Soulstone
Image via Audere Gaming

Apart from increasing CP, these soulstones also increase your basic stats such as your ATK, HP, and DEF, and some increase basic effects. So it is highly recommended to take advantage of this Soulstone.

2. Using your Equipment

When you complete quests or open chests, you will usually get certain equipment that can be used. Gear is enough to support your CP, especially gear that has a higher quality. You can see on the equipment, is there a green arrow. If there is then the equipment is of a higher quality than the equipment you are using now.

Honor of Heirs Combat Power
Image via Audere Gaming

Besides that, you also need to fortify to improve the equipment using Equipment Scrolls and Mithril, along with gold to pay for it. You can just fortify equipment that has a green color, because it’s good enough, although not as good as the red one and at least your equipment reaches +4.

3. Choosing the Best Partner

Honor of Heirs Combat Power
Image via Audere Gaming

There are 4 types of partners in this game which are called Lineups and have their respective roles. Use a partner with quality above A, like R, or even better SR if you have one. If you have determined, then you can upgrade the partner using Partner Shard and Mithril materials, as well as gold for payment.

4. Upgrading your Talents

Honor of Heirs Combat Power
Image via Audere Gaming

This talent is available in skills that can improve the effects when upgrading it and can increase CP as well in Honor of Heirs. To upgrade, you need Talent points. Talents Points can be obtained every two levels after level 18 in the game.

Final Thoughts

Honor of Heirs is a game that needs EP or CP to support you in exploring this game, there are many things you can do to improve it as explained above, then the easiest way is to upgrade everything that can be upgraded, then CP will increase as well.

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