Hot Wheels Unlimited Beginners Guide and Tips

Race your way to victory!

Hot Wheels Unlimited is a casual racing game that’s got more than just that to it. The game is offered by Budge Studios and was released recently on the 29th of September, 2020. It’s already crossed 500k+ downloads in Play Store and has got a rating of 4.1 stars, quite promising. So in this article, we’ll present you with a beginner’s guide for Hot Wheels Unlimited to get you to win games.

Hot Wheels Unlimited basic guide

It’s the nostalgia associated with running those shiny and vibrant Hot Wheels cars as kids on. The game is, basically, targeted toward the younger subset of gamers born in the recent years that treasures Hot Wheels toys just like the previous-gen kids used to.

Although, for the hardcore collectors and people who truly love Hot Wheels, the game is still quite appealing and worth a try. Well, let’s get to know more about this game in detail:

What’s different and unique in Hot Wheels?

As mentioned above, the game isn’t just about racing. You can do a lot of different exciting stuff in this game like building your epic race tracks, grinding daily tasks to collect legendary Hot Wheels and challenging your friend in a duel.

The game also features a lot, if not most, of the real Hot Wheels models. The game’s creative mode called the ‘Ready, Set and Build‘ lets you build your own awesome tracks.

Hot Wheels Unlimited Guide

You can perform the craziest of stunts, put twisted loops, and add the most dangerous of nemeses and difficult jumps off the ramps. The mode has also got a feature that helps you test your tracks even before you make the practice runs.

What’s more admirable of this mode is that it lets you save your custom race tracks for future use. Another major feature lets you craft your own thrilling tracks in the Build-A-Race Festival where you can race against your friends.

Hot Wheels Unlimited Guide


The games make use of your problem-solving skills when you kickstart a challenge. The challenges are divided into two parts namely puzzles and races. The puzzles aren’t hard but as often seen in arcade sort of games, the difficulty rises up with progress. You have to set the pieces correctly to completely build the racetrack.

If you face difficulties doing so, you can call in the flight (a plane that drops a hint in the form of a piece onto your race incomplete track. Once you finish making the track, the second portion of the challenge gets unlocked.

Winning the races

The races in this game grow harder as you progress further. Your performance will depend a lot on the vehicle you’ve chosen to use besides your dexterity, of course.

So, make sure to choose your vehicle wisely before you show up for a race. To get a good boost right off the start, make sure to keep tapping on the screen repeatedly to maximize your boost. The race tracks aren’t that difficult to read and anticipate except for certain obstacles that can terribly reduce your speed and stability like the Gorilla’s stomp or Shark’s chomp. Drive very carefully when near them.

Hot Wheels Unlimited Guide

Make sure to drive through the pinkish orbs that offer to increment your nitro bar. Make use of the nitros strictly around straight paths to avoid losing the lead or even the trail in case you’re already behind. Though, once you master the art of steering swiftly and drifts, you might wanna try using the nitros around the turns and the major obstacles mentioned above.

Did you find this Hot Wheels Unlimited Beginners Guide helpful? If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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