Hot Wheels Unlimited Review: An innovative idea for a racing game

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Hot Wheels Unlimited is an Arcade Racing game released in September 2020. The game is published by Budge Studios and has already managed 1M+ downloads in Play Store. Here is a review of Hot Wheels Unlimited where we will be laying out a comprehensive review of the features of this game for our readers who have been eagerly waiting for it.

Gameplay and Creativity

First and foremost, we’ll begin with the quality of gameplay you’ll get to experience in this game. The gameplay can be divided into two parts actually. Puzzle-solving (track building) and racing it out in the tracks. Considering, this is a brand game aimed at kids, the puzzles section doesn’t require much mind into solving them. For newbies and young children, there’s even a very simple yet informative guide that’ll help them at every stage of this game where they might find themselves in a pinch building the tracks.

Hot Wheels Unlimited Review

The game successfully manages to capture your creativity into creating new epic tracks with many rare and unique parts. Further to add in this context, players can also save and race on their custom tracks with friends. Thus, adding value to the multiplayer environment of this game.

Hot Wheels Unlimited creating new tracks

The racing experience when playing this game is quite based on traditional racing games but worse. The cars seem to run with a slow constant speed unless you use a boost, in the case which, the car speeds up pretty fast to the extent where it becomes hard to even steer. Most of the time, you’ll be just having to tap on the screen to use boosts, steer, etc. Though the tracks are tricky to read and players will have to have good dexterity when playing friendly competition against friends. Implying, the thrill of racing reaches its peak when playing against someone your own level and on a difficult track filled with obstacles.

Graphics and Music

The crisp elemental textures used in this game does take it high off the point of realism. But, it’s quite enjoyable in its own way, all the more, if you’re a fan of Hotwheels. The colors used could’ve been a bit more vibrant, though. Certain Hotwheels cars appear a bit gloomy because of that.

The game user interface is very smooth and uncomplicated. But as mentioned, before, the textures could’ve been designed in a better manner.

The music used throughout the game is quite basic and nothing that outstanding. The quality of sound effects, UI music, and Narrator Voice is satisfactory. There’s hardly any variety in the sounds you’ll get to hear.

Subscription and Paid Content

The game offers a subscription to players who would rather find the gaming experience limiting without paying. Most of the attractive track parts, cars are unlocked behind a ‘Pay Wall’. This is more like an honest premium game that keeps shoving the subscription notice every now and then which is quite annoying.

Hot Wheels Unlimited Subscription

Paying for the subscription will help players to go for 3 more races in the daily challenges, thus making a total of 6 races per day. The price of the subscription is reasonable considering the content you’ll get to explore. Though, this makes the overall playing experience limiting for ‘F2P’ players.

4. Controls

Elementary controls fused with a very basic perception of the concept of a racing game. The controls could’ve been made a bit more complex along with adding more features and optimizations to the racing aspect of this game. Currently, the steering becomes quite hard and unstable when using a boost. Also, there’s no option to accelerate in this game, besides using boost at times either.

5. Performance and Bugs

Considering, it’s a new game. It has performed exceptionally well to maintain stability and an almost bugs-free environment most of the time. The game doesn’t lag or cause heating when played as per the recommended settings.

The game runs smoothly, though, at rare times the buttons do fail to register. Well, this could be accounted to the processor. Overall, the performance isn’t that buggy in spite of this being a new game.

Final Verdict

Hot Wheels Unlimited is a racing game that offers something extra. That ‘something extra’ is the track building part. Though, the game doesn’t manage to provide a rich driving experience it still makes a bit up for it with its ability to interest the players in building the epic tracks.

The subscription hoarding away most of the exciting stuff is another issue within the game. Though from our review perspective, if you’re a collector and Hotwheels lover, you can purchase the subscription to relive the quintessential Hotwheels experience and drip down in nostalgia with Hot Wheels Unlimited.

What is your initial review on Hot Wheels Unlimited? Let us know in the comments!

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