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Genshin Impact: How to contact customer support service

Connect with the HoYoverse team without any hassle!

Genshin Impact is a famous and free-to-play open-world RPG title. With each update, the game keeps on adding new characters, and storylines, thereby doubling the excitement of RPG lovers. However, even today at times your cherished account might be strangely affected by a problem that you cannot resolve easily. The need to contact Genshin Impact Customer Support has always been on the rise.

Though the game has successfully delivered all the key elements one expects from this genre, there are still a lot of issues that need to be addressed by the developers. Some fans face hindrances in the form of in-game bugs, account-related issues, and in-app purchase-related problems.

We want all users to have a smooth and hassle-free gaming experience without being bothered by in-game bugs. Here are the various ways by which you can contact HoYoverse customer support, which oversees account-related issues and other queries you have for Genshin Impact.

How to Contact Genshin Impact Customer Support

The support team has already answered many frequently asked questions on the game’s official website. But if anyone can’t satisfy himself, the Genshin Impact/HoYoverse customer service is available to contact anytime to answer the queries from the players.  

There are two ways to contact the customer support team of Genshin Impact. Players can either contact from in-game menu options or reach out to the Developers via social media handles.

How to contact via in-game Customer Service option

Launch the game on your device. Once the in-game title screen has loaded, adhere to the steps below:

  • Click on the Paimon Menu. This can be triggered by clicking the tiny Paimon sprite on the top-left of the screen on hand-held devices.
Steps to contact Genshin Impact Customer Support
Image via HoYoverse
  • Click on Feedback from the menu.
  • Click on Submit Feedback. If you see your issue or question listed on the commonly encountered issue tiles, you can click them and they will redirect you to the relevant page.
  • If you do not see your issue listed, click Proceed to submit.
  • Finally, click/tap on Contact CS

The issues are categorized into separate sections. While contacting CS, please maintain the following template,

Reporting Bug/Issues

I found a consistent bug during my gameplay. I attached images/videos to show the example too. It can have a fix with these steps:

Step 1:    ***
Step 2:    ***

It is advised to attach screenshots of the bug with the complaint. And try to make sure the bug always repeats when the steps are imitated.

Feedback / Suggestion

I have feedback for the Genshin Impact team to consider! The suggestion is ***.

This is a good idea because *** and ***. I included images to help illustrate my idea. Thank you!

Although it is rare for HoYoverse customer support to consider suggestions regarding gameplay or game mechanics if you believe your idea can make considerable improvements in gameplay, feel free to contact them.

Payment Issues

I have payment issues regarding ***. I also attached related images. Thank you for the help!

Also, follow up by providing them with the below details:

  • Top Up Channel (Google Play, App Store, MyCard, Worldpay, PlayStation Store, etc.)
  • Order Number.
  • Transaction History.
  • Bank transaction notification.
  • Bank Transaction serial number.

Fill up your information beside the following headers and you are good to go. You can also e-mail them about other payment-related queries at

How to contact the Developer directly

Another approach could be to reach out to the Developers directly. You may contact them via their Social Media handles. Try mailing them with the formats demonstrated above to your relevant CS email:

You only need to email once per inquiry. Players can additionally join their Discord server where tons of passionate fans would be there to solve individual queries.

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Paul Gorbas

This assumes the user can sign into the game. There is no suggestions on how to contact genshin impact support when you can’t log in (I keep getting a security error, validate location and NEVER get a validation email.


There is no support option. Just everyone be aware if you get locked out and even if you’ve spent thousands of dollars they do not respond and do not care about you at all. I sent 3 or 4 email to support over another ago its been 100% ignored.

Ia not paying to start over. Ill spend my money elsewhere. They think we don’t matter but the shitty customer service will eventually be their downfall.

Mason Pritchard

Absolutely second this!^^ I’ve emailed them 3 times and tweeted to them and not gotten a reply. I got locked out of my account for not playing for several months and they won’t reply and I refuse to start over. Genshin come on now! Your fans need help


My account got hacked and the credit card that i had put to the account was used, i have over 2k in false charges. I refunded the money and had tried to explain to genshin about what happened and instead was given the negative primos. I emailed them 3 times and was given no help about it whatsoever. They were just like “welp to bad, pay the 2k or your banned :))”


since that the company doesn’t help us, how about we help each other out since that we all got problems while playing Genshin Impact and maybe some of us know the solution to us problem and we can also figure out the solution to our problems together.


Every time i try to open up genshin i just see the loading screen and it starts to load but then it just crashes. My other apps work perfectly fine but genshin isn’t. I tried to uninstall and reinstall it and I’ve also tried to restart my device and update it.


not enough storage I assume.


have you tried downloading it again, it works for me on my other apps


i have the same exact problem, do yo know what fixed it if you did?


I have a similar if not the same problem, my game stops responding on load up, sometimes I can get to see the road, but sometimes it dies on the first white screen…
If I let it be it works at times, but at others I have to restart my PC and then -MAYBE- it’ll work…


Yup, just had that same problem.


I found a bug in my game. I can’t chat with anyone. I can use the recommended sentence and emojis , but I can’t type anything. I changed my keyboard but still didn’t work.


It’s funny how when I had a payment issue where the game wasn’t letting me buy a crystal top-up, they immediately responded, but when people get locked out of their account. They get nothing and I sent a suggestion to them yesterday and now I can’t open the feedback page.


Shows how much they care for their players. Really sad to see this.

Vance Taylor

Hi my name is Vance Taylor and I’ve been playing Honors Impact 3 since October I recently had to update my game and it told me I didve enough space to update it so I went and bought a memory chip installed it now my original account is gone and the game started me off from the beginning can you help me retrieve my original account please


Hey guys I have a stupid question… if I delete my login info off an iPad will if delete my account? Or just the login in info? I was playing on my best friends iPad but we had a falling out and they’re threatening to delete my stuff so I deleted my login info off their iPad so they can’t get into my account that way but now I’m afraid I deleted my game altogether…. I’m probably just dumb but idk…


you just deleted the login info. Don’t worry your account is safe, if you login with your info on another device normally then you can enter it without problems (but you need to vertify that its you by for example getting a coder by mail and entering it in the game). Hope this helped!

Jordan Winston

I have a problem with cutscenes and boss fights mainly fights like davalin he’s texture pack is just glitching all across the screen same with playable characters like yuu inn


your device quality may be low.


I skipped the registration page. How do i make an account now, can i not? I tried everything except asking for help online. If you know anything please tell .


theres something wrong with the game i cant even access the site for pc download.i got epic games to uninstall the game.and tried redownloading it like i used to but the site cant be accessed.i downloaded it like that.but at the bottom right of the download option where theres a epic games download i got it,but i think the game still wont run properly cause even the site is un accessible so im not reinstalling it yet.cause i succesfully downloaded once and played the game a bit and then the next day it was not working as it should again.i… Read more »


I think my game is glitched when I put in my account and password it says “Account or password incorrect” even though I put in the right account and password

Last edited 2 years ago by Help
Vanessa Steenbergen

UID: 635878890 Vanisity
Boyfriend lost access to his account, we’ve tried our best to log in, he logged in with google, but it’s not loading his game just loading a new game.


make sure you’re on the right server. also logging in with built in google account AND google email (so basically, a hoyoverse account with gmail) is two different things

shio matcharashvilii

i need to talk to customer service so much


I can’t login to my account because I used a temporary mail and couldn’t link it to my mail google account now when I try to login through another device the game sends a verification code to my temporary mail and not to my main gmail
how can I skip this verification process or what should I do please help


I can’t get Clerk Zhao to appear in Necessary products?


After updating to 2.5 from 1 week of March this game started lagging and frame drop even at the lowest setting.
My pc is near high end except for graphic card (1050 ti 4gb) and 100mbps internet connection.
I reinstalled the game after downloading it again. And tried most of the tricks from the internet, but nothing worked is there any solution. Please help


I’ve been muted for no reason on my Hoyolab account.


my archaic stone is gone, the remains are there but the stone is not and archaic stone never respawns

UID 814113087

i want hoyoverse to help me about my id please i waas stuck wtih my google id but i cannot longer access that gmail so i want hoyoverse to remove the google id so i still can play on other device.Please and thank you in advance..


Bought the the blessing of the welkin moon and never got mah crap like wtf hoyovers!!!


So someone helped me with a quest and once i logged out of co-op it saved the fight right? but the quest is still there meaning it is not completed and now i cant do other quests because of it

Laura Spicer

I tried 2 log in but it won’t even let me play it says incufficient storage, I’ve redownloaded loads even cleared data n cache in my settings storage but it still says the same N won’t even let me play

Janelle Coles

hello i brought the blessing of the welkin moon and i am not getting my genesis crystals and it says iessued on my purchase i was just asking why it was happing


I logged on today and my primogems were negative and all my mora was gone :(((( did I get hacked?

Adrian Martinez

The game charged me extra!!! I wanted the genesis crystals for 29.99 but instead charged for 49.99. Im going to need my 20 dollars back

Jannay capers

Hey um….when i tried to play the game on the computer it freeze up all tue time when it begins


Hey guys I share my PS5 with my brother and accidentally linked with his account how do I unlink and relink with my PlayStation account.


Does anyone know what to do if you lost access to the email on the account? Please help.


So I just wanted to play genshin(I have two accs) and I got logged out. I thought okay I’ma log in again. Tried everything but there’s always ‘wrong pass’ or smth like that. If I try to make a new password it says the same. What the hell is going on there???


Hi I have a genshin impact account on my phone and I am logged in with my google account. can I put it on an email address so I can connect to my computer?


I can’t get into the game for 7 hours. Always attached to the download screen. And knowing that the Internet is good


I want to change server to Asia server


I have a problem that I can’t login my phone genshin account on pc . I have try it in many ways but I can’t do it please reply . I need help

Hunter Meeks

Please make your game easier to access for mobile because is takes too much space to be able to play.


I feel like i got hacked. I tried logging in my genshin account no matter how many tries but it kept saying email was not registered how could that be??

Alejandra juarez

I need help guys, I feel extremely frustrated with this company, their customer service is non existent. My account got hacked 4 months ago, and I have summited several hacked account forms, including receipts to prove that this account belongs to me. I spent over 1k on this account and I can prove it, however they still refused to return my account. I don’t know what else to do so I am considering to file a complaint with a us agency. Has anyone experienced this issue before? What would you advice me to do?


It’s been stopping at the point where its says”hoyoverse” and the it just turns white.I would kindly like to know the answer to that question,Thank you


What are yall talking about- i got kicked out the game everytime i opened it on my phone so i opened it on my PC and asked them and they replied in a day and helped me with it… Maybe the emails yall sent were wrong? Cause when i saw yall struggling i thought i might never be able to play again but it was so easy 💀💀


I just wake up, and my info of my genshin acc was changed, someone help me please..


My game keeps crashing no matter how many times I try to open it, I’ve done literally everything updated my windows restarted the game and turned off unnecessary apps using task manager, it was working smoothly but idk what happened to it all of a sudden that it just doesn’t work.


I can’t sign in with my old account


i play geshin impact on ps4 but i wanna switch to pc how i do that

Noé hiller

Ich habe ein Frage immer wenn ich genshine impact aufmache und starten will kommt ein erorr das ich nicht alle datin hätte und das Spiel deinstallieren und über die offizielle Seite neu Installieren soll das habe ich ein paar mal gemacht aber es kommt immer Wider der error weiß jemand was ich machen soll.
Würde mich über eine Antwort freuen.


Please Can someone help me resolve my problem? I have an account issue problem. I have deleted my email address by accident which is also used to register my mihoyo account. I am unable to get the PIN since it has already been deleted. Furthermore, I dont remember when was the kast time I created the account. How can I prove that that account belongs to me and regain the access to my account? Thank You.


Hi there. My daughter loves your game but as you know it needs a lot of memory. So we got her a new laptop for her birthday. Research said 8g ram would be enough but it won’t download. We got a memory stick but that does not seem to be helping. We even increased the laptop’s storage to over 1tb and she still cannot download the game. I was hoping you may be able to advise as she has spent half her birthday weekend in tears 😭


Hello. So I am trying to sign in and I’ve used multiple emails and it just keeps saying network error I’ve tried restarting and redownloading the app but no success pls email me back ASAP thank you.

Anything for anyone I just think that would be a r

Maybe you guys could try doing a trading place like trade characters or weapons that would be amazing I would trade anything for Sayu Anything for anyone I just think that would be a really good idea because people can get stuff that they really wanted and that would be awesome

Alec Sturt

During a quest I was too receive an item to finish a previous quest. The quest that hasn’t appeared is the undirected infiltration and the item was I didn’t receive from beating it was the cup of something or other and I need that too finish the previous quest. Please help


After turning on the game, the start icon does not want to pop up. It still worked for me during the day. The problem appeared around evening. I reset the phone 2 times.


Hey Genshin Impact I would like to know if Scaramouche’s original outfit will be out for display for free

Maryam Chata

My kids love the game, but unfortunately their account has been blocked for anonymous reasons. Can you please do something about it as fast as possible

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