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How to earn Rubies in Boomerang RPG

Get a lot of Rubies with these tips!

Dive into the enchanting world of Boomerang RPG, an idle RPG brought to you by Super Planet, where you’ll embark on an epic journey to save Dude World from demonic forces. In this adventure, rubies stand as a crucial currency, pivotal for summoning powerful boomerangs to aid you in your quest.  In this Boomerang RPG: Tips to Earn Rubies in the Game article, I’ll share some strategic tips and tricks to help you get Rubies efficiently.

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How to get Rubies in Boomerang RPG

1. Do a Challenge in the Bounty Dungeon

When it comes to earning rubies in Boomerang RPG, I’ve found that taking on the challenge in the Bounty Dungeon is the way to go. The Bounty Dungeon offers a rewarding experience where you can defeat powerful demons and earn valuable rubies as a reward.

Boomerang RPG Bounty Dungeon
Image via SuperPlanet

To get started, make sure you have a dungeon ticket ready to go. Once you’re inside, it’s all about facing off against the most wanted demons on each level. It’s worth the effort because each level you clear rewards you with a hefty 50 rubies.

2. Complete Quests

Another surefire way to stack up rubies in Boomerang RPG is by completing quests. In my experience, this method is incredibly effective. Quests provide a steady stream of rubies, with some even offering up to thousands of them.

Boomerang RPG Quest
Image via SuperPlanet

With both daily and repeatable quests available, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn this valuable currency. It’s a simple yet highly rewarding way to bolster your ruby collection. So, if you’re looking to boost your ruby stash, I highly recommend focusing on quest completion.

3. Do Demon Collection

Gathering demon cards through demon collection can be a lucrative way to earn you rubies. Led by Dutaku, the demon researcher, this project requires defeating demons to collect their cards. These cards play a vital role in accumulating stars, which unlock special abilities and rewards, including rubies.

Boomerang RPG Demon Collection
Image via SuperPlanet

For every demon I’ve defeated, earning one star has granted me an impressive 1000 rubies. It’s straightforward but highly rewarding. So, if you’re looking to boost your ruby count, keep defeating demons, collecting cards, and striving for those stars.

4. Check in daily for attendance rewards

In my experience with Boomerang RPG, I’ve learned that attendance can also be a valuable source of rubies, although it’s not available daily. Instead, rubies are typically rewarded on specific days as part of attendance bonuses.

Boomerang RPG Attendance
Image via SuperPlanet

I recommend logging in regularly and checking the attendance calendar to make the most of this opportunity to ensure you don’t miss out on these ruby rewards. By staying consistent with your attendance, you can steadily increase your ruby collection and make significant progress in the game.

5. Top up

Purchasing rubies offers a convenient way to enhance your in-game experience. By investing real money in the form of in-game purchases, you can acquire rubies by first obtaining the premium currency, diamonds.

Boomerang RPG Shop
Image via SuperPlanet

However, it’s crucial to approach these transactions with caution and mindfulness. Prioritize spending within your means, and carefully consider your budget before diving into in-game purchases.

Final Thoughts

In Boomerang RPG, acquiring rubies is quite straightforward and can be done in various ways. Whether it’s defeating demons, completing quests, participating in the Bounty Dungeon, logging in for attendance rewards, or purchasing rubies through in-game transactions, there are plenty of options available to earn this valuable currency.

By exploring these different avenues, you can steadily gather rubies and enhance your gaming experience. So, no matter your preferred method, rest assured that obtaining rubies is easily achievable in Boomerang RPG.

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