Clash Royale common bugs and errors and how to fix them

Easy steps to fix!

Supercell’s Clash Royale is one of the best strategy games available on mobile and with over eight years in the running of giving players a fun experience, with features such as Tower Troops and Card Evolutions making the gameplay more fun. Regardless of your opinion on my joke, Clash Royale has been providing free rewards along with some unintended bugs, say stuck on the loading screen, and a fix is necessary for such problems. I’ve personally encountered this problem and after navigating through various solutions, I’ve put together this guide to assist you in resolving it as well as other bugs we encounter in the game.

Clash Royale bugs listed and how to fix them

1. Stuck on the loading screen


As I mentioned earlier, this is one of the common issues encountered by us players. In this issue, we are stuck on the loading screen, be it showing a 50% progress or Updating bar. This will go on for a long time, and players cannot get rid of it.

How to Fix

For this, I have got some good solutions which worked for me. The easiest of the steps would be closing the game and then opening it again. Sometimes this is enough. Next up, clearing the cache or checking for updates, which are standard troubleshooting steps, can also help in fixing the issue. Before that, make sure your account is linked.

stuck loading screen clash royale
Image via Supercell

But if you ask me, I believe this happens mostly because of internet connectivity issues, such as network restrictions or bandwidth limitations, so try switching between different networks say Wi-Fi and mobile data and then open again. Also, to my surprise, using a VPN resolved the issue. You can connect to any other country and then try to open the game.

2. Connection issues


It is very irritating to see these orange bars popping up on the screen, right? Yeah, we all are on the same page here. The indication is simple, your connection is weak. So, how do we fix it?

How to Fix

I have tried turning off and on technique, and the results are a bit of a hit and a miss. Sometimes you completely lose your connection and then restart, and sometimes it works fine. You can’t avoid this, but playing the game on mobile data or having your Wi-Fi network in close range will also help in avoiding this mishap.

3. Pop-up menu freeze


clash royale supercell support stuck
Image via Supercell

Ever had that irritating issue of having a pop-up screen freeze? You are lucky if you didn’t since I recently encountered one. The game became irresponsive and thus wouldn’t respond to anything I typed in. However, couple of tricks did work.

How to Fix

Firstly, I suggest you make use of your phone’s back button. If it works, great! If it doesn’t close the app and reopen the game on a different device if any. For example, if you’re experiencing the issue on your phone, consider playing the game on your second phone instead of with the same account. This switch in devices may help resolve the problem you’re encountering on your phone.

4. Facebook friends not showing up


Social media connectivity is one of the best features the game has, and if you are giving us the space to connect with other friends, it should be bug-free. With Facebook connectivity, players can look at the progress of their friends, and in a bug experienced by many, these friends don’t pop-up.

How to Fix

For this, a quick fix would be navigating to the app settings. I have a dedicated guide for you to address this, and I suggest you read it to get to know the Facebook friends not showing up fix.

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