How to find information on old mobile games and reinstall them

Can't seem to remember or find a game you played years ago? We got you covered!

Ever since smartphones entered the market, mobile games have become an integral part of the application bundle that comes installed in the phones. And with newer games coming out with increasing frequency, every gamer has felt the need to go back to the games he/she started out with. If any mobile gamer wants to get a taste of the past gaming experience or get a nostalgia ride, there are several ways to do so. Here’s a handy guide to find old mobile games.

How to find an old mobile game when you forgot the name

Finding the name of a game is a little tricky, given that it’s old. It also depends on the popularity of the game. If the game wasn’t too popular, there is a very slim possibility of finding it.

1. By searching the Web

One can harness the power of search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Try a search using one or more of the following parameters.

  • Genre
  • Protagonist / Antagonist (if any)
  • Plot (summary)
  • Objective

An organized combination of keywords will allow the player to get the name of the game they are looking for, or present them a list of games that match the description.

For example, “Mobile game for shooting birds at pigs” will show you the title Angry Birds. Again, if one types in “Mobile shooting game that gives you points for killing enemies”, this will generate a list of shooting games, and one can proceed to find the game they are looking for.

An easy way of doing this is by going to your search engine’s Images section and looking at the gameplay images for faster discovery.

find old mobile games
Some old mobile games, including Angry Birds Star Wars, and Plants vs. Zombies

2. By searching the App Store

If the player is confident that they have played a game before and want to find it, the best place would be to check the Google Play Store ‘Library’ section or Apple’s App Store / iTunes purchase history. One just needs to make sure that the Google or iTunes account they are logged into is the same account you used to download or purchase a game.

What to do when you remember the name, but still can’t find it

If one knows the name of a game but seems to have disappeared from the preferred app store, it’s highly likely that it has been removed from the app store. In such moments, it is impossible to get the app from the app store and instead, one will have to sideload the app, which means downloading it from a third-party source. The procedure is different in Android and iOS.

Other Tips to find an old mobile games

1. By posting in online forums

There are plenty of online forums for mobile gamers and game enthusiasts. If a player is looking for a game and can’t find it by any of the methods mentioned above, then posting on online communities such as Reddit can be helpful – check out this subreddit.

2. By searching online game directories

Although this is a very painful way of looking for a game, try this method if no other methods work at all and one is willing to invest significant time and energy in the process.

All games on a particular platform are added to a huge game directory. Mobile platforms also have an extensive game library. The inability to find the old mobile game through any of the aforementioned ways leaves this trial and error method. One has to use guesswork to check individual game titles and see which is the one one is looking for.

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