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How to get Gold Coins in Squad Busters and what is the best use

One single currency for everything!

Squad Busters has only one in-game currency, that is Gold Coins. This is the first time any Supercell game has one single in-game currency. Even though this is very simple, many newcomers are often confused about how to get more of these and what to buy with the gold coins.

Best ways to get Gold Coins fast in Squad Busters

Since gold coins are the only currency in Squad Busters, it is the currency that the players need to buy with real money. And if you guess that it will not be readily available, you are wrong.

There are plenty of ways you can acquire gold coins, but the game economy is designed in a way that you have to spend gold to fast-track your progress. The 90-level Squad Journey is a massive hurdle to complete.

  • Squad Journey: As you progress in the Squad Journey, you’ll be rewarded with plenty of gold coins.
  • Gem Pass: The battle pass of Squad Busters will offer some gold even in the free tier.
  • Daily Tasks: The daily tasks under Weekly Quests reward a handsome amount of gold every day.
  • Lobby Troops: The troops wandering around in your lobby often drop a little gold, just tap on them.
  • Lobby Chest: The lobby offers a chest a regular intervals and it grants a little gold.

Best ways to spend Gold Coins in Squad Busters

There are certain ways you can use the gold coins in Squad Busters. But not all of them are value for your gold. In my opinion (and all the people from Reddit), the best way to spend gold is to buy 3x Chest Tickets for 6000 gold. It is by far the best value for money in the game (at the time of writing this article).

Squad Busters Shop
Image via Supercell

You can also buy cards directly from the shop using gold but it does not offer a very good value unless you want to pick certain Epic Cards. So this is a priority-based decision. But you should try to avoid buying Common or Rare cards from the shop using your gold coins.

One more thing where you can spend your gold is to maintain your win streak in Squad Busters. Let’s say you are on a good win streak (above 10) and suddenly you are placed out of the top 5, you can use the gold coins to maintain your streak. But again, this is only good if you have a fat wallet.

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