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How to identify hackers in PUBG Mobile? 5 things you should know

Hackers have become a big problem for the PUBG Mobile community. Since the start the 3rd Royale Pass season, the number of hackers in PUBG Mobile has seen massive growth. And, this is creating many problems for normal gamers. Although it is easy to identify hackers most of the time, sometimes they can be very deceptive. So, today in this article we will talk about how you can easily identify hackers in PUBG Mobile that generally applicable to the common pool of hackers.

1. Death is evitable for them

The worst kind of hackers can have this ability. The scripts or cheats can allow hackers to trick death also. So, yeah they can immortal. If you are hitting somebody but seeing that they are not dying then you can be sure that there is something wrong with that player’s account.

2. Hackers know what is happening around them

Suspense is a part of a battle royale game. But the hackers in PUBG Mobile are above this. Hackers can know what is happening around them. So if you are tracking a player and want to trick him to death and unfortunately you get the death because that guy outsmarted you with his godly guessing ability then you can be assured that the player is probably a hacker (for most of the cases).

3. Shooting through the walls

Hackers enjoy this ability a lot. If you are playing PUBG Mobile for a couple of seasons now, you must have experienced this. Some of the hackers can shoot people through the walls. So if you see something like this, now you probably know what is the cause.

4. Moving very quick and doing high jumps

Some scripts or hacks allow the cheaters to run very fast or jumping as high that they can get into the roof of a two stored building in one try. This is purely abnormal. And you can spot instantly if you find someone like this.

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5. Abnormal KDA

Although there are many players who are very much skilled and get kills in almost every matches, some hackers bring abnormal KDA. For example, there are some people with over 100 KDA (after playing 100+ matches) which is nearly impossible for a regular player. So you can also do a guess when you find someone like that.

Tencent has been trying their best to deal with the hackers from the last couple of season. They have been posting on social media about their initiative about it. So help the developer to make a fair gaming environment by in-game reporting. So just remember our tips to identify hackers in PUBG Mobile and help the community to be a better place!

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