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7 Tips to become a perfect team player in PUBG Mobile

Although PUBG Mobile features Solo and Duo game-modes, Squad games are the most popular among the PUBG Mobile community. And if you do not have friends to play with, then I guess your random teammate experiences are not very good. Today in this article, I’ll tell you certain techniques on how you can become a perfect team player in PUBG Mobile and control your team.

1. Start the conversation even if none cares

The first step towards becoming a perfect team player in PUBG Mobile is to start communicating. While playing with random teammates, it quite obvious that none would like to start the conversation. So, take the initiative and start the conversation. The other players in the team will eventually speak. If not all, some of them will surely speak.

2. Ignore conflicts and stick with the squad

Many times, squadmates do not agree on moving to a particular place. Some want to stay where they are and some want to move to a new place. So in these critical situations, just be with the whole squad even if your decision was something else. Because splitting down the squad will bring destruction.

3. Share loots with the teammates

Sharing is caring! The more you are open to the squad, chances are the teammates will be generous. However, you may get nothing from your squad. But always help your squad by sharing the loots you have. It will help in the overall progress of the squad. Sometimes, just because of it, you may get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Or, if you are already playing with your friends then I guess you already know how much helpful it is.

4. Give proper direction while communicating

I personally feel, it is very important and players forget about it sometimes. You may find your teammates saying, “enemies at the back” or enemies in the left side” but it is not how one should communicate. Always tell the directions using the compass that is available at the top of the game. It will help the squad to quickly take care of that side.

5. Give cover to the squad in the time of need

For a squad-based game like PUBG Mobile, sometimes giving or getting cover becomes the utmost priority. Especially when a player is to going to loot the drop, or maybe in the last few zones. If a player does not get cover or give cover to the teammates, then the squad will look like solo teams.

For example, during a critical situation in loot hunt, may times the players who are just waiting for their squadmate to go and loot the crate, can save from an incoming attack.

6. Common codes to communicate

This point applies only if you are playing with friends. Players come across places in the map where there is more than one building and it becomes a problem to understand what the teammate is actually saying. So, make some common code to understand what your friend is referring to. For example, you can use codes like ‘restaurant’, ‘Red apartment’, ‘3 stored house’ etc. But make sure, those are not generic and applicable for particular buildings only.

7. Have fun with your squad

No matter what you do, do not forget to have fun with the squad. Otherwise, the whole point of playing in a squad goes in vain. Help the squad, laugh with the squad, kill with the squad and become the ultimate squad! Cursing each other is also fine if it is cool with your friends.

So these are what I could suggest. Do you have any tips for the community to become a perfect team player in PUBG Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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