How to play Rush Wars: The complete guide

Supercell recently launched the beta of their brand new game ‘Rush Wars’. We have already talked about how to download the game and highly recommend you to check it out in case you’re having any trouble. After downloading the game, the first thing you want to do is (of course) playing it. But how to play Rush Wars? Which are the best strategies that you can use as a beginner, and which are the core mechanics that every player should know? By the time you finish reading this guide, all your queries will be solved and you will know how to play rush wars!

Let’s start with the very basics: what is Rush Wars

‘Rush Wars’ is a strategy game based on defending your own base and attacking the other player’s bases. As you can probably guess, this formula is very similar to many other Supercell games, such as Clash Of Clans or Boom Beach; nonetheless, the game still has his own unique mechanics that make it somehow original and refreshing.

One of those mechanics is, for example, the fact that the bases change every day for each player. Exactly, you never have the exact same base for two days in a row, which makes the defensive part of the game really makeshift and strategic.

how to play rush wars
Defensive base

The things you can do in this daily base are, however, very limited: you can place a specific amount of defensive structures (or troops) anywhere you want, and you can delete boxes and barrels for a small amount of gold each; however, it is completely impossible to change the general layout, nor the position of the Star Boxes that you have to defend. This adds another level of challenge on making an effective defence.

How stars and loot boxes work in Rush Wars?

Depending on how many Loot Boxes your opponent is able to destroy, you get a Star for each of the remaining ones. For example, if your opponent is able to destroy two out of the three Gold Mines, you get one star, while if he’s able to destroy one of them, you get two. The same applies if he loses or does a flawless victory.

rush wars loot boxes
If you get three stars in an attack, you make a flawless victory.

There are more things than just defending!

The game, however, is not only about defending: most of the Stars you’re going to get on your profile come, indeed, from your attacks. Attacking in this game is really simple and intuitive: you have a specific amount of cards in your collection, and you can bring some of them into your chopper. These cards can either be Troops or Airdrops (you also have some cards that can only be used on defence, such as Defensive Structures). Upgrading your chopper makes you bring more cards with you, but you can only do it if your Headquarter (HQ) is levelled enough.

rush wars chopper
Your chopper can only carry a limited amount of troops and airdrops.

How to play Rush Wars: The matchmaking system

The bases that you’re going to attack are all completely random, and you can’t scout them in any way before searching for them. This means that, if you commit to a specific composition of cards, you can’t change it once you find an enemy base. This not only adds a little random component to the game, but it also makes it in a way that you think strategically before you search for a base, making sure that your composition is able to fight almost any type of enemy, instead of having something only working for a single base. Also, in case you find a base that you think it’s too difficult for your formation, you can search for another one without any problem. However, searching for enemy bases costs gold, so make sure to not abuse this mechanic.

The chopper going to search for an enemy base.

How to play Rush Wars: Building a good composition

Making a decent composition in this game is not too hard, especially at the start. The main (and safer) strategy that everyone uses is the following: putting a tanky unit in front and make it follow by a couple of dps (damage per second) units, as well as putting a couple of units who deal area damage. This is very easy to do at first because some of the cards you unlock at start serve this purpose, such as the Troopers, the Pitchers and the Shields. However, as you progress through the game and unlock new cards and stuff, you’ll be able to change this formula and come up with different ideas every now and then, especially adjusting to the meta that you find in a specific range.

Example of a possible working composition.

Once you find a base, it’s time to attack! Your objective is always the gold mines. Every time you destroy one of them, you get a Star. Having more stars make you push up on leagues and gives you rewards in the long run. Attacking a base is really simple: all you have to do is put your troops down and use your airdrop at the right moment. Airdrops are the equivalent of spells in any other Supercell games. However, you can only put a limited amount of them into your chopper; though they can be used anywhere anytime during the battle, and each one of them has a different effect compared to the others.

Commanders to boost your army

Once you upgrade your HQ to level 4, you’ll be able to find Commanders too. Commanders are like Heroes in Clash Of Clans: they are big dudes with a specific ability that can be used more than once during a match. They’re basically a mix between normal troops and airdrops, and they’re really really strong in certain situation. However, if they die, you have to wait sometime before they can come back into the battle, so make sure to let them survive as much as possible.

Place the troops on the left and let them attack the base.

Progression in Rush Wars: When to level-up the cards

One mistake that many players do at the start is upgrading every single card in their collection, even if they never used it. However, in the long run, this can make you really short on gold, so make sure to only upgrade the cards that you use for both attack or defence. At the start, this might be a bit difficult because you don’t actually know if you’re going to keep using the same composition. However, as you define your strategies a lot more during the time, you’ll know which cards are better to upgrade and which ones are not.

how to play rush wars,
You can see which cards you need to upgrade in your lab.

How to get more gold

The most reliable source of gold in the game are chests. However, even though you get a free chest every three hours, the ones you can get from battles are very limited. You can get one every five Stars, but you’ll need a key to open it. You can get a key every hour, but you can only have a maximum of five, so you can’t really stack them for a long period of time. So, the fastest way to progress is to play every now and then and never waste any gold. You also get cards from chests, in three different rarities: common, rare and epic. There isn’t any legendary yet, but we don’t know if Supercell is actually going to add them after the game launches globally.

how to play rush wars
The opening of a free chest.

Remember that upgrading you HQ and your chopper is also going to cost a lot of gold, so make sure to save some for them too.

This is basically everything you need to know to feed your curiosity about ‘How to play Rush Wars’. There are others things into the game (like Teams, Team Domination or Leagues), but we’re going to talk about them soon, so make sure to check out the other posts for more news about the game!

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