Ice Scream United: Multiplayer Beginners Guide and Tips

Get out of the haunted factory with top skills!

Ice Scream United: Multiplayer is an exciting and engaging game that combines elements of puzzle-solving, stealth, and multiplayer action. The game is a follow-up to the popular Ice Scream franchise of the Keplerians company that consists of multiple horror games. The game revolves around the story of Rod, who is an ice cream van driver and also has an ice cream manufacturing company and is a ghost. And in this Ice Scream United: Multiplayer beginners guide, we’ll go through all the basic tips and strategy hacks that will help the newbies to get a headstart.

Ice Scream United: Multiplayer Overview

The story of Ice Scream United: Multiplayer starts when the users are captivated inside Rod’s ice cream factory and have to get out undergoing various challenges and using many strategies. In the meantime, if the ghost, Rod gets hold of the users then they have to fight with Rod. The ice cream ghost can be defeated by more than one player by making groups in the multiplayer mode of the game. Anyone who appreciates fascinating mobile gaming should play Ice Scream United: Multiplayer because of its captivating gameplay, thrilling adventure, difficult riddles, and fast-paced action.

Rod’s ice cream factory is struck by a lightning strike during a thunderstorm, which results in destruction and damage. After that, the players find themselves suddenly confined in cages with no way out. There are three players at a time. The cage locks automatically unlock as the countdown begins to run out, and the players must leave the factory before it closes, thereby increasing the heartbeat of the gamers.

Ice Scream United overview
Image via Keplerians Horror Games

The players cooperate to solve problems, and puzzles and get past barriers. They have to find items like a wheel, key, oil container, and other stuff to unlock all the locks in the game and to complete the story. However, Rod’s character is being controlled by another player and hence they need to be aware of Rod, who might kill them.

If the other three players are to escape the factory unharmed, they must outsmart and outrun Rod. The player who is alive till last and escapes the factory is the winner. After getting out of the factory, the players have to rush away with the help of the ice cream van standing at the factory’s gate.

Introducing the Game Modes

The players in the game Ice Scream United: Multiplayer can pick numerous thrilling modes. All the modes are within fifteen minutes, which is neither too long nor too short. Hence, the excitement becomes high! All the modes are listed below:

Ice Scream United modes
Image via Keplerians Horror Games

1. Standard Match

For players who want to test their abilities against other players, the standard match is suitable. In this mode, four players are paired up at random, while Rod, the fifth player, follows the other players and tries to capture them. The average game is certain to keep gamers on the tip of their seats with highly thrilling action and exciting chases.

2. Practice Match

The practice match is the ideal option for individuals who wish to sharpen their skills. In this mode, players can explore the ice cream factory and solve puzzles at their own pace without having to worry about getting caught. Players who are new to the game or who wish to sharpen their skills before taking part in the real challenge of a regular match should use this mode.

3. Private Match

The private match mode is perfect for players who want to play with their friends or homies. In this mode, players have to invite their friends to join them in the game, and together they can try to escape the ice cream factory and defeat Rod. They can join another team or can create their own team very easily. With the option to customize the settings and difficulty level, the private match mode offers endless hours of fun for players of all skill levels.

List of Items in Ice Scream United: Multiplayer

In the game, Ice Scream United: Multiplayer, there are different kinds of items that players need to collect in order to progress through the story of the game and escape the factory. All the important items are listed below:

Ice Scream United weapons
Image via Keplerians Horror Games
  1. Gasoline: Find the gasoline in the factory as quickly as possible. The gasoline is very important as it is the fuel of the van through which you will escape the factory. Collect the gasoline and fill the van’s tank located in the garage area.
  2. Wrench: Find the wrench in the factory as it will help your van to drive through. Now use the wrench and go to the motorcycle which is located in the gallery area. The motorcycle is mounted hence it won’t be a problem to take the wheel of the motorcycle.
  3. Wheel: Now after collecting the wheel, go to the garage area. The garage area has the van, through which you will escape. Hence, use the wrench to fix the motorcycle wheel into the van for mobility. Hence, your van is almost ready to move.
  4. Control Room Button: The control room button can be used to open the garage door from the control room. Hence, go to the control room and in front of the computer you will find the remote of the garage shutter. Now fix the button there and the garage door will be unlocked so that you can escape through the van.
  5. Locker Card: Go to the control room and other surrounding rooms to gather the locker card. Now after collecting it, you need to visit every possible locker around and test the card on them. The locker that will open using the locker card will contain another precious thing, the key.
  6. Key: Now after collecting the key you have to use it to open the golden revolver cabinet. Just as the name suggests the golden revolver cabinet will contain the weapon, used to fight Rod. Go to the reception and find the showcase containing the revolver. The revolver is golden in material and you can refill it with the golden revolver ammo which you will find just beside the showcase.
  7. Ice Cream: You need to go to the Entrada area and search the garbage bin to get the ice cream. Search every garbage bin and only one bin will contain the ice cream. The ice cream is the source to open the machine containing van’s key. After collecting the key go to the machine and put the ice cream in the machine and collect the van’s key.

After collecting all the items, it will be very easy for you to win the game. Just, within the time limit go to the garage area and ride the van using the stairs. If you find Rod in the meantime, fight with him using the revolver. After doing so, get into the van and escape the factory and win the game!

How to defeat Rod in Ice Scream United: Multiplayer

All the players in Ice Scream United – Multiplayer must cooperate to get rid of Rod, the ghost, in this cooperative game. Using your timing to battle Rod is one of the best strategies. A hit timer pops up whenever you will face Rod to fight. Just with a cool mind, hit the Good mark on the meter, to fight with Rod and win the battle.

Ice Scream United fighting Rod
Image via Keplerians Horror Games

Players can even cooperate to plan attacks, distribute health and ammunition, and watch one another’s backs. Rod may teleport and move swiftly, so you need to use your revolver carefully and save your ammo. Overall, defeating Rod and moving further in the game depends heavily on teamwork and planning. As a result, be cooperative with your teammates. But, if you face Rod alone, you need to keep in mind the hit meter.

How to play as Rod efficiently in Ice Scream United: Multiplayer

In the cooperative video game Ice Scream United – Multiplayer, players band together to battle Rod, the ghost. However, the game also includes a very special twist where the player can take the character of Rod and go on the hunt for other players. As a result, the game becomes more exciting and unpredictable because players never know when Rod will show up, fight and try to kill them.

Ice Scream United fighting as Rod
Image via Keplerians Horror Games

When taking on the character of Rod, the player has access to special skills and capabilities including teleportation and the capacity to possess other players. The user can enjoy acting as both the protagonist and antagonist in this exhilarating game. It’s crucial to remember that even when playing as Rod, the player should still be clever and try to play strategically. As the other players will be collaborating to defeat them, they will be their opponents.

Ice Scream United: Multiplayer Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some top tricks and tips for beginners in order to progress in Ice Scream United: Multiplayer:

1. Win points and surpass everyone

Many don’t know, but to get the first position in the game, you need points also. Suppose two out of four escaped from Rod’s factory. Hence, the one with the higher points wins the game. Now to collect points, you need to complete a task or gather items. Every task completion will generate 50 points. Moreover, defeating Rod will give you 20 points. Thus, grab the points quickly!

2. Follow the directions properly

If the player looks at the wall of the factory properly, he will find arrows as a direction have been drawn on the wall. This helps the user massively, as the player can now go wherever he wants with the help of the given direction. Also, the room name is given with the arrow which includes the garage, control room, reception, and others. Thus, follow the given directions to go wherever you want.

3. Use the crawling button strategically

The game has provided a crawling option through which the player can crawl rather than walk in the whole factory. This majorly helps while crossing tunnels or hiding from Rod. For example, Rod is in the garage and you have to attach the wheels in the van. Hence, you can crawl silently and attach the wheels without even attracting Rod’s attention towards you.

4. Collect items quickly

When the player starts the game, the player will find a white dot on his screen. The dot basically signifies the hands of the gamer. Thus, to collect any item, you always need not go close to it to pick it up. You can just put the white dot on the item and get the hand symbol to collect it. This makes your work faster and you can save a lot of time from struggling to pick up an item.

5. Use your time in a plan-wise manner

The whole game has a fixed period of time. Hence, divide the time into sectors to do a certain task. Do all the most necessary tasks in the first half and use the second half to do quick stuff. This is because, at the end of time, your speed will increase because of nerves. Hence, you can quickly do the work such as run away to the garage to escape more swiftly.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, Ice Scream United: Multiplayer is too good at every level. Even a beginner in the gaming industry will find the game interesting. Whether you’re looking for an intense multiplayer experience or a relaxed puzzle-solving adventure, Ice Scream United: Multiplayer has every mode that is right for you. So, gather your friends, sharpen your skills, and get ready to take on the ice cream factory and all its challenges!

Did you find this Ice Scream United: Multiplayer beginners guide useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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