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Idle Awakening Hero Tier List for January 2023

Choose from the best heroes in the game!

Idle Awakening is one of the newest RPG games that is based upon a storyline where players need to summon heroes, form a team of 5 great anime characters, and fight against several teams to become stronger. The best part is that the game offers so many famous and strong anime characters that put players into a serious dilemma while dispatching a team. Thus, let us go for a detailed Hero Tier List of Idle Awakening so that players can get to know about the best heroes present in the game. 

Idle Awakening Hero Tier List for January 2023

The game has categorized the heroes into 5 Tiers, SR, R, A, B, and C.

Overpowered (SR)Saitama, Mikasa,
Rei, Miku,
Angemon, Levi,
Maple, Angewomon,
Esdeath, Shana,
Ichigo, Jotaro, Rem,
Marisa, Tanjiro,
Illya, Erza,
Kirito, Akame,
Asuna, Tsunade, Hien,
Kakashi, Kenshiro, Akuma,
Kratos, Black,
Ishtar, Gilgamesh,
Belldandy, Madoka,
Mikoto, Kurumi,
Artoria, Jenne d’arc,
Athena, Valkyrie,
Kakarot, Beerus,
Hades, Homura,
Arthas, Meliodas, Diablo,
Gai Kuroki
Strong (R)Nier, Lambda, Tegar,
Zenyatta, Killua,
Lina, Edward, Tsuna,
Hinata, Ikki,
Kamui, Ace,
Angel, Hercules,
Ikaros, Usagi,Shinsuke,
Amakusa Shirou,
Sebastian, Kaneki
Good (A)Kuma, Maka, Shanks,
Monkey King, Susanoo
Fair (B)Alex, Shihouin, Nangong
Average (C)Titan, Akari,
Master Roshi
Idle Awakening Hero Tier List for January 2023

Best Meta Heroes from each class for Idle Awakening in January 2023

Warrior Class Heroes – Black

Warrior class Heroes are the Heroes who come up with one of the great physical attributes and thus have the best ability to deal with great damage. The warrior class heroes start off the fight every time and thus provide the highest possible damage to the enemy teams.


Black is the best warrior-class hero that players can rely upon. The character has one of the finest overall Power that goes up to 31557. The character has a remarkable HP that helps the character fight with the best attributes on the battlefield. The character also has the best ATK, DEF, and SPD that pile up around a point of 5675, 1018, and 930 respectively.

Mage Class Heroes – Angewomon

Mage class is the magical hero category that stands out at a long distance and plays the perfect role to manipulate opponents and also provides the best healing to its teammates. Mage-class heroes are one of the most important ones on the battlefield as they provide the best support to their teammates.


Angewomon is thus the best Mage class hero players can opt for in the game. The character comes up with an immense power of about 31000 and has one of the highest HPs. The ATK, DEF, and SPD stats of the character are just marvelous, going up to 5678, 976, and 966 respectively.

Tank Class Heroes – Valkyrie

Tank class heroes are the best supporting frontline fighters who stand with pride over the battlefield. These characters go up to the frontline with the Warrior class heroes and provide the best support to them while the warrior is fighting with the enemies with their powerful weapons which they manipulate along with their special power and thus slash away enemies. 


Valkyrie is by far the best Tank class hero in the game with over 32000 of power. This Tank class hero comes along with the best HP and physical attributes that help the character to slash away enemies with her legendary sword. The character has one of the great ATK, DEF, and SPD that sums up a stat of 4217, 1139, and 1027.

Support Class Heroes – Athena

Support class characters are the ones that provide the best support from a far away distance and fight from there only. They don’t even come to the frontline because of the fact that these characters have the least physical attributes and cannot deal with much damage.


Athena is the best support class character that has been found in the game. The character has a power of around 19000 and has one of the best archery skills along with the power of healing. It helps in healing its teammates while they have faced harsh damage. The character comes up with 32208, 1835, and 1628 ATK, DEF, and SPD stats respectively.


Idle Awakening is one of the best RPG-based games that have come along in the world. The game witnesses the best anime characters as their best ones and thus players get much more interested in the game. Thus, follow up the hero tier list to know well about the best characters in the game and form the best team around the battlefield. 

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