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Idle Awakening Beginners Guide and Tips

What seems impossible is your new reality!

Idle Awakening is a storyline-based RPG game where the players can enjoy the journey by summoning the legendary anime characters of all time. The game comes up with various interesting features and the best one being that players can play along with their best anime character. It is an online server-based game thus players will come across other players as well. Thus let us dive into a detailed Idle Awakening beginners guide for the players and make them aware of a few tips that they can use in their first steps.

Gameplay overview

Idle Awakening allows players to form a team of five characters from the summoned heroes of the players. Players can thus set up manually or can even go for a quick dispatch and rely upon the game to make the best team out of all the characters the player owns.

The gameplay mechanics are very simple, if the player desires to play in a manual setup then players need to tap on the character they want and the character will go with the best possible move.

Idle Awakening Beginners Guide

Another mode is the auto mode, where players need to switch it on. After enabling it, the characters will start attacking with their finest move in the best to worst order. The graphics are set up around a 2-D format and is quite attractive to call players towards themselves.

Introducing the Basics of Idle Awakening

The game comes along with various features but the most required ones are:


Main Idle Awakening

The Main is the lobby area from where players can get access to all the other places and features while they are in the game.


The Hero section is the section where players can get to see all the heroes they own and can also check all the heroes that are present in the game for them. Players need to summon these heroes with the help of some resources that will be discussed later. Players can even upgrade their heroes in this section by following these easy steps:

Hero Idle Awakening
  • Open the game and go to the Hero section and tap on the hero you want to upgrade.
  • Then tap on the Level Up button to upgrade the hero.

Players can also help the heroes equip some gears in this section and thus gears help out the heroes to increase their defensive stats.


The fight section is the main section that is aligned with the storyline mode. Players need to fight for every level they face and then face a strong villain to complete the chapter.


The gate comes up with a few sub-sections such as:

  • Dailies
  • Limit
  • Invasion
  • Hall of Fame

These sections have some assigned tasks for the players. Players need to complete them and claim the rewards to progress in the game.

Other in-game Features

  • Bag: Up here in Bag, players can check all the important resources, tokens, shards, and other necessary items they have. Players can even use them from the bag and utilize them for the best possible outcome.
  • Guild: Guild is the clan section where players can join up clans by applying them and supporting each other when in need.
  • NP: This section comes up with one of the best gears and thus players need to complete 4 assigned tasks to achieve that gear. These gears are one of the most powerful ones and thus players must go for claiming them.
  • Draw The draw section is the area where players can summon their heroes. There are three subsections through which players can summon them. Players need a resource namely Tickets which are required to summon heroes. For summoning heroes from different sections, players need a Ticket for the Basic summoning, Adv. Ticket for Advanced summoning and Friendship heart points for Friendship summoning. These different sections are:
    • Basic
    • Advanced
    • Friendship
Draw Immortal Awakening
  • Shop: The shop is the area where players can go for all the in-game real-time transactions and thus buy resources and in-game currencies that are required while continuing their journey in the game.
  • Dailies: Dailies is the section that assigns players new tasks every day and thus players need to complete them and claim the rewards. There are a few sub-sections such as:
    • Dailies
    • Achievement
    • Adv. Expedition
    • Event Roadmap

Resource Management

  • Gold: Gold is one of the most important in-game currencies players need in the game. The game allows easy access to the players and thus helps players in the maximum aspects of the game. Players can easily use Gold to upgrade things and other necessary itineraries.
  • Gems: Gems are used to buy rare resources or items in the game. They are not that easily available but players can complete a few assigned missions and claim Gems from them. Players can even use Gems to summon Heroes sometimes but it costs a lot.
Gold Idle Awakening
  • Tickets: Tickets are used to summon heroes in the game. These tickets help out players to summon several types of characters and thus help out players to make their team stronger. There are two types of tickets such as:
    • Ticket
    • Adv. Ticket
  • Hero EXP: Hero EXPs are mainly required for leveling up players and making them powerful. These are easily available by completing chapters and daily assigned tasks.
Break Stones Idle Awakening
  • Break Stones: Break stones are mainly used to Ascend the heroes and unlock new skills. These Break Stones are not easily available at all and players must go for some particular tasks, by completing them they can earn these stones and ascend their heroes.

Mastering the different game modes

Idle Awakening offers players 4 more game modes apart from the fight section that will help the players to fight against other powerful teams and claim resources and in-game currencies as rewards. These game modes are:

  • Arena: The arena is the area where players are given three teams against whom players need to fight back. At first, players can fight for free but later they must have challenge tickets to fight against those teams.
  • Ruin Island: Ruin Island is an island where players need to walk through a dangerous island and fight against all the hurdles they face while roaming around the island. Fighting against different teams and thus winning will help the players gain rewards.
Infinite Tower
  • Zenith Arena: Zenith Arena is an Arena where players can go and participate against other teams. This helps players in becoming stronger than before and thus can claim important resources that will thus help them upgrade or level up their heroes.
  • Infinite Tower: Infinite Tower is a Tower where players fight against the teams present on every Floor. Players must defeat the teams and advance to the next floor to become the king of the Tower. Players can thus win great rewards and become more powerful.

Idle Awakening Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After investing so much time into the game, here is our Idle Awakening Beginners Guide with the best tips and tricks for new players and thus follow them:

1. Keep Summoning more Heroes

Players must summon heroes on a regular basis. This will help the players to own one of the strongest characters present in the game and thus players can make a much more powerful team than before. For summoning heroes, players must have tickets and Adv. Tickets to summon the best heroes out in the game.

2. Fight against more Teams

The game offers so many game modes and thus players can fight against other strong teams and claim numerous rewards. The game offers five more game modes for the players such as:

  • Fight
  • Arena
  • Zenith Arena
  • Infinite Tower
  • Ruin Island

Players must go for all these game modes and fight against various teams to gather power and resources to progress further into the game.

3. Keep Upgrading your Team

Players must upgrade the five-man team it creates after summoning the best and strong heroes. Players must gather more Gold, Hero EXP, and Break Stones to Level Up and Ascend the heroes on a regular basis. This will hence help the players to make their team powerful and defeat the enemy teams in just a few seconds.

4. Complete all your Daily Missions

Daily missions are assigned in various sections of the games. Players need to go through all these assigned tasks in the sections such as Dailies, Gate, and NP and thus claim rewards such as Hero EXP, Tickets, Golds, Gems, and other required resources. Therefore, claim them and use them in the most necessary manner so that players can progress well in the game.

5. Go for the NP Gears

NP gears are one of the strongest gears present in the game. Players must complete four missions that are being assigned for every NP gear in the NP sections. Players must complete them, claim those rewards and complete all four missions to receive those NP gears. Then equip them in the Hero section just before challenging a team and stand out as the strongest on the battlefield.


Idle Awakening is one of the best RPG games that revolves its world around all the great anime characters. Players can easily summon them and create a 5 man team with the strongest heroes that have been summoned in the game. The game offers various game modes and features that keep up the interest inside the hearts of the players. Thus, players must follow up the beginners guide and the tips for the new buds so that they can flourish well in their progression over the game.

Did you find this Idle Awakening Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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Priest should also focus on attack. there’s no sense in being a priest if you play tanky tanky


Tengo una duda, en la sección de archivos de héroes donde te muestra todos los héroes del juego, están ordenados de los de 10 estrellas hasta los de 5, los del inicio tienen borde dorado y al seleccionarlos dice arriba “core”, cosa que la otra mitad de 10 estrellas no tiene, que significa un héroe “core”? Es más poderoso o algo así?

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