Idle Bank Tycoon Beginners Guide and Tips

Are you able to manage your own bank, become a rich banker, and be a real billionaire?

Idle Bank Tycoon is a strategy and building development game recently released and developed by Kolibri Games. It is a construction and management simulation game. The player can develop a bank, launder money, give out loans and build a business in this game. They can get the gaming experience of building and developing their own bank. The game can get complicated on a few occasions, hence this Idle Bank Tycoon Beginners Guide will help you navigate yourself from those occasions.

Gameplay Overview

In the game, to be precise, the player has to gain clients by improving the bank and developing the level of the bank. In a sense of the concept of the game, the player has to build and develop their own bank from scratch. The player can strategically develop the bank and increase its levels.

Introducing the basics of Idle Bank Tycoon

As soon as the player enters the game, they are introduced to the game with a tutorial by a character named Goldman Banks. The player is given an empty building in which they have to invest money to develop, vaults, cashier area, management, public relations sector, etc, The player will be given base money to start with their business.

Idle Bank Tycoons Beginners Guide
Image via Kolibri Games

The player can constantly keep developing their bank in order to launder more clients and money and consecutively increase the level of the bank. The progress of the bank can be seen in the game. The bank’s level increases when the reputation of the bank increases. The player can finish the missions to gain more money as rewards and increase the level of the bank too.


On the right side of the screen, the player can see a pie chart icon. Upon clicking on it the player is directed to statistics. Here the character who gave the tutorial to the players will be present. Here all the game statistics are available.

Game statistics like total payouts, service area, vault room, and the total area of completion in part of the building are shown. In the statistics, next to each area, the amount of money turnover per second is mentioned. And at the bottom, the amount of upgrades in each room in percentage is shown.

Bank Progression

On the right top side of the screen, the player can see a pin drop map icon, which is the bank progression icon. Upon clicking this the player is led to the section of the game where they can see the progress of the development of their bank.

Idle Bank Tycoon available
Image via Kolibri Games

The bank’s progression is shown at the infrastructural level like a small town bank, which then develops into the downtown bank and so on. Along with the infrastructural level, they also mention the amount or increase in cash production. For example, upon developing from a small town bank to a downtown bank, the income increases twofold.


Right below the milestones bar, the players can see ongoing quests. At any given time there are three ongoing quests and the player can see what are the requirements of the quest and play accordingly. Each quest would require some investment money to upgrade places in the bank. In return, when the player finishes the quest, they will receive an amount of cash that is more than their investments (most of the time).

Other in-game Features

The main homepage of the game consists of the bank itself. The players can see the bird’s eye perspective view of the bank. Along with the main view of the bank, there are a few other features:

  • Milestones: There is a bar with a gift icon at the end, which indicates the progress in gaming. When the bar is filled and it reaches the gift icon, the players will receive awards.
  • Menu Bar: On the top of the screen, there is a ribbon showing the number of assets like cash and gold the player owns. There is a reputation icon on the left here too, along with the icon on the bottom of the screen.
  • Settings: Right below the statistics icon, the player can see the settings icon, where they can change basic settings like music, sounds, language, feedback, etc,

Understanding Clients, Reputation, and Bank development

The main purpose of the game is to increase the level and stature of the bank, which is developed and built from scratch by the player. Increasing the level and stature of the bank depends upon the number of clients, reputation, and the money that is earned and invested.

The level of the game is represented by the star. The player gets star points while improving the bank, which in return will fill the bar to reach the next level. In order to gain star points, the players have to earn money. The players get money from the clients and more clients are attracted and invest more money when the players develop different sectors in the bank like a vault, waiting, marketing, decoration, etc,.

Idle Bank Tycoons Beginners Guide2
Image via Kolibri Games

Reputation is represented by a star icon. It is present both on the top left and bottom of the screen. Upon clicking this, the player can see the reputation or progress of finishing a level of the game. It shows the progress of the decoration bonus too. The player can see all the clients of the bank.

The amount of money they invest is mentioned below for each client. Unlocked and yet-to-be-unlocked clients are shown in this section of the game. The yet-to-be-unlocked clients are mentioned with the level at which they will be unlocked. To be precise, the progress, level, money earned, and reputation are all interlinked in a circular manner and every aspect increases proportionally when the other aspect improves.

Idle Bank Tycoon Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Idle bank tycoon is a simple strategy, construction, and management game. If you are a first-timer to this game, this Idle Bank Tycoon Beginners Guide will help you to have a better experience at gaming:

  • Constantly keep collecting rewards from quests to load new quests.
  • Keep adding new elements and upgrades to parts of the bank to attract more clients and compel them to make more investments.
  • Keep checking the statistics to know which part of the game can be developed and which part of the development can be budget friendly while improving the game.
  • Watch the ads to boost money production so that the money produced is doubled.

To be brief, it is a fun and easy-going game for people who like construction and management games. Therefore, don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this Idle Bank Tycoon beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

Did you find this Idle Bank Tycoon Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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How do I upgrade to the next bank

mark archer

Complete all the tasks that appear on the top of your screen to progress to the next bank.

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