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Idle Fantasia Beginners Guide and Tips

Enter the fantasy world with this guide!

Idle Fantasia is an RPG game developed by Sola Game. This game is set in a very imaginative place in the Land of Eileen world with various chapters and regions. In this game, to be able to finish the chapter, you need to go through the existing stages by doing challenges or fighting with enemies and bosses. In this Idle Fantasia Beginners Guide, we do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Introducing the basics of Idle Fantasia

Here are the basics you should know before playing the game:


Idle Fantasia Beginners Guide
Image via Sola Game

Idle Fantasia is a game with one that has the most number of chapters because in this game there are around 44 available chapters and you have to complete them. In each of these chapters, you have to complete 30 stages to be able to move on to the next chapter, and usually, at every multiple of 5, the enemy will feel stronger because there is a boss, so strengthen your team.


In this game, heroes are important because they are the main factor in solving existing challenges. There are 4 grades for this hero, first R, SR, SSR, and UR (from smallest to highest) where you can get this hero through Summoning in City using the Advanced Summon Ticket.

Idle Fantasia Beginners Guide
Image via Sola Game

In this hero, there are 5 factions available, namely Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Dark. Apart from that, there are also classes, each with different roles, such as Warriors who protect allies, mages and Assassins who deal massive damage, and Supports who do healing, buffing, and the like.


Image via Sola Game

Before you challenge the Boss in the Campaign section, you need a team to take to the fight. This team consists of 5 heroes that you can deploy and a goddess and if you reach level 60, you can unlock a Helper. This team is divided into 2 types of lines, namely, there are front and rear. This contains 2 heroes which are usually placed by warrior or assassin classes because they are melee attack types and the rear are usually filled with mage and support classes, or even assassins.

Battle Mechanism

Battle Mechanism
Image via Sola Game

The battle mechanism in this game is fairly easy because you only need to control the skills of all the characters that you deploy in the team. However, to be able to use this skill, the character’s skill bar must be fully charged first by hitting the enemy. Then for the goddess, this is the same as the character, but the skill will be automatically used when the bar is filled. But if you don’t want to control the skills manually, you can use the auto feature, then the skills will be automatically used in the order the first time the skill bar is filled.

Idle Fantasia Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Idle Fantasia Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Upgrading your Hero

As previously discussed, to make it easier for you to complete each existing stage, a strong hero is needed. Therefore, we recommend upgrading the hero you are using. First, you can upgrade in terms of the hero level which requires certain Mana and Gold as resources.

When you reach a certain level (usually a multiple of 10), this upgrade will change to Ascend. Ascend is quite influential because you can unlock skills that are still locked, apart from that the combat power increase of the hero will increase significantly and this requires an ascension stone to ascend.

Idle Fantasia Beginners Guide
Image via Sola game

Then you can use the gear on each hero by tapping on Quick Equip, then the gear will automatically be used. For Weapons and Accessories, this is useful for increasing your ATK stats, then Armor and Hats are useful for increasing HP stats. Besides that, there is also Promote to increase the ATK and HP Growth of the hero, but you need to have a clone of the hero. To do this upgrade, we recommend focusing on the hero you want to use, so find your best team first, then you can upgrade, because that will save you in terms of the resources you have.

2. Take advantage of the Factional

In this game, there are the 5 factions mentioned above and each of these factions has its advantages and disadvantages. If the hero has a factional advantage, then he will get 10% more damage, but if your hero has a disadvantage against the enemy, then he will deal 10% less damage. Here’s the description.

Image via Sola Game

Fire has an advantage over the wind, the wind has an advantage over water, and water has an advantage over the fire. Then the light and dark factions, have no relationship with the three factions above, but they are both opposite to each other.

3. Equip Aura

This aura can be considered as a combo from merging existing factions and when it is done, you can get additional effects or stats when fighting. Here we provide additional auras and stats that you can get:

  • Deploy 2 heroes from the same faction and 2 heroes from different factions: Attack +6% and HP +7.5%
  • Deploy 3 heroes from the same faction: Attack +8% and HP +10%
  • Deploy 3 heroes from the same faction and 2 heroes from different factions: Attack +10% and HP +13%
  • Deploy 4 heroes from the same faction: Attack +12% and HP +16.5%
  • Deploy 5 heroes from the same faction: Attack +14%, HP +21%, and Bonus damage +3%
  • Deploy 5 heroes from light and dark factions: Attack +14%, HP +24%, and Bonus damage +3%
  • Deploy 5 heroes from light or dark faction: Attack +14%, HP +21%, and Bonus damage +3%

4. Forge

Idle Fantasia Beginners Guide
Image via Sola Game

To further strengthen and improve your hero’s combat power, you can forge your gear and this forge is available in City. When you fuse a gear, this gear will increase in terms of grade.

5. Focus on the Knight Emblems

Knight Emblems
Image via Sola Game

This Knight Emblem is an important thing if you want to progress your development in this Idle Fantasia game, because there are quests that you can complete, and when you complete them you will get quite interesting rewards such as Diamonds, Advanced Summon Covenant, Goddes heart, and others. If you are confused about what things you have to solve, then this can be your solution

Final Thoughts

Idle Fantasia is a game with characters as an important point in playing this game and has quite a lot of chapters. Apart from that, you need to explore the team or line up to find your best composition.

That’s all from us for Idle Fantasia Beginners Guide! Did you find our Idle Fantasia beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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