Idle Siege: War Simulator Beginners Guide and Tips

Strike up the drums and march your army to war in this engaging military tycoon game!

Idle Siege: War Simulator is the newest entrant to the idle game genre. Gameloft has developed a good idle strategy game with the base theme of medieval world battle, conquer and conquest gameplay aspects. In this Idle Siege: War Simulator guide, we have articulated some tips for beginners so that you can start well with the game and easily achieve the quest objective.

An idle game as we know is about the management of resources that comes in with the amount of time spend in a particular game to achieve the quest. Idle Siege: War Simulator has lots of castles (or levels) to conquer with the given resources for each level. This would involve some strategy to focus upon to effectively achieve the level objectives.

Gameplay Overview

In Idle Siege, the basic objective is to win your way to the castle on each level. Each level is designed in a different way so that the player has to think upon some strategy such as which troops to be used, the troop formation so as to complete the level as soon as possible. The troops have to clear the defenses set such as army troops, towers, and gates to conquer the castle.

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As the game genre suggests, players have to wait for the accumulation of gold to upgrade troops so they can overcome the defenses. Gold is collected automatically while you are logged off the game (for 2hours maximum).

Idle Siege: War Simulator Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Idle Siege: War Simulator Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Follow and Complete all the Quest objectives

The most important trick would be to follow the quest objectives of each level. This would allow you to remain on track of completing the particular level quickly. Completing the quest will also grant you rewards such as Golds and Scrolls that will be used to upgrade troops and commanders.

2. Upgrade your Siege Camp

The potential of your troops and army capacity of a particular level is dependent on the level of Siege Camp. In each level, the Siege Camp can be upgraded to a particular level. Focus on upgrading the Siege Camp as fast as possible.

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This will unlock the capacity of the army camp, the number of Commanders that can be used. And most importantly, the rate of Gold earned increases with the up-gradation of Siege Camp, which would also affect how fast you can upgrade the troops.

3. Keep upgrading your Legendary Commander

Commanders are special characters with unique stats and features that give a boost to the army. The Commanders can be obtained from in-game rewards of chests or through in-game purchases. These Commanders can be of Legendary class, Rare or Common class. The Legendary class is the best of them with special attack attributes.

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Our suggestion would be upgrading the Legendary class Commanders as much as possible, else focus on the Rare class but not on the Common class. As you proceed through the game, clearing different levels, more and more Commanders of Rare and Legendary classes will be unlocked. It would be better to have around 6 main Commanders and focus on upgrading them.

4. Synergize the Army with Commander

Army Troops and Commanders have particular class attributes such as Range attributes. It is always better to align the army troops with the same class of Commander. The basic trick can boost the performance of the troops immensely.

5. Never forget to unlock your Special Chests

Each level has Special Chests within the defenses. These Chests are to be reached within a certain time limit. Even if you fail to reach the chest by the allocated time, you can just watch an advert and claim the rewards of the chest.

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These Chests contain Keys for unlocking Rare and Legendary Chests for obtaining the Commanders. So, always claim the rewards of these Chests.

6. Utilise the Events to maximise resources

Image via Gameloft

The game launches special events with exciting rewards that can significantly boost your progress, especially on obtaining Legendary Commanders and Commander Scrolls used for upgrading the Commanders. So always participate in these special events and have a significant boost to your Commander collection.

7. Change your Troops according to Defense

Each level is designed differently and has the option of training different kinds of army troops. So, it is advised to take different kinds of troops as per the current defense that the army is attacking.

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For example, if you are attacking a group of archers or ground troops, attack them with raiders as they can clean sweep these defenses quickly. If an isolated tower is to be attacked, then ranged troops serve the best.

Final Thoughts

The game length of each level will increase as you proceed more and further in the game. But it is advised to login within 2 hours as the maximum time the gold can be collected is 2 hours. You can just log in and claim the gold and log out so the gold collection doesn’t stop. But to fast forward through the game, the developers have the option of using Gems or else watching Ads (just as expected in the Idle Game genre).

Usually, the game continues to attack the defenses but if a player is offline for a longer duration, the game stops attacking until one logs in again. The game would continue from that particular point and not reset the entire level from the beginning. That’s all for the basic tips and tricks, if you find it difficult progressing in the game, you can always fall back to this Idle Siege: War Simulator Beginners Guide for help.

That’s all for today’s Idle Siege: War Simulator beginners guide. Did you find our Idle Siege: War Simulator beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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