Infinite Borders Hero Tier List for December 2023

Know the best heroes to conquer lands!

NetEase created Infinite Borders which became a highly popular historical strategy game in East Asia. Set in China’s Three Kingdoms period, it lets players craft their epic narratives. This Infinite Borders tier list provides insights into hero types and the top performers. Advance in the game by forming unique teams with different generals, using diverse tactics to overcome challenges, and expanding your dominion. You can also explore redeem codes, a reroll guide, and a beginner’s guide about Infinite Borders to know more about the game.

Infinite Borders Eidolon Tier List for December 2023: Best Heroes Ranked

We’ve categorized eidolons into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B) for your convenience in understanding each hero’s potential. After investing considerable time in the game, we’ve created a tier list based on the different types of heroes from Archers, Infantry, and Calvary, alongside their overall strength and abilities.

Strong (S)Wang Yi, Emperor Ling, Jia Xu, Lady Zhang, Cao Pi, Lu MengXun You, Hua Tuo, Wei Yan, Meng Huo, Gan Ning, Zhou TaiLu Bu, Zhang Jiao, Zhang Liao, Xiaohu Yuan, Lady Zhurong
Good (A)
Zhang Ji, Zhang Chunhua, Zhen LouSun Jian, Zhang Ning, Jiang Wei, Jia Xu, Lu Kang, Zhuge Liang, Zhao YunZhang Fei, Mao Chao, Ma Yunlu,
Average (B)Diao ChanHuang Zhong, Hao Zhao, Xiao Qiao & Da Qiao, Diao Chan, Huang YueyingGuan Yu, Dong Zhuo, Fa Sheng, Xun Yu

This list is designed to assist newcomers like you in selecting powerful heroes for your battles as you start your journey.

Best Meta Heroes in Infinite Borders for December 2023

In our tier list, we strive to identify the top heroes in each tier, as displayed in the table above. There’s a diverse collection of heroes available for you to collect and deploy in battles, providing robust options. Each hero comes with distinct qualities, and the game offers a broad range of choices.

Considering the different roles available, choosing heroes becomes a matter of personal preference. The effectiveness of heroes can differ based on individual playstyles, making certain heroes more valuable to different players.

Best Archer Hero – Wang Yi

Wang Yi is acclaimed as the best Archer Hero in our Infinite Borders Hero Tier List and stands out with her exceptional marksmanship and strategic prowess on the battlefield. Her precision and ability to control the flow of ranged combat make her a formidable force.

Infiinite Borders Wang Yi
Image via NetEase

Wang Yi’s unique skills and talents in archery contribute to her effectiveness in dealing significant damage from a distance, making her an invaluable asset in various scenarios.

Best Infantry Hero – Xun You

Xun You earns the title of the Best Infantry Hero in our Infinite Borders Hero Tier List due to his remarkable leadership and tactical acumen. As an infantry commander, Xun You excels in organizing and leading ground forces, demonstrating resilience and adaptability in the heat of battle.

Infiinite Borders Xun You
Image via NetEase

His strategic insights and versatility make him a reliable choice for players seeking a strong and reliable infantry hero to anchor their formations and withstand enemy assaults.

Best Cavalry Hero – Lu Bu

For the role of Best Cavalry Hero in our Infinite Borders Hero Tier List, Lu Bu emerges as the epitome of strength and speed on horseback. His unmatched combat skills and unparalleled mobility make him a force to be reckoned with in cavalry engagements.

Infiinite Borders Lu Bu
Image via NetEase

Lu Bu’s ability to swiftly navigate the battlefield and deliver devastating charges provides a significant advantage, allowing him to disrupt enemy lines and turn the tide of battle in favor of his allies.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Infinite Borders tier list serves as a valuable resource for players aiming to optimize their hero selections in the game. The variety of heroes available, each with unique qualities and roles, allows for diverse strategies and personal preferences in gameplay.

Whether assembling a team of formidable archers led by Wang Yi, resilient infantry commanded by Xun You, or swift cavalry under the leadership of Lu Bu, players have the flexibility to tailor their approach to match their preferred playstyles.

What are your thoughts on the Infinite Borders Hero Tier List? Let us know in the comments below!

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