Infinite Borders Beginners Guide and Tips

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Infinite Borders is a historical strategy game by NetEase, that has gained significant popularity in East Asia. Set in the historical Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, the game invites players to weave their epic tales. Navigate through the gameplay by forming unique teams with diverse generals and tactics to overcome adversaries and extend your dominion. You can also check out some Infinite Borders redeem codes. This Infinite Borders Beginners Guide is your key to conquering foes and mastering the intricacies of strategic gameplay.

Infinite Borders Gameplay Basics

In Infinite Borders, you can form unique teams featuring skilled generals and employ diverse tactics to crush enemies and conquer lands. Upon winning battles, you take on leadership roles, enact laws, and ensure the protection of your realm from potential invaders. The game seamlessly blends strategic warfare with governance elements, providing players the opportunity to shape the destiny of their virtual domain through both military prowess and diplomatic decisions.

Infinite Borders Faction

Upon commencing the game, Infinite Borders allows you to select a region or faction to initiate your journey. Each region offers unique Faction Specials, such as increased lumber yield, food yield, initial coins, and more. So choose what Faction Special you like best and here are the following Infinite Borders Faction.

Infinite Borders faction
Image via NetEase
  • Ma Teng
  • Li Jue & Guo Si
  • Gongsun San
  • Cao Cao
  • Liu Zhang
  • Liu Bei
  • Liu Biao
  • Yuan Shu

This choice determines your starting area, where your base will commence construction, and the conquest of other allies.

Movement and Controls in Infinite Borders

In Infinite Borders, shaping your adventure is as easy as just tapping the screen to perform various actions and controls. Guide your troops and armies by choosing specific tiles and interacting with different areas. The straightforward interface lets you effortlessly orchestrate strategic moves as you explore the game world.

Infinite borders controls
Image via NetEase

With each tap, you have the power to influence your forces and make crucial decisions that shape the course of your conquest in this immersive strategy game.

Infinite Borders Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Understanding Heroes in Infinite Borders

Before diving into the game, familiarize yourself with the diverse heroes it offers. From formidable generals like Zhang Liao, capable of facing any foe, to strategic minds like Zhou Yu and mighty warriors like Gongsun Zan, each hero plays a unique role in rewriting the game’s history.

Infinite Borders hero
Image via NetEase

Don’t overlook advisors like Zhang Ji, who excel in the medical field. Knowing your heroes enhances your gameplay in Infinite Borders.

2. Do Major and Daily Affairs

Efficiently navigating and overseeing both major and daily affairs emerges as a pivotal strategy for advancing in Infinite Borders. Engage in essential tasks like strategically advancing toward level 1 lands, judiciously upgrading your castle facilities, and thoughtfully constructing residences.

Infinite Borders affair
Image via NetEase

These conscientious actions collectively serve as the bedrock for cultivating a potent and flourishing realm within the expansive and dynamic world of Infinite Borders.

3. Join an Alliance

Maximize your gaming experience by joining an alliance. This collaborative effort allows you to seek advice from experienced players, participate in various events, and even take on leadership roles within the alliance.

Infinite Borders alliance
Image via NetEase

The importance of alliances spans across all levels of the game, providing opportunities to earn more rewards, claim jades, and engage in battles alongside your allies.

4. Unlock Hero Achievements

As a new player, unlocking hero achievements is a valuable endeavor. Honor and spend Gift Jades to unlock achievements for your chosen heroes. This not only records their deeds but also grants the coveted Exclusive Achievement Dynamic Portrait.

Infinite Borders hero achievement
Image via NetEase

Each hero in Infinite Borders boasts unique achievements, reflecting their characteristics and deeds, contributing to their spirit charm and bearing during battles.

5. Participate in Events

Stay actively engaged in Infinite Borders by regularly taking part in the variety of events available. These events don’t just offer exciting challenges but they also provide opportunities for rewarding experiences, enhancing your overall gaming journey.

Infinite Borders event
Image via NetEase

Whether you’re focused on conquering new territories, achieving specific milestones, or joining other event-driven activities, your active involvement plays a key role in shaping the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the game. Embrace these chances to test your strategies and earn valuable rewards, ensuring a continuous and enjoyable adventure in the world of Infinite Borders.

Final Thoughts

Infinite Borders offers an exciting and immersive gaming experience where strategic choices shape your journey in a dynamic world. With a diverse array of heroes, engaging tasks, alliances, and thrilling events, the game provides ample opportunities for both strategic thinking and active participation.

From managing your realm’s affairs to unlocking achievements and joining alliances, each aspect contributes to the overall enjoyment. The game’s simplicity, coupled with its depth, makes it accessible for players of all levels.

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