Infinite Lagrange Beginners Guide and Tips

Lead your fleet to conquer the Lagrangian singularity!

Simulation games are similar to living another life virtually. It is a place where you would have a role to play, build something useful for the people and finally, reach the highest part of that virtual life. NetEase Games soft-launched Infinite Lagrange in Europe on April 21 this year. It is an online space strategy simulation game that offers many in-game elements to interact with. The human race has its thirst for knowing the unknown by nature. In this Infinite Lagrange guide, we will take you through building the ships, knowing your base, and win every space battle which has been waged.

Gameplay Overview

The plot is set in a universe where humanity developed their technology that we can only expect in our dreams now. They built ships that can travel faster than light to travel throughout galaxies. With the help of a vast transportation network in the Milky Way, which is the Lagrangian system, we have covered almost one-third of our galaxy. Mastering the Lagrangian systems, different forces are trying to establish their supremacy over the Milky Way.

Infinite Lagrange Guide
Delve into Lagrangian system

With a growing population and reduced resources, war has broken out. The player will have to act as a leader of a fleet. Additionally, they need to build their base, upgrade the spaceships and join with other allies to attack opponent forces. By doing these, they will emerge victorious to expand their territory.

Infinite Lagrange Guide: Tips and tricks to remember

It’s a challenge if the players can win every large-scale interstellar or not. Perform every move with a sharp strategy to lead your fleets across planets and cities. This guide will help you make your next move more effectively.

1. Choose your role wisely

Choose a role that suits you the most. It could be the head of the fleet, the commander of the legion or the leader of the enterprise. The role is important because one needs to provide suitable types of equipment, shelter and other supports to your fleet and people.

Infinite Lagrange Guide
Choose roles wisely

2. Know your base first

The headquarters is the centre of the fleet from where everything will be managed. At the very beginning, the player cannot transpose the base. One can shift it afterwards, reaching a certain upgraded level. However, there are three distinct parts of the base.

Infinite Lagrange Guide
Know the base wisely

The central district offers new commands if it gets upgraded. Apart from that, the allies can place a dock to help you to defend the base. It also can trade resources. The port district can store the ships and resource caps. The ships are built and maintained in the industrial district. They can earn eCoins with further upgrades.

Besides holding the assets, a particular warehouse in the industrial district can produce two kinds of boosts. Speedups to complete your base upgrades and travel faster. Prefab Modules to complete ship construction. 

3. The more resources you have, better it is

Mining resources is another important part. There are three kinds of resources in the galaxy. Only engineering ships can mine. Players can collect resources by mining asteroid belts or cosmic dust. Metal is used to build ships, crystals are to upgrade them, and deuterium to gain firepower with speed as a bonus.

4. Build ships and upgrade them

Everything players need to build on, other than the base is the ships. They are the heart of your play. Infinite Lagrange features many kinds of ships. You’ll have three FG300 frigates to start with and can build more by unlocking additional levels or upgrading the ports.

Build ships and upgrade them

Each ship has a unique role. Upgrading them will increase their capacity to perform well. Although, only upgrading ships won’t give everything. It is also necessary to upgrade the ports simultaneously. Everything is correlated in this game.

5. Make allies

Infinite Lagrange allows players to interact with others. Unions are clans that can hold 100 players. They can fight each other and get help to defend your base from your union members. Players can build their union and invite others. A huge bonus can be collected after occupying NPC cities. Make sure that you have joined in one.

We hope this Infinite Lagrange guide would help to have a better understanding of the game. Do everything to become the ultimate winner and expanse your territory across the infinite space! Let us know your success. We’ll be pleased to hear from the future conquerors.

Did you find our guide of tips and tricks to win space battles on Infinite Lagrange useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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