Johnny Trigger Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies you should know

Johnny Trigger by SayGames gives an opportunity to the player to take down the underground world of mafia. The game is simple in design but the gameplay is such that the players will get hours of fun. The story of Johnny Trigger is simple and clear but captivating. You have to run from the start of the level and kill the mafias who are waiting for you. So, in order to achieve success and clear all the levels, Johnny Trigger Guide will show you how to take down the underground world!

Johnny Trigger Guide- Level Complete

The main motive of the game is to rescue hostages, kill the mafias and pass each level without getting killed. You will also get the option of buying new outfits and weapons as you proceed in the game. You should clearly understand that the game doesn’t require 100% shooting accuracy and it is a casual fun play. If you missed any opponent then they will shoot you and that would mean, you have to start the level again. Overall, Johnny Trigger is a casual shooting game available for Android n IOS. Apart from these things, there are some important points to keep in mind after going through the Johnny Trigger Guide.

1. Keep your eye on the mafia’s

On every level, you will come across mafia’s waiting for you in different positions and you need to kill them all. If you miss any one of them, you will be killed the next second. Keep your bullets in check and don’t waste it because it is limited. You should check it from time to time on the left side of the screen. If you have just started to play Johnny Trigger, then let me also tell you that the direction of your shots will be indicated with a red line. Always follow this line to kill the mafia. Also, try to save your progress by crossing checkpoints. This means that if you are killed in between the level then you will not be resuming from the start. You will be starting again from the specific checkpoint.

2. Protection of Hostages

The most important aspect of this game other than saving yourself from mafias is protecting the life of hostages. As the game passes by, you will come across hostages in different and difficult positions between the mafias. Make sure you use the trigger very well in order to kill only the mafia’s and not the hostages. If the hostage gets killed in any situation, then you will have to repeat the same level again until you are successful

Johnny Trigger guide- Protection of Hostages
Johnny Trigger

3. Use the cash collected after each level judiciously

You will get cash after you pass each level successfully especially go for headshots as it would fetch more cash. You can use those cash to buy guns and/or outfits. Johnny Trigger will give you an opportunity to use pistols and machine guns. But I would suggest you go for guns available freely and once you move to higher levels, take Super Guns. You will be eligible for Super Guns in the higher levels and as the name suggests, buying these guns requires super cash. So, the cash you saved in the earlier level can be used to buy the Super Guns.

Johnny Trigger allows you to obtain guns at any time by visiting the shop. But the focus remains the same that you need high cash if you want to unlock Super Guns. Learning the art of using the pistols/submachine guns or Super guns is very important so make yourself acquainted.

4. Play it smartly

There can be a time when you will be falling short of ammunition and the mafias would be waiting for you. Always check for Gasoline Drums, TNT Boxes and/or other explosive items in order to kill everyone in one go. Fire at the barrel but make sure that there is no hostage between the mafia’s, otherwise, he/she will also be killed.

5. Complete the Daily Missions

You will get daily missions to complete in the stipulated time stated at the top of the daily mission. The mission can include exploding a specific number of barrels, unlocking a new outfit and Kill Bosses. After you complete all these tasks, you will get cash, purple gems, etc.

Johnny Trigger guide- Daily Missions
Daily quests in Johnny Trigger

6. The Ultimate fight against the Boss

After some of the levels, you will have to fight against the boss. This fight is very important and difficult than the usual fight. As you need to shot the boss over and over again in order to kill him completely. You will get ample opportunity to kill the boss but if you miss any shot, you will be killed. You will be able to claim 500 cash reward after you successfully killed the boss.

If you want to share any additional tips, feel free to comment below.

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