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King of Arena Character Tier List for January 2023

Be sure to select the best cards for your battles!

King of Arena is a skill-and-strategy fantasy idle RPG developed by 1morefun that offers a great RPG experience with many in-game bosses and various dungeons to clear. Immerse yourself in action-packed and exciting battles with players around the globe while going AFK anytime you want to relax. The game is a Turn-based RPG and includes an in-detail class system within the game hence players are required to strategies according to the class of enemy they might be facing. This King of Arena Tier List would help you make your own dream team.

The game offers many regular and legendary characters for players to select from and the list is only going to increase in the months to come. Every character in this game offers something unique because the game follows a class system. We have listed out the best characters from the game available as of now to help you make your own squad from scratch.

King of Arena Character Tier List for January 2023

The game King of Arena offers 320 character cards, however not every card is unique there are three different variations of each card namely, the basic, the 5 stars, and the legendary. We will rank the most powerful version of each card ie. the legendary version.

King of Arena Beginners Guide, King of Arena
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There are some cards that only have a basic version and might get an upgrade in further updates of the game. In this King of Arena Character Tier List, we will list the characters into three tiers, Legendary (S)Epic (A), and Common (B).

Legendary (S)Wild Marshal
Brutal Bear
Scourge Horror
Epic (A)Berserker
The Faceless
Purgatory Horror
Common (B)Dracula
Frost Dragon
Steel claw Beast
Fire Duke
Scourge Lord

Best Meta Characters for King of Arena in January 2023

As stated before the game offers a variety of players and each player offers something different. However, if there is one thing that will stay common in the game irrespective of your playing style would be the battles you will have to rage to progress further in the game. Hence based on specialties and powerups of different characters we have listed the best out of each tier-

S-Tier Characters

King of Arena Tier List, King of Arena
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For the S tier list the best character here would have to be Wukong, hands down the most powerful character in the game and offers more attacking strength than any other character in the game, the closest who comes to this spot is Lycaon with the character offering very similar statistics but overall Wukong will be heads and shoulders above the rest.

A-Tier Characters

King of Arena Tier List, King of Arena
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For A Tier the spot will be given to Purgatory Horror the powerups make the difference in this tier, Purgatory Horror’s powerups have the capacity of delivering damages to the whole squad, adding much-needed firepower to the team, hence the card has the potential to create a total menace in the battle and can turn the battle in your favor.

B-Tier Characters

King of Arena Tier List, King of Arena
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Steel claw Beast just because of the agility and speed of attacks will secure this spot, other than this all of them are pretty equal, they are not bad cards but are surely not as good as the others listed in the tier before this. Steel claw has a speed bonus and can deliver 2 blows instead of 1 on characters that have weaker agility stats.

Final Thoughts

The game offers a massive 320-character card however not every card is unique the cards are further divided into star categories, the legendary cards are the ones that are fully updated and represented by glowing 1 star. Being a list it is generalized and subjective, different players might have their own different rankings. We hope that this King of Arena character Tier List was able to help you figure out what the best characters are for the game.

Did you find this King of Arena Character Tier List useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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