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King of Arena Beginners Guide and Tips

Summon your Heroes and Customise your Squad!

King of Arenaskill-andstrategy fantasy idle RPG developed by 1morefun offers a great RPG experience with many in-game bosses and various dungeons to clear. Immerse yourself in action-packed and exciting battles with players around the globe while going AFK anytime you want to relax. The game is a Turn-based RPG where the players will have to strategize and deploy their units according to a class-based system. The game can get complicated on a few occasions, hence this King of Arena Beginners Guide will help you navigate yourself from those occasions.

Summon Heroes with unique looks and abilities

The game allows the players to summon great heroes with each offering something different on the battlefield. It is the responsibility of the players to analyze each character and decide how to line up them in the most valuable and effective manner. There are over 100 mythic heroes beautifully illustrated waiting to be added to your collection. Raise your champions and see how their appearances will change as they evolve.

King of Arena Beginners Guide, King of Arena
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You can use the in-game resources such as diamond coins and shards to upgrade them in every aspect such as their health, and their powerups, and even buy equipment to improve the overall stats of the character card.

Utilizing the in-game AFK feature

You don’t need to manually do all the hard work all by yourself. You can use the AFK feature to make your champions fight instead of you, this introduces the offline auto mode anytime and everywhere. Your heroes will still be fighting for you even if you are offline for a break. Just grab all the treasures in your loot chest whenever you are back and ready for a fresh start. By doing this players can progress further in the story mode even when they are out somewhere or are not playing the game.

Customizing Squad with better characters and strategies

The game as mentioned before is a turn-based RPG hence you will not be having control of the combat system while in a battle, hence you will have to strategize before even coming to battle by selecting the right characters, the game follows a very structured class system for the characters, and each class has a counter-attacking class for it which will offset every statistic and special powers of the card.

King of Arena Beginners Guide, King of Arena
Image via 1morefun

Hence you will have to analyze the enemy class and then deploy your characters on the field. Apart from this, King of Arena offers many possible ways for you to customize your own team. There are Race Restraint, Formation Buffs, Position in the Lineup, Gears, Artifact, Runes, and many more to consider when strategizing your own troops.

Exploring the Map for completing Quests

The game is not an open-world RPG but still offers plenty of various side tasks and challenges besides the main story plot. Players can solve puzzles in Dark Maze, climb the endless Dark Tower, reap Raids for daily gains, meet extra challenges in Ghost Rift, fight for No.1 in Arena, clash with enemies in Crusade, and go through Ancient Ruin with limited force.

Players will also have the opportunity to fight various different sets of bosses and enemies with varying sets of different skills and weaknesses, not each character card will be able to defeat every boss convincingly, hence proper strategizing of troops would be needed.

Join a Guild and team up with other players

You can team up with different players from the global stage and form an alliance, forming an alliance will help you build an allied guild from scratch. You can share resources from the Guild and get assistance from guild members in taking down a dungeon or final boss.

King of Arena Beginners Guide, King of Arena
Image via 1morefun

Fight alongside like-minded from all over the world find a family and enjoy various bonuses as well as resources available in your Guild. Share tactics with your Guildmates and together you will make your Guild the best ever. You can also compete with the guild members in the weekly leaderboard and get exclusive rewards in general.

King of Arena Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

After playing the game for many hours we have listed below the following points to help new players get the best out of the game in the early stages.

1. Focus more on the Hero’s energy bar

Your hero character cards have unique powerups which they use once the energy bar is full. You can use stamina cards in between battles to improve and refill the stamina bar faster. Your stamina is a very important factor in the game characters with high stamina can exploit the lack of agility statistic in the opponent’s card and attack twice in succession. However the stamina bar should be more than 50% for this to happen, hence stamina should not be ignored.

2. Keep in mind the character’s Class system

There are 4 different classes of characters and each has its own varying features. The Human race has an advantage over the Scourge race, similarly, the Scourge race has an advantage over Darknight, Darknight has an advantage over the Desert class and the Desert has an advantage over the Human race. By having an advantage over a Race that Race delivers 15% more damage and can result in fatal blows. Thus make sure you use a counter-effective card for each race you face.

3. Keep collecting the Hero Summon Scrolls

King of Arena Beginners Guide, King of Arena
Image via 1morefun

To get new characters in the game it is necessary for players to make sure that they summon the characters from the summoning monument present on the map. It is fairly easy to do, all you need to do is open the option and select what sort of heroes you are actually trying to summon, regular or legendary, of course, legendary characters cost more in-game resources but they are worth the money as they will be having double special power slots and better statistics in general. You get 1 free regular scroll every day, make sure to collect them all.

4. Use AFK mode to progress further in the story

AFK mode helps players to progress further ahead in the story mode even when they are not playing the game. Your heroes will still be fighting for you even if you are offline for a break.

King of Arena Beginners Guide, King of Arena
Image via 1morefun

This feature however is only active until the app is open, once the app is closed, all progress will pause and you will have to start over. However, if you are already playing and then have to pause the game in between then this feature is very useful.

5. Collect your Auto battle rewards before they expire

The rewards you collect while completing the levels in AFK mode will not be available to be redeemed forever, you will have to redeem them before 10 hours, post 10 hours the rewards will not be available for redemption. You can redeem the awards from the in-game mail section, once you will open the game after completing the quest, the game will itself give a notification for a reminder of redemption.

Final Thoughts

The game is a turn-based RPG hence there is not much scope for controlling the combat system but you can use additional powerups and shards to improve your chances of succeeding in the game. However, the game offers other features such as boss battles, various dungeons to explore, and various other side quests from the guild system to keep players engaged for quite some time. Remember to refer to this King of Arena Beginners Guide whenever you might run into trouble regarding the game.

Did you find this King of Arena Beginners Guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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