Last Impact Class Tier List for September 2023

Select the best class for your adventure!

Last Impact, developed by Funcraft Games, is a multiplayer action survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world rife with challenges. Players will face mutant hordes as they strive to survive in the aftermath of Doomsday. With the ongoing development of the game, characters have been divided into three distinct classes, leading to confusion among players about which class to choose for their journey. In this Last Impact Class Tier List, we will delve into each character class to provide clarity and help you make an informed character selection.

Last Impact Character Class Tier List for September 2023

The game currently features three classes, each categorized into three tiers: S and A.

Strong (S)Alchemist
Good (A)Rogue,

However, it’s important to remember that what’s considered the best class can change as the game updates and balances itself. The best choice for one player might not be the same for another, depending on their play style. To stay current with which class is on top, it’s wise to follow discussions among players and official game updates in Last Impact.

Best Meta Classes in Last Impact for September 2023


Alchemists are seen as strong because they can provide crucial support by healing themselves and their team members during tough battles. They work well in various team setups, making them a popular choice for group play.

Last Impact Alchemist
Image via Funcraft Games

What makes Alchemists versatile is that they’re not just healers; they can also deal damage from a distance with a bow, adding extra flexibility to their role. While they might not be the top damage dealers or the sturdiest characters individually, their balanced abilities make them reliable in many different situations.


Rogues are well-known for their ability to deal significant damage, a crucial aspect of success in Last Impact. They possess impressive abilities, allowing them to swiftly move around the battlefield while dealing powerful blows, making them challenging opponents.

Last Impact Choosing Class
Image via Funcraft Games

Rogue classes are skilled at landing critical hits frequently, delivering bursts of damage that can quickly take down enemies. Their combination of speed, precision, and damage-dealing capability makes Rogues a strong and sought-after class in Last Impact.


Engineers are great at taking hits, thanks to their Energy Shields that block damage. This makes them excellent at protecting their team during tough battles.

Last Impact Engineer
Image via Funcraft Games

While they may not deal the most damage, Engineers are well-balanced and capable of handling different situations. Their versatility makes them a dependable choice for players who want a mix of offense and defense. In many team setups, having an Engineer as a tank is crucial.

How to change your Class in Last Impact

As players level up, they have the flexibility to switch their class before embarking on a raid, but this can only be done while in the safety of the Camp. Once a player enters a battlefield or combat scenario, the option to change their class becomes unavailable.

While on the battlefield, players can equip different weapons from various classes, but there’s a limitation when it comes to using class-specific skills. To access and utilize a class’s unique abilities effectively, players must use the weapon recommended for that class. This adds a layer of strategic planning, as choosing the right weapon becomes crucial in maximizing a class’s potential.

Last Impact Change Class
Image via Funcraft Games

However, there is an interesting twist to this system: players have the ability to craft weapons directly on the battlefield using the necessary items they gather. This dynamic feature allows for adaptability during combat, enabling players to tailor their weapon choices based on the situation and available resources, further enhancing their chances of survival in the challenging world of Last Impact.

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