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League of Angels: Chaos Beginners Guide and Tips

Embark on your journey to become a legend!

League of Angels: Chaos is the newest action fantasy MMORPG for mobile devices. The game focuses mostly on the MMO element of stuff, providing players with the freedom to forge, produce, collect, and sell various objects through an in-game auction house system. Now that you know what League of Angels: Chaos is all about, we can jump right into the beginners guide. But that’s only one aspect of League of Angels: Chaos, the game is packed with content that will keep the mobile gaming community occupied for quite some time.

 Yoozoo’s fantasy action MMORPG League of Angels: Chaos is a fantasy action MMORPG. The developers intend to build this very universe into a more hardcore and deep-rooted realm, following the huge success of MMOs on mobile devices. In terms of the game’s plot, the world is on the verge of annihilation as a result of a war that has extinguished all hopes of peace and prosperity. The world is under constant attack, and you appear to be the last hope for putting an end to it all and restoring law and order to this lawless land.

League of Angels: Chaos Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Choose your Class wisely

Before the game start, you will be introduced to three classes that you can choose as your character. These three classes have different attack styles and abilities making the three of them have different gameplay from each other. You will need to choose the right class that matches your gameplay style to play the game comfortably and without any difficulty. Those three classes are:

Dragoon Class

Image via Yoozoo Games

The Dragoon class is a melee-type fighter, its noticeable feature is that this class wields two swords in their hands. This will give an idea to players that the Dragoon class is a brawler, therefore players who like to be in the front line, near the action will feel satisfied with the performance of the Dragoon class. The desire of players will be fulfilled if their desire is to see sword battle action in MMORPG.

Mage Class

Image via Yoozoo Games

 A class that is not a stranger to any MMORPG players. Without any explanations, players will understand what a Mage class role in the game, providing support with their skills and if possible, providing long-range attacks with an effect on the enemy, but if you choose this class, there is one thing that is important for Mage class that you will need to keep an eye to, that important thing is their MP. A good Mage class user will always keep an eye on their MP so they will not run out of MP at a crucial moment.

Archer Class

Image via Yoozoo Games

Elves lover players will be delighted with the Archer class since the visual of the Archer class is taken in elves form. Outside of its appearance, the Archer class is a good choice for players who like to play from a ranged distance and not too close to the enemy. Even from long-distance Archer class can deal deadly critical damage to the enemy.

2. Pay Attention to the in-game Menus

As you progress through League of Angels: Chaos and gain new features, the user interface might become cluttered. There are a few key features in the game that you should keep an eye on.


Image via Yoozoo Games

The menu where you can see the important information regarding your characters, such as the level, attributes, class, and battle rating (BR) which show you the current strength of your character. In this menu, you can also feed your character with an item called fruit, which will increase the attributes stats of your character.


League of Angels Chaos Settings
Image via Yoozoo Games

 This menu is important in every game, it helps you to adjust the game with your device, and it will help you to increase the performance of the game on the device that you are using when playing the game. In setting, you can also recalibrate the auto-battle setting.


Image via Yoozoo Games

 A must-check menu that you need to open frequently to check what kind of equipment you have, and what you obtained. Keep in mind that inventory has limited space so you will need to decide whether you need to keep certain items inside your inventory or not, but do not worry, because you can move your unused item to the storage, but again, the store also has limited capacity.


Image via Yoozoo Games

With a menu where you can view the skills of your character, you can also see the effect that the enemy receives when you use the skill on them. Here is also the place where you can upgrade your skill using skill scroll.

3. Choose your Companions

Companions can accompany your character and assist them in fighting foes or traversing the game. Angels are powerful entities who can be summoned into battle for assistance and then summoned again when a cooldown period has passed. They have their own set of abilities and skills, which may be improved through training and ingesting Angel’s Divine Origin.

League of Angels Chaos Companions Angels
Image via Yoozoo Games

You can unlock new angels by completing an Angelic Revelation, which requires you to meet three requirements. The mount allows you to travel more quickly. They have their own set of skills and attributes that can be improved with Mythical Creature Mark.

League of Angels Chaos Companions Mount
Image via Yoozoo Games

The spirit is an animalistic companion who also assists you in combat against enemies. Spirits, unlike Angels, do not have a cooldown period and will constantly be by your side. Spirit Origin can be used to improve them.

4. Upgrading your Character

Upgrading character is a must-do thing in every MMORPG. By upgrading your character, you will gain more BR which increases the strength of your character. Upgrading your character is not only leveling up your character, in this game we will tell you other ways to upgrade your character other than by leveling up.

Leveling up your character in this game is easy and simple, you just have to complete quests and slay your enemy and you will receive XPs. Here we will give you a little bit complicated way to upgrade your character.


Yes, all MMORPG and RPG players will hear this word a lot in every single game they play, but equipping equipment is one of many ways to upgrade your character. Equipment will increase the stats of your character’s attributes. There is a lot of equipment in this game that will affect certain attributes.

Image via Yoozoo Games

Here we will just talk about the basic equipment that you can obtain easily in the game, you will learn the rest of the equipment in the game while you are progressing in your adventure. You can equip a total of 12 basic equipment on to your character, keep in mind that 6 of them are restricted by class, which means only certain classes can equip that equipment.

Base Equipment typeAttributes Affected
Off-handATK, PIERCE  
NecklaceATK, PIERCE  
PendantATK, PIERCE  
Left ringATK, PIERCE  
Right ringATK, PIERCE  
Helmet HP, DEF
Shoes HP, DEF
Gauntlets HP, DEF
Clothing HP, DEF
Belt HP, DEF
Greaves HP, DEF

Basic equipment comes in various types, which are marked by their color. There are green, blue, purple, orange, and red, and these colors have meaning. Each color represents the quality of the equipment where red is the best and green is the worst, and of course, higher quality will give higher attribute bonuses to the wearer.

Equipment Enhancement and Refinement

Equipments can be upgraded to improve the number of attribute benefits they provide. The Equipment can be enhanced and refined to boost its enhancement and refinement levels, respectively. There are several rules that need to be followed in order to do the enhancement and refinement:

  • The maximum enhancement/refinement level of equipment increases depending on its tier (you can view the tier of equipment through the Inventory).
  • Enhancement/refinement levels are automatically inherited by replacement equipment.
  • If equipment is replaced with a weaker one, the enhancement/refinement level will not exceed the latter’s maximum levels. The original enhancement/refinement level will still be retained but you just won’t receive the attribute bonuses that come with it.
Image via Yoozoo Games

Equipment enhancement involves the use of an item known as an Equipment Enhancement Stone, which may be obtained from World Boss, Boss Lair, and Individual Arena. Completing an enhancement set that requires all of your equipment components to be at a given enhancement level will grant you greater attribute benefits.

Refinement Stone, which can be found in the Gold Shop and the Wild Lands, is required for refining items. Upgrades in enhancement are always assured, whereas upgrades in refinement are contingent on a success rate. The Refinement Stones expended are lost forever if your equipment fails to refine. Refinement, like enhancement, allows you to gain extra attribute benefits by reaching levels 10, 15, 20, and 30.

Consuming Growth Fruits

Consuming Growth Fruit League of Angels: Chaos
Image via Yoozoo Games

Fruits are unique items that, when consumed, can boost your character’s attributes. Growth Fruit, Advanced Fruit, Super Fruit, and Mythic Fruit are the four sorts of fruits in the game. Depending on which fruit was consumed, the amount of attribute boosts varies.

Final Thoughts

League of Angels: Chaos is an MMORPG that can and will make the players excited. Even if there are only three classes available, players can still feel the thrill when they are engaged in the battle. With such many ways to improve their character, players will need to be creative with putting their equipment.

The game has still many features that players can explore, there are still a ton of ways to upgrade the character and make it stronger. This will make the player feel curious and want to explore more, which is what makes MMORPG a fun game to play.

That’s it from this League of Angels: Chaos Beginners Guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this League of Angels: Chaos beginners guide useful. 

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