League of Legends: Wild Rift: The complete login guide

We know it can be confusing!

League of Legends Wild Rift is now available as Open Beta in the selected regions. However, players can any country can play the game if they follow a simple method. Those who are playing Riot’s games for the first time may find it very confusing to login in Wild Rift. Although it is not very complicated but confusing enough to drive someone crazy at the first try. So go through our guide to get a brief understanding on how to log in properly in League of Legends Wild Rift.

For VPN users who are not from the Open Beta regions

Before proceeding to play the game by using VPN players should keep in mind that the Open Beta Test is in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines, Brunei, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Timor-Leste. While connecting to the VPN, make sure you have selected any of the regions.

Download any VPN app you want. For example, download Shuttle Vpn. And select any of the regions from the OBT regions mentioned above.

For players from Wild Rift OBT Regions

After the installation of Wild Rift, launch the game. The game will unzip the content. It may take a while depending upon your phone’s performance. After you land on the login screen. Choose any of the three login methods to register.

wild rift login, wild rift

Login via Google account

For creating with Google Play Games, you need to select one of your Gmail accounts. Then the game will bind to your play game’s account. All your progress and achievements will be saved there.

Login via Riot account

If you do not have a Riot Account, you need to create one.

wild rift login

Enter your working Email ID for verification purpose.

Enter your Date of Birth. In addition to this, the legal age to play the game is 12+.

wild rift username, wild rift, lol wild rift

Use a name for creating the username for Riot Account. This user id will be applicable for all Riot Games.

Finally, enter a strong password by seeing the requirements. That’s all!.

Login via Facebook

You can also login via Facebook. Your Facebook account will ask for permissions. Allow them and you are all set to login into Wild Rift. If it is your first time authenticating to Riot, then it will ask you for a Date of Birth confirmation.

After successfully logging in, the game will ask you to enter an in-game name.

wild rift rename, wild rift names

The network you are using will determine your Geo location and will ask to select the region accordingly. Select South East Asia.

We hope that the things will be much simplified for you to understand how to login into Wild Rift now. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below!

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