League of Legends: Wild Rift October 2020 Tier List

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As League of Legends: Wild Rift opens up for its open beta today, eager players are swarmed with a massive champion pool and may not be too sure about the meta, we hope to provide a better understanding of the meta within the wild rift such that players have a better time picking up the game. So, this is the League of Legends Wild Rift Tier list for October 2020.

League of Legends Wild Rift October 2020 Tier list

Xin Zhao
Lee Sin
Master Yi
Aurelion Sol
Miss Fortune
Dr. Mundo
Graves Vi
Kai Sa
(Below Average)
AmumuTwisted FateSorakaJinx

The dominating role of Junglers

When referring to the tier list above we can observe the high abundance of junglers in the highest tier, thus reflecting the strength and carry the potential of the jungle role as they have the strongest characters in this meta.

When compared to the PC League of Legends, the ability for champions to clear jungle camps highly increases when it comes to Wild Rift. By allowing faster clear times and thus more convenience in roaming and farming, junglers in Wild Rift can scale and develop similarly to or even faster than their allies rather than lagging behind in levels as that is usually the case in the PC League of Legends. This allows junglers to have a high carry potential as they can have similar amounts of a farm as laners yet roam across the map constantly and enable ganks, team fights, and take large objectives such as drakes.

Wild Rift October 2020 Tier List

With characters such as Camille and Jax jungling, they not only have decent offensive capabilities but also have impressive defensive abilities such as Camille’s passive of Adaptive Defense that grant her shields that take soak damage based on the attacker’s damage type and Jax’s Counter-Strike that allows him to dodge all attacks for a short period of time but even deflect the damage if its AD. They also have great mobility with Camille’s Hookshot and Jax’s Leap Strike, allowing them to have better mobility when traversing the map and have more sudden engages.

With the improved farm and clear speed of junglers, crowd control-oriented junglers such as Gragas and Amumu are less favored over ones that are damage dealers.

Wild Rift October 2020 Tier List

Therefore Evelynn and Master Yi are both considered top tier junglers, both having immense damage-dealing capabilities to dish out large amounts of damage in a short period of time, effectively eliminating the enemy backlines and carries instantly. Though they may be relatively squishier they have the ability to kill enemies before their enemies kill them. However, do notice that Master Yi requires a good amount of farm to achieve his maximum potential of one-shotting everything, although this applies to Master Yi more than towards any other jungler, it is of utmost importance that you have a healthy farm and development if you want to reach your maximum potential of one-shotting everything. Though the advice given may seem basic, many people risk their farm in order to rush to team fights where they won’t exactly be too useful as they have not reached their maximum potential yet.

Junglers are the strongest role in the game so far and are your go-to option if you want to carry and rank up.

The state of ADCs in-game

Currently, ADCs aren’t extremely impactful to the game, the only ADC who has any early game influence is Draven. As it takes an extremely long time for ADCs to get fed and receive their win-condition unless their team snowballs really hard, ADCs don’t heavily impact the game until really late. With the small map and fast pace compared to PC League of Legends, games don’t get to the late game as often and may even end when ADCs are far from their maximum potential yet.

However, do not get the misconception of ADCs being weak. If your team knows how to feed and nurture an ADC by giving up farm to them, their ADC may reach their win-condition and power spikes much faster, turning into a game-winning monster that can carry team fights. But in solo queue, you don’t always have teammates that cooperate properly, thus making it difficult for your ADC to develop ideally and not impacting the game at an ideal scale. Therefore, supports with crowd control in the early game and mid laners who have faster power spikes are seemingly stronger and better than ADCs

Crowd control supports favored

From the tier list, we can see that crowd control supports such as Blitzcrank and Alistar are rather favored when compared to buff supports such as Soraka and Sona or protection supports such as Braum. This could possibly be attributed to their larger impact in faster-paced games as team fights don’t drag out for so long, making instant crowd control more favored overhealing and re-entering team fights.

Seraphine: The Unplaced Character in the Wild Rift Tier List

Seraphine wild rift

Being a new character to League of Legends in general, we are not sure of her position as there is too little sample size of her to determine her place amongst the meta. Many people comment on her abilities and claim that she is Sona 2.0, and as she indeed is buff support, it is likely that her place is similar to Sona within the meta- below crowd control supports. However as we are not entirely sure, it is difficult to give a concrete opinion.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, junglers are by far the most dominating role in Wild Rift as of the current day and should be your go-to choice if you want to carry. ADCs are generally rather weak in the meta but are still respectable as they eventually have an immense impact on the game after they finally get their power spiking items. Crowd control supports are generally favored over other types of support due to the faster pace of the game.

We hope that the tier list has helped you gain a better understanding of the game and can better guide you in choosing the roles and characters you want to play in Wild Rift!

What’s your take on this League of Legends Wild Rift October 2020 Tier List? Let us know in the comment section below!

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