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Legacy of Divinity Class Tier List for May 2024

Pick the the best Class!

Legacy of Divinity is a new RPG brought to you by G-CONG NETWORK. As you venture from mortal to immortal, your choice of class shapes your destiny. Each class brings distinct abilities and playstyles, impacting your gameplay and triumphs. To help you navigate this decision, we present to you the Legacy of Divinity Class Tier List.

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Legacy of Divinity Class Tier List for May 2024: Best Classes Ranked

The game currently features four classes, and to simplify things, I’ve divided them into two tiers: Strong (S) and Good (A). This way, you can easily understand the potential of each class and choose the one that best fits your journey. Remember, your gameplay approach can significantly influence these dynamics. Keep in mind that these rankings are based on my experiences, so feel free to customize your choices to suit your preferences.

Strong (S)Sorcery,
Good (A)Blade,

Best Meta Classes in Legacy of Divinity for May 2024


Legacy of Divinity Sorcery

In my experience, Sorcery is one of the best classes in Legacy of Divinity. This class excels in crit-based abilities, providing exceptional buffs and the most effective cantrips in the game. The Persistent trait is crucial for Sorcery, enhancing critical hit rate and damage. I recommend focusing on Cautious and Independent traits to maximize technique damage and survivability.


Legacy of Divinity Witchcraft

From what I’ve seen, Witchcraft is also a strong class for its damage over time abilities, potent debuffs, and robust HP regeneration. This class excels in prolonged battles, steadily wearing down opponents while maintaining its health through strong regenerative skills.


Legacy of Divinity Blade

In my experience, Blade is a good class, it focuses on delivering multiple attacks in quick succession. This class is ideal for players who prefer aggressive, high-paced combat. Blade benefits greatly from the Persistent and Cautious traits, which boost its critical hit rate and technique damage.


Legacy of Divinity Athletics

From what I’ve seen, Athletics is a good choice for players who favor burst damage and life-steal mechanics. This class thrives on high-risk, high-reward gameplay, with abilities that consume significant HP but are offset by powerful life-steal capabilities.

How to change your Class in Legacy of Divinity

As you start your journey in Legacy of Divinity, you must choose one of the four available classes. Changing your class in Legacy of Divinity is a significant decision, as it determines your character’s abilities and playstyle throughout your journey. However, if you’re determined to switch classes, follow these steps carefully:

  • Head to the Nether Ruins location within the game world.
  • Find Gu Houjin, a key NPC who facilitates class changes.
  • Within the dialogue options, choose the Reset Technique option.
Legacy of Divinity Class Change
  • Once you’ve selected the reset technique option, you’ll be presented with another set of choices. Pick Convert the techniques and traits levels to proceed with the class change process.
  • Choose the technique you want to convert and the trait you wish to exchange levels with.
  • Before finalizing the exchange, ensure that you have a Reincarnation Token. This token is essential for completing the class change process.
  • Once you’ve made your selections and confirmed that you have the reincarnation token, proceed to execute the exchange

While this class tier list provides valuable insights into the strengths and potential of each class in Legacy of Divinity, it’s essential to remember that the dynamics of the game are ever-evolving. So, stay informed about the latest developments and adapt your gameplay strategy accordingly.

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