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Limbus Company: The Complete Team Building Guide and Tips

Craft the perfect of sinners!

Limbus Company is an amazing 5v5 RPG game that has several interesting characters that are divided between tiers and several classes. Every character has different sets of abilities and thus players must be careful about all the stats and thus players must then go for building their teams. Thus, let us get into a detailed Limbus Company team-building guide for beginners that can help them to become the best team of sinners in the World. 

How to build the strongest team in Limbus Company

Everything trick works as Limbus Company is very unique and different from other gacha turn-based RPGs.  We’ve played all the characters and thus everything is going to make sense for the identities and ego combinations for the team compositions.  It is all going to come to fruition in the player’s mind and it might look a little complicated at the beginning but once the players grasp the basic concept, everything is gonna make sense. 

Mastering the Combat functionality in Limbus Company
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So at first, players need to select the units that they are gonna be playing with within that specific stage.  Usually, it’s four to five units within a team depending on what the stage requires. so the players have to preset within their team’s identities that are gonna be available for selection. So the players don’t get to choose sinners once they are within the stage itself.

Limbus Gameplay Overview
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 Players have to do this before so make sure that you set up your teams. Now if the players notice on the right, they have the Affinity available and requirements for both the affinities that are being provided by the characters that the players have here within their selection. Then the Affinity requirements that the Eagles are gonna need in order for the players to utilize them essentially.

Limbus Company Sinners
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Thus, if any requirements for the Eagles are to be triggered and on the left is the Affinity being provided by these characters based on their skills, then this is not a finite number. It doesn’t mean that players can only use six fire once throughout the battle, it’s pretty much telling the players at any given time if they have pretty much every character using their fire skill. Thus players only on that specific turn will only be able to get a Max of six fire things but players can stack them and then use them later in the battle to get an easy win. 

Final Thoughts

Limbus Company is an interesting gacha 5v5 RPG game that has many interesting characters involved. Now, to snatch the victory it is very important for the players to build an ultimate team. Thus for that, follow up on this team-building guide and make sure you make the ultimate team that every player desired. 

Did you find the Limbus Company Team Building Guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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