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Lord of Heroes Beginners Guide and Tips

Be the Monarch and reign over Avillon

Lord of Heroes is CloverGames’ latest RPG released for both iOS and Android devices. It is a global, English version of the company’s first mobile game. Lord of Heroes sets you off on the role of a monarch where you will rely on your heroes to spread your influence all over Avillon. In this Lord of Heroes beginner’s guide, we will share tips and tricks that will surely put you up to speed with the basics of the game.


The concept of rerolling always comes with every mobile strategy RPGs with gacha mechanics. Rerolling basically means resetting your game progress to the point where you can do your initial gacha pulls. It becomes challenging to secure the best resources from the gacha after the first gacha pull. So you should take advantage of the reset to make sure that your first gacha pull is the best one that can help you in the long run.

From the gacha, you will be pulling off weapons and gears. Therefore you would want to reroll for gears purchased through alchemy using crystals. Each roll costs 150 crystals but doing an 11x roll costs only 1,500 crystals and guarantees an artifact.

Steps for Rerolling

There are no extra crystals from starting events. You will have to play for quite a while and accomplish some feats to earn your first 1,500 crystals for it. If you are happy enough with your first 11x pull, then continue on and link your game to a social media account. If not, then you will have to exit the game, clear the app storage and cache to reset everything, and start fresh with a new guest account.

In the beginning, you don’t have this much amount of crystals. Hence, grinding for the crystals and resetting your progress over and over can be quite time-consuming. While some consider rerolling a waste of time others consider rerolling for the best possible start.


You can get or recruit new heroes by the following ways:

  • Chronicles: allows you to recruit additional heroes at the cost of crystals or renown
  • Hero contracts: choose from among elite heroes to them recruit after a certain period of time.
Lord of Heroes Guide

To check the precise acquisition method, go to the lobby. Tap the heroes option. Select a hero that is locked and tap the recruit button to check its source.

Hero Classes

In the heroes menu, tap on the hero, and on the lower-right side, you will see its class/role. There are 5 classes available in Lord of Heroes:

  • Guardian: They have the highest defense stats in the game and often provide protection to the whole team.
  • Warrior: They are melee fighters dealing decent damage and have good defensive stats as well.
  • Striker: They have high damage stats, however, have the lowest defense capabilities.
  • Sniper: They can deal very high Damage from long-distance and may inflict status ailments as well. However, they exhibit low defense stats and need protection from enemy attacks.
  • Cleric: They provide heals, shields, other buffs to allies, and also debuffs to enemies.

For a well-balanced team be sure to use at least 1 striker, 1 guardian, and also 1 cleric in your roster.

Hero Elements

Heroes as well as enemies have an elemental affinity in the Lord of Heroes game. In the heroes menu, you can see the elemental affinity by checking the color of the hero on the bottom-right side. These elements are Red/Fire, Green/Earth, Water/Blue, Light/Yellow, Dark/Purple. Each element is strong against a certain element but weak against another one, the logic being:

  • Red/Fire > Earth/Green
  • Earth/Green > Water/Blue
  • Water/Blue > Red/Fire
  • Light/Yellow <> Dark/Purple

Leveling Up Heroes

Leveling up is the most basic way of strengthening each hero. Heroes gain Exp from each battle, but it will hardly be enough at higher levels. Moreover, you can also use Elixir of Insight or Exp bottles for leveling up your heroes. You can farm both items in story mode stages, expeditions, and also the hall of Exp.

Promote Heroes

Each hero has a level cap based on their star grade. Hence, they need to be promoted to rank up their star grades and increase their level cap. This will revert heroes back to level 1 so be sure to keep a healthy stock of elixirs before promoting a hero. Meanwhile, you can farm the promoting materials(square agates, triangular agates, round agates, and class agates) you need by repeating stages. Be sure to check the reward of each stage before playing and repeat this stage until you get enough. At higher level stages you will find better rewards. However, Crystals and Renown can’t be farmed this way because those are the first time stage clear rewards

Ascend Heroes

To Ascend a hero tap on its class icon. You will need runes (colorless runes, fire runes, water runes, earth runes, light runes, dark runes) as well as 300k renown to ascend a character. Ascending will not only change the appearance of a hero but also increase all the base stats.

Upgrading skills

Heroes have a variety of unique active and passive skills. Each of these skills can also be upgraded in two different ways. Firstly you can upgrade a random skill using elemental soulstones and mystic soulstones, along with gold. You can also selectively upgrade a specific skill using primeval soulstones and some gold. There are 6 types of Soulstones in Lord of Heroes:

  • Fire Soulstone
  • Water Soulstone
  • Earth Soulstone
  • Light Soulstone
  • Dark Soulstone
  • Mystic Soulstone

You can obtain Mystic Stone by raising the level of the primeval hall.


You can craft equipment with crafting materials obtained from the hall of trials or dismantling useless equipment. You can get equipment from alchemy gacha and also from the story mode, expedition, hall of trials, music shop. Each hero can equip 6 different pieces of equipment including weapons, armor, gloves, shoes, ring, and necklaces.

Each one provides different stats: HP, DEF, ATK, Speed, etc. Moreover, equipment is available in three rarities: replica, artifact, normal, and six grades: 1-star to 6-star. The higher the grade, the more stats it grants. Regardless of rarity or grade level can be upgraded to +15.

Equipment Set Bonuses

Each gear has a set effect that activates when paired with a similar set. In effect, paired gears can result in each hero receiving 3 different set effects. This must be done with 3 pairs of gears as equipping one or more than 2 gears belonging to the same set will not trigger any added effects. Some set effects require 4 gears instead of 2 in which case, they can still be paired with another 2-set equipment. The set of Equipment bonuses available are:

  • Life Set: + 15% HP for each set of x2 items
  • Strength: +15% ATK power for each set of x2 items
  • Defense: +15% DEF for each set of x2 items
  • Precisoion: +12%  CRIT HIT rate; x2 items
  • Efficany: +12% debuff rate; x2 items
  • Resolve: +20% resistance; x2 items
  • Frenzy: +40% critical hit damage; x4 items
  • Shock: +25% stun chances; x4 items
  • Leech: +15% lifesteal’ x4 items
  • Aegis: -15% damage received for each set of x2 items
  • Revenge: +15% counterattack chances; x2 items
  • Pierce: +100% chances to ignore defense; x4 items
  • Healing: heals the ally at the start of turn; x4 set items

Tap on the gear item to check its belonging set. Equipment set bonuses can improve your team’s performance in the battle.

Lord of Heroes Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our additional tips and tricks which will guide you in progressing your character in Lord of Heroes.

  • To begin with, complete the chapter quests found on the bottom-left corner of the lobby
  • Additionally, follow the story mode to farm currency and items and repeat the stages for more rewards
  • Join an alliance and earn alliance credits to get specific heroes
  • Above all play the game modes in primeval halls mode to grind ascension material, crystals, gold, EXP, crafting material, equipment
  • Check the mystic shop daily and grab the good deals
  • Furthermore power-up you staple heroes by leveling, promotion, equipment set, upgrading skills, and ascension
  • However, as resources are limited try not to upgrade every hero you own
  • Dispatch the heroes on the expedition and they will bring rewards(world map -> in the bottom-right; tap expedition)
  • Play coliseum mode and compete with other players for rankings and earn crystals
  • Most importantly try to create a good roster: damage dealers(striker) for more firepower, guardians for the tank, cleric for support. If you want to debuff enemies, add sniper class heroes to the team
  • Moreover, experiment with team formation if you are stuck on a level

And that is all we have for you in our Lord of Heroes Guide. We certainly hope that our guide and tips will help you and ease your beginning journey through the game.

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