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Lost Realm: Chronorift Beginners Guide and Tips

Your guide to become great protector!

In Lost Realm: Chronorift, a fantasy RPG by DroidHen, you’ll explore vivid realms filled with myths and strategic trials. As the Keeper of Rift Hall, your job is to protect these lands from danger. If you’re just starting your journey, this Lost Realm: Chronorift Beginners Guide is here to serve as your gateway into the game’s immersive world.

In Lost Realm: Chronorift, you’ll explore diverse landscapes, assemble heroes, and engage in strategic battles. Mastering quests, hero abilities, and acquiring artifacts are key to your journey through these realms.

Lost Realm: Chronorift Beginners Guide: Gameplay Basics

Battle the Corruptors

As you start Lost Realm: Chronorift, battles are the initial challenge, and more will follow as you progress. Facing corruptors in these battles requires assembling heroes into your squad to defeat them. Each hero contributes their skills to these battles, which can also be automated using the auto-battle feature.

Lost Realm: Chronorift Battle
Image via DroidHen

While there’s no specific time limit for battles, there’s a set number of rounds to finish. Victory comes after defeating enemies across all battle rounds. You can earn a maximum of three stars in each battle by completing sub-objectives. Achieving three stars grants better rewards, so aim for that in every battle to enhance your gameplay rewards.

Summon Heroes through Mirage

In Lost Realm – Chronorift, Mirage serves as the method to summon heroes, playing a vital role in the game’s mechanics. Found at the center of the hall, the Mirage acts as a mystical gateway, allowing you to use Covenant Crystals for hero summons of various rarities.

Lost Realm: Chronorift Mirage
Image via DroidHen

Within Lost Realm – Chronorift, heroes come in different rarities such as rare, epic, and legendary. You can explore a diverse array of fighters inspired by Norse and Greek myths and heroes from other realms, giving them the choice to pick their favorite ones.

Upgrade your Heroes

In Lost Realm – Chronorift, enhancing heroes involves two key steps: leveling them up and equipping stronger gear. Gathering resources boosts a hero’s level, enhancing their battle capabilities. Focusing on upgrading rare heroes amplifies their effectiveness in fights.

Lost Realm: Chronorift Upgrade
Image via DroidHen

Gear plays a vital role, allowing players to equip heroes with components that enhance their abilities and stats. Participating in short-term events and tasks unlocks additional upgrades for heroes, aiding in their improvement.

To upgrade heroes effectively, prioritize equipping them with compatible gear pieces. Each gear item carries specific attributes that benefit heroes when equipped. Strengthening these gear items further boosts the attributes they provide to heroes, elevating their power. Equipping the best gear and upgrading it is key to crafting formidable heroes in Lost Realm: Chronorift.

Assign an Assist Hero

As you progress in Lost Realm: Chronorift, battles get tougher from easy beginnings. Higher-level battles become challenging, sometimes leading to initial defeats even with your best heroes, improved abilities, or lineup adjustments.

Lost Realm: Chronorift Assist Hero
Image via DroidHen

When your usual strategies don’t work, the Assist-Hero feature becomes a game-changer. Unlocked after some gameplay, it lets you add an extra hero to help in battles. You’ll pick from available heroes to assist in specific battles, choosing one with strong combat skills.

This added hero significantly boosts your team’s strength, acting like support from another player and enhancing performance in tough fights. When victory feels tough alone, bringing in an assist hero can make a big difference in the battle’s outcome.

Completing Missions

Completing missions in Lost Realm: Chronorift is crucial for your game progress. These missions guide you with specific daily and weekly tasks, granting rewards and active points upon completion. By following and finishing these missions, you ensure steady growth and gain valuable rewards in the game.

Lost Realm: Chronorift Mission
Image via DroidHen

Moreover, in Lost Realm: Chronorift, completing tasks is essential to claim prizes. Players fulfill daily and weekly objectives, unlocking prize boxes as they complete tasks. Additionally, the game offers a 90-day check-in for daily rewards over three months, and a 30-day hero prize system providing a new hero each month, offering extra incentives for players.

Events for Valuable Rewards

After completing battles in the main story mode, the Events feature unlocks, offering time-bound opportunities to earn valuable rewards in Lost Realm: Chronorift. Participating in these events, alongside redeeming game codes, is a top method to gain freebies. These events have a specific duration, allowing you to engage and complete tasks to enhance your gameplay.

Lost Realm: Chronorift Event
Image via DroidHen

Mostly, freebies are obtained by participating in these time-limited events. Ensure your active participation and completion of tasks before the events end to maximize rewards, stocking up your in-game inventory with numerous presents.

Lost Realm: Chronorift Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Upgrade Carefully

Choose heroes to upgrade wisely in Lost Realm: Chronorift. Start with rare and epic ones as Legendary heroes are initially unavailable. Avoid leveling up Common or Fine rarity characters, as they’re mainly for upgrading others. When using Hero XP items, be strategic with the Quick Fill option. Adjust quantities before upgrading to evenly distribute resources among heroes until you progress further.

2. Don’t Miss out the Daily Rewards

There are various daily bonuses like Daily Check-in, 7-day Check-in, and the Online Bonus. Daily Check-in rewards you daily for up to 90 days, providing resources, equipment items, diamonds, and an epic hero every 30 days. Access it through your profile image and the calendar icon.

3. Strengthen your Heroes with Artifacts

Artifacts in Lost Realm: Chronorift are unique weapons that boost your heroes’ strength in battles. Each hero can equip one artifact, found as an empty circled slot on the hero page. These items come in different rarities, with Legendary being the best.

You can quickly acquire artifacts through the Mirage page, specifically the Artifact Mirage tab. However, this method requires Covenant Crystals, the same currency used for recruiting heroes. So, consider your priorities based on your current progress.

4. Boost Progress with Player Privilege Buffs

Player Privileges offer six different buffs that can greatly accelerate your game progress. You’ll find them below your avatar, and they’re available for a limited time. Make the most of these buffs while they’re active! While some privileges require premium purchases, you can obtain others using in-game currencies. Take advantage of these buffs to enhance your gameplay.

5. Optimize Heroes with Equipment Sets

Equip your heroes with gear sets to expedite their progression in Lost Realm: Chronorift. These items provide overall stat bonuses and enhance hero performance in battles. Equipment comes in various sets like Aqua, Fiery, Mountain, etc. Gathering multiple pieces of the same set grants additional stat bonuses.

Final Thoughts

Lost Realm: Chronorift offers a thrilling journey through captivating realms filled with heroes and challenges. Let the Lost Realm: Chronorift Beginners Guide be your compass, providing essential strategies for navigating this fantasy world wisely. Dive into the game armed with these tips and tricks to set off on the right path toward victory!

That’s all from us for the Lost Realm: Chronorift Beginners Guide! Did you find our Lost Realm: Chronorift Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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