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Magnum Quest Hero Tier List for September 2021

Which Heroes to pick in the game?

Magnum Quest is a fully 3D idle role-playing game that features an abundance of awesome-looking heroes. Magnum Quest’s world is divided into six factions, each with its own set of heroes. Without a doubt, in any game with a large number of heroes, it’s difficult for players to choose the best. Magnum Quest also has five distinct game modes with each mode puts the heroes to the test differently, which is why each character is vital in their own way. Magnum Quest is no exception, and we’ve put together an up-to-date Hero Tier List for September 2021 to assist you.

We’ve compiled an overall tier list so you can quickly determine whether the hero you just pulled is truly worth it. Selecting a character from the vast array is difficult, which is why our tier list plays an important role. Additionally, we’ll assist you in performing a Magnum Quest reroll, allowing you to restart if you don’t obtain the heroes you desire.

Magnum Quest Hero Tier List September 2021

TierOverallTop DamageTankSupporters
Strong (S)Ares, Sur, Arthur, HarryAres, Sur, Issy, Feng, Gila, Ecra, DerlaRickers, Alden, HarrySur, Osishe, Naomi, Ione, Cinia, Emilia, Harry
Good (A)Naomi, Cinia, Aurik, Emilia, Ecra, Gila, Ione, Issy, Fie, Feng, Flann, Katos, DerlaAurik, Zander, Fie, Hista, Flann, Guss, Sorsha, Veara, WindenAres, Fare, Katos, Arthur, JulienFare, Aurik, Aeluin, Arthur
Fair (B)Alden, Hista, Cyan, Aeluin, Carlotta, Rickers, Osishe, Fare, WindenIone, Katos, Bill, Emilia, Manton, MerialethManton, Bill, MonroeFie, Flann, Issy, Cyan, Monroe, Rickers, Merialeth, Winden
Weak (C)Julien, Guss, Veara, Sorsha, MantonNaomi, Julien, Fare, Alden, Cinia, Monroe, HarrySur, Feng, VearaVeara, Manton, Sorsha, Ecra, Darla, Alden, Guss
Very Poor (D)Monroe, Zander, Bill, MerialethRickers, ArthurDerla, Ecra, Carlotta, SorshaJulien, Gila, Hista
Magnum Quest Hero Tier List for September 2021

Magnum Quest: Top 5 best Heroes picks for September 2021

1. Ares

No doubt, Ares is the game’s top character. Ares in Magnum Quest is a tank with massive damage, healing, and up to 8 seconds of invulnerability. Without alternatives, the top character in progress, around whom the majority of progress teams are built, as well as one of the top picks on all bosses.

ares Magnum Quest - Hero Tier List September 2021
Ares in Magnum Quest

Above all, when combined with Fare, who draws enemies into Ares’ cluster AoE damage, and Ione, who grants Ares additional invulnerability and the ability to stay on the battlefield for an extended period of time, he is a true beast.

2. Arthur

Arthur in the game is the game’s strongest heal and is the optimal choice for all bosses, without exception, especially when combined with the fortress’s extremely strong against bosses’ heroes (Feng, Cinia, Ecra). On bosses, it is more powerful than Aeluin, as it provides the team with an additional shield bar, allowing your heroes to withstand more damage than their maximum health allows.

arthur Magnum Quest
Arthur in Magnum Quest

In practice, this means that heroes who lack invulnerability can withstand an additional damage phase from the guild boss. The hero’s survival and attack are required. However, the attack buff on the base set is quite small at first. This hero is completely useless on low stars, as the size of the shields, their healing properties, and the hero’s survivability are entirely dependent on his parameters.

3. Harry

He has a high AOE, which motivates allies and increases ATK and Haste (probably the most useful parameter in the game). Additionally, it demoralizes adversaries by removing the ability to move quickly. The Courageous Hero Magnum Quest by Harry Magnum is an excellent tank for any combination. The AOE damage he inflicts on enemies is converted to his own HP, allowing him to remain in the thick of the fight for an extended period of time.

harry in Magnum Quest - Hero Tier List September 2021
Harry in Magnum Quest

Harry possesses an intriguing passive effect whose strength is dependent on the number of alive allies on the battlefield. For EACH ally, he gains up to 15% protection and damage reduction. This reaches a maximum of 60% at the maximum level. The hero will undoubtedly be useful in faction dungeons, but also against bosses, as he possesses a debuff that increases the incoming damage to the target.

4. Sur

Sur is the game’s first Divinity hero. She is a rare example of a supporter, healer, and damage dealer all rolled into one. It heals perfectly in a cone (the same skill also deals damage to enemies), has extremely high survivability for a non-tank, and, thanks to its superpower, shares an attack with the rest of the team.

sur Magnum Quest
Sur in Magnum Quest

This qualifies her as the ideal support character and off-healer / damage dealer across all content. Sur expends energy on maintaining superpowers over time, which Cinia can take advantage of: with her superpower, she can distribute energy to allies, significantly extending the effect of Sur’s buff.

5. Derla

Derla in Magnum Quest is a very powerful Shadow faction member. It can be used in either the first or second row of the team. She possesses one of the most powerful area damage attacks and also possesses excellent control in the form of stun. Yeah! Her ult is seriously Godly and can help in clearing the wave much faster.

derla Magnum Quest - Hero Tier List September 2021
Derla in Magnum Quest

The effectiveness is dependent on the stars and is fully revealed after a certain when the main ability begins pumping HP from enemies.

How to reroll in Magnum Quest

Rerolling provides players with another opportunity to claim Magnum Quest’s best heroes. Magnum quest’s reroll system is slightly different from that of other games. While you are not required to create a new account or delete data, still many players are unaware of the steps. Magnum Quest rerolling is a relatively simple process, though it is only available a limited number of times. To reroll in Magnum Quest, follow the steps outlined below:

Reroll in Magnum Quest
Rerolling in Magnum Quest
  1. At the top-right corner of the screen, click on your profile.
  2. Select the “server” option.
  3. To find a new server, click “all servers” or simply select the recommended server.
  4. To complete the reroll process, click on the server and then on the “confirm” button.


This was the complete tier list for all of Magnum Quest’s heroes. The tiering system is based on our personal observations of the game and recommendations by many players on the Internet and YouTube. While many of you may agree or disagree, we would recommend that players consult a Tier list before selecting a character or assembling a team in Magnum Quest. Yeah! It can be a game-changer for sure.

Did you find our Magnum Quest Tier List for September 2021 useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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