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Magnum Quest Beginners Guide and Tips

Are you ready to dive into the hands-free adventure?

Magnum Quest is a new card-based role-playing game that has been hailed as an imaginative and fantastic RPG in which you take on the role of a wise and powerful master. Players embark on an epic adventure in this visually stunning RPG set in a three-dimensional world by collecting Heroes from six distinct factions to form the strongest team and conquer the Armuda continent. As this is a fantasy role-playing game, players are free to explore the fantasy world to their heart’s content. This Magnum Quest beginners guide will provide you with a basic understanding of the game and some must-know tips and tricks for mastering each chapter. Magnum Quest allows you to strategize and win unexpected victories in this imaginative land of fantasy forests and endless deserts.

Gameplay Overview

Armuda continent is an imaginative world in the game. Players immerse themselves in the boss’s storm, touch the dungeon dragons’ flames, and feast on an immersive visual feast. Moreover, in the game players begin by summoning legendary heroes and strategizing how to defeat formidable foes. Magnum Quest offers a plethora of activities that may seem overwhelming at first, but will quickly become a part of your daily routine.

Magnum Quest gamplay overview
Magnum Quest gameplay overview

With so many considerations, it’s unsurprising that many players end up squandering resources or advantages that are critical for staying ahead of the competition. If you are a player looking to stay competitive in the game, you may want to review the tips and tricks mentioned in this guide.

The game is not as simple as it appears due to the game’s efficient packing of so many features into such a small space. If you’re new to this game, keep reading because this Magnum Quest beginners guide contains numerous tips and tricks.

Magnum Quest Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

If you’re new to Magnum Quest, keep reading because this guide contains numerous tips and tricks for beginners.

1. Introducing the Heroes factions

Hero factions are a feature of the game that, surprisingly, receives little explanation from different guides on the Internet. Universal factions are considered to be members of the fundamental factions, contributing to the team’s requirements for obtaining set bonuses. It is critical for players to collect multiple characters because various bonuses are activated when a team contains a certain number of heroes from a particular faction. Thus, if a player wants to conquer the Armuda continent, he/she has to develop an understanding of factional characteristics and counter-strategies and assemble the strongest 5-player team.

Magnum Quest hero factions
Magnum Quest hero factions

Unlike other RPGs, the bonuses do not vary according to the faction you choose, avoiding the formation of a meta with the same team composition. When a player has three members of the same faction and two members of another, then the player receives a +15 percent HP and +15 ATK bonus. Additionally, if a player’s team consists entirely of members from a single faction, the bonus is increased to +25 percent HP and ATK. This means that you should always aim for a bonus of at least 15%.

Note: Players can also collect legendary heroes from six different factions, including Fortress, Forest, Wild, Shadow, Divine, and Abyss.

2. Upgrading your Heroes

Apart from general advancement, the hero must also be upgraded. You will be given default heroes at the start. On level 1, one of the heroes is a war machine known as Locke. And yeah, he is like an Elder brother, always ready to protect his friends.

Well, to actually use Locke as an example, he has high damage but low healing, buffing, and debuffing. You’ll need to efficiently upgrade each component to ensure victory in battles. While the initial damage may be necessary, you will eventually require healing, followed by control, and so forth. Thus, when it comes to games like these, upgrades are critical to victory.

upgrade heroes
Upgrade heroes

Each time you defeat an opponent and win a battle, you’ll receive different types of resources. Utilize them effectively to aid in-game progression. Additionally, you can unlock heroes through the use of ‘Summon Hero,’ which gives you the opportunity to obtain powerful heroes. Once you have sufficient resources, this will be enabled.

3. Form and polish your Strategy

Shield, taunt, leech, immobilize, repel, or stun. Each hero is endowed with unique abilities in the game. Strategies and abilities will enable players to achieve unexpected victories. Players just need to apply wisdom, and this game will never bore! The game offers tons of different stages/modes like Adventure storyline, Hero trials, Dungeon conquest, Roguelike combat, Raids, Arenas, Guild bosses, and a plethora of gameplay features. And the fact is different stages require a different strategy.

After forming your strategy with the help of the strategy board, you will engage in combat with the adversary. You can win by attacking and reducing the health of your adversary. However, if you want to end the fight quickly, use the Cast Skill card in the bottom right corner.

This will cause your character to reach its full potential and quickly defeat the adversary. The adversary will flinch and drop, allowing you to defeat the adversary quickly while the adversary is unable to attack you. This enables you to quickly level up and earn crystals. Don’t forget to purchase upgrades for your team with these crystals.     

4. Rarity vs Ascension

Ascension is the most critical function that players must understand if they wish to see their favorite characters grow in strength. Each character has a base rarity; the game’s strongest characters begin as gold-framed characters and can be further ascended. The game does not penalize players who experience bad luck streaks, as silver characters and above can be ascended (or used as ascension material) for your more important team members.

Rarity vs Ascension
Rarity vs Ascension

Ascension is accomplished by combining a single base character with one or more duplicates of the same character or a member of the same faction. They must share the same rarity in order to ascend. Certain characters require duplicates, which can make ascending them more difficult, but this should not deter you from attempting to obtain them. Ascension significantly boosts a character’s base stats and unlocks additional skills and abilities based on the unit’s level.

To raise a hero’s star level (ascension), the game offers the hero whose level you wish to raise the opportunity to feed other heroes. These may be duplicates of the same hero or any heroes belonging to the same faction (fortresses can only be fed to fortress heroes, etc.). Due to the possibility of upgrading silver heroes to Gold 3*, we recommend using only silver heroes as faction feed. There is no food for the Divine and Abyss heroes; their numbers can only be increased through their copies.

5. Selecting a Hero

While selecting heroes, players should also consider their skills and abilities of heroes. The majority of abilities are tied to the unit’s hero class, so you’ll know whether it’s a DPS, Tank, Support, or Healer. Study your heroes’ abilities and build a team with effect diversity to avoid having redundant skills such as double buffs, unsackable debuffs, or attack patterns that affect your overall damage output.

Leveling up characters unlocks hero abilities. The higher the level of the unit, the more passive skills it will be able to utilize during combat. Once acquired, active abilities become innate to the character. Passive abilities typically augment a unit’s attack effects or increase the value of an existing skill or ability. Both contribute significantly to a unit’s potential, and understanding how they work will greatly benefit the player, as certain abilities synergize well with one another.

6. Complete your Daily Missions

Daily and weekly missions are routinely disregarded. Players frequently disregard these missions and do not attempt to complete the tasks on the list, or if they do, they fail to claim the rewards associated with completing them. Daily missions provide vital resources and event tokens or currency for minigames. This alone should be sufficient to encourage players to complete the daily missions on a consistent basis in order to qualify for the bonuses.

Complete daily missions
Complete daily missions

Weekly missions are more challenging, but players have seven days to complete them. Bear in mind that these missions reset on Sundays and will immediately remove any unclaimed rewards from the previous week. It is recommended that players complete all quests prior to the sixth or seventh day without forgetting to claim their rewards. You’ll surely appreciate the rewards from missions if you complete them prior to the reset, as they can provide a slight boost to your account.

7. Join a Guild to make friends

Guilds are critical to the game’s social and gameplay aspects. Players can interact with their guild members to ask questions or assist them with a problem they’re having in the game. Joining a guild from your home country is optimal because your chances of meeting other members online are increased when you share a time zone.

Magnum Quest guild
Magnum Quest guild

Additionally, there are additional benefits to joining a guide, such as the ability to challenge Guild Bosses. This is where you can farm the currency required to purchase gear in the shop. Defeating guild bosses will earn you activity points, which will be used to determine which guild members are making the most contributions. Assemble an active guild; otherwise, the guild master may refuse to open the guild boss, leaving you with nothing to farm.

8. Visit the Shop for Premium assets

The shop is an excellent resource for acquiring everything you need in the game. We’ve already discussed how difficult it is to obtain the necessary resources, items, and gear to aid in your character’s growth. This is where the shop comes in handy, as it offers a wide variety of useful items that players can purchase with their earned diamonds, gold, or other currency.

Magnum Quest shop
Magnum Quest shop

Note: Contrary to popular belief, the Shop is not to be confused with the Merchant, which is the location where players can purchase premium items using real money.

The Shop is divided into distinct categories based on the currency being used. The General, Retirement, Trial, and Guild Shops are available to players. The currency required to purchase items from these shops can be farmed based on their location. Players must participate in daily Trials and Guild bosses in order to farm currency. Additionally, the shops may sell Gold characters, which players will undoubtedly desire if they do not already own those units.

9. Climb the Campaign for instant resources

The most challenging aspect of leveling up characters is acquiring the necessary resources to feed them. When you run out of gold, experience, or beryls, you may be tempted to log off and wait a few hours to farm idle rewards, but there is another way to claim those resources immediately. The first method is to utilize the Fast Collect function in idle rewards, while the second method is to utilize the inventory resources stored in your bag.

Campaign for instant resources
Campaign for instant resources

The fast-collect system is an excellent way to quickly collect a large number of resources. Each day, you get one free fast collect and an additional two by spending diamonds. It’s worth it to spend diamonds on the fast collect because it allows you to obtain a large number of resources. Additionally, inventory resources are an excellent source of gold, experience, and beryl. Additionally, you can earn these as rewards for completing missions or participating in events. Bear in mind that both of these functions are conditional on your campaign progress, so be sure to climb as high as possible in story mode.

10. Understand the different Classes and Hero types

There are three types of heroes: those who are strong, those who are agile, and those who are intelligent. Strength heroes are typically big, bulky characters with a lot of HP and a lot of attacks. While agility heroes have a high attack value, they have a low HP and overall defense. Intelligence heroes are spellcasters who specialize in utility or dealing a high amount of damage to multiple targets. Each hero type is critical to the team, and they each play a unique role in the team, which we refer to as a Class.

A player’s team composition is determined by the formula they wish to create, which is not rigid in any way, but the recommended lineup consists of 1 Tank, 1 Healer, and any type of DPS. Apart from the tank, having two or more of the same unit class is superfluous, as it may affect your team’s offensive or defensive value.

Other Miscellaneous Tips

Here are some of our additional tips that will aid you in advancing through the game in the fantasy world of Magnum Quest.

  • The shop will be a significant part of your journey in Magnum Quest, as it will allow you to purchase a variety of useful items using coins and gems.
  • You can continuously refresh for 50 Dragon shards, which can be used to repurchase Barrels for your Heroes for 3 million Gold.
  • Again, avoid purchasing artefacts at first, as the game will distribute them to you based on your level during campaign missions. Though you may be required to do so if you come across a pay-wall or a difficulty-wall.
  • Always keep one thing in mind: don’t sacrifice your Gold Heroes to Ascend Heroes on the spur of the moment; keep at least one unleveled copy for future use.
  • Always add friends who will actively participate in the game on a daily basis, as this is an excellent source of daily hearts. These daily hearts can assist you in quickly invoking/summoning Heroes. You can determine which other players you can add based on their most recent login.
Magnum Quest
  • The player only have 30 friends at a time, so don’t be afraid to remove them if they haven’t logged in in a few days, as you will miss out on the friendship hearts.
  • You will be able to summon once per day using the friendship currency, which will help you increase your chances of summoning a Gold or Legendary Hero.
  • You can always search a local channel for guilds that interest you. We recommend joining higher-level guilds that do not have strict requirements, as a higher-level guild means more rewards and buffs, which will ultimately speed up your beginner’s journey.
  • At a higher level, you earn Idle or AFK rewards per minute spent not playing the game, so keep that in mind. And quickly level up your account.
  • You must consider the affinities of the various enemies you will face. Therefore, utilize this to your advantage.
  • Because you can ascend Silver heroes early on to significantly strengthen your game, as they are easier to obtain and ascend than Gold heroes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the game is excellent. It is, without a doubt, another hero gacha, but the difference is that you get the good heroes for free. The graphics are incredible, and the characters are unique. Magnum Quest’s heroes are at the center of everything that happens in the game. As with any other gacha game, players will be able to collect a variety of characters who can be combined to form a team for combat. This game takes the best aspects of similar RPG games and vastly improves on them. The animation, design, sound, and characters are all of the highest quality.

There is a strong emphasis on detail, as evidenced by the character descriptions, backgrounds, and battle screens, to name a few. The animated battles, art style, and evenly paced progression are all excellent in this game. Above all, players can anytime refer to this Magnum Quest beginners guide to learn the basics for speeding up their progress in the game.

That’s all for today’s Magnum Quest Beginners Guide. Did you find our Magnum Quest Beginners Guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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