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Maid Master Beginners Guide with Tips

Master your maids and then conquer!

Maid Master is the latest title by SnipeGame in the RPG genre with futuristic elements. The game is the first release by the developer. Maid Master is set in the year 2142 when nurses run berserk after an unknown infection, which is a threat to humanity. Ever since the global release of Maid Master, players who are new to the genre as asking for a guide for beginners to understand the basics before proceeding to the game. So to help those players, we have come up with this Maid Master beginners guide with tips for more in-depth basic understanding and tricks to get a knack for the game.

Understanding the Basics of Maid Master

Just like any other RPG game, Maid Master will also be focusing on a futuristic plot where the Maids in the game have to put their life on the line to beat the virus-infected Nurses led by gigantic alien Head Nurses. The primary objective of the game is to cleanse out these nurses chapter-wise and then also participate in various city-rebuilding activities.

Maid Master Gameplay
Image via SnipeGame

Form a team of Maids, that are available in the game in the categories of the tier where the least starts from 4 Star to a maximum of 6 Star. So it is necessary to get hold of the top characters which can make a difference in the game for chapter progression. Each has its special powers and skill moves, so make sure you utilize them effectively during the battles.

The Main Menu

The Main Menu comprises multiple options that are in need to be understood before moving ahead in the game. Descriptions are given below for each of them.

  • Maids: The area where players will find their unlocked Maids. They can be sorted by Level, Tier, etc. Training and leveling up of maids is done here.
  • Arena: The battle arena is for player battles, which will be important to gain rewards as you get Arena Points. For best results, make sure you upgrade your Maid team.
  • Dispatch: Send your Maids for mini-missions for a certain duration to earn rewards.
  • Inventory: A menu to access your claimed items.
Main Menu
Image via SnipeGame
  • Battle: Take part in battles in the story mode where you face nurses and sometimes dangerous head nurses. A team of 5 is usually put in, which can be changed as per the wish of the player.
  • Mansion: Some play area for the Maids. You can arrange this area as you like with the help of luxurious items like Furniture, and Decos which can be bought from the Shop.
  • Supply: Buy Chips, Items, and more with the help of shops. Also included in-app purchases.

Items and Resources

Plenty of resources along with training items are confusing for any player. In Maid Master, each serves a distinct purpose be it for Maid training, level-ups, purchases, etc. So we will list the important items and resources here for understanding them.

  • Battle Reports: Used in increasing the training level of the Maids and increasing the maid XP.
  • Chips: Used for boosting Maid stats. Least of tier 3 Star with a maximum of 6 Star. Can be claimed via Battles or through the Supply.
  • Supply Tickets: Can be used to summon Maids and Chips. Can be purchased from the Supply as well as can be claimed through chapter progress and battles.
  • Arena Tickets: Indicating the number of tries for Arena Battles. Refills +1 every hour with a maximum of 10.
  • Battle Flags: Indicated in red next to Arena Tickets. Used in Battle chapters. Follows a refill system again, with one flag every 6 mins.
  • Silver: In-game currency for purchases. However, it is used for training and level-ups of Maids importantly.
  • Garnet: in-game premium currency. Can be used anywhere in the game, mostly for summoning, purchasing items, etc.

Mastering Maids and Battles

Maids are an essential part of your battles, without any doubt. Higher the level of maids, the better results in Arena warfare and chapters. For each chapter, players will find a 3 Star battle reward given, so always follow a squad that is well-trained and leveled up.

Maid Training and Skills

Maids are managed in their separate sections. They are categorized by different roles: Sniper, Defender, and Fighter. Each Maid needs to be trained separately, for level-ups and skill upgrades. Skill upgrades are possible at certain Maid levels.

Maid training in Maid Master
Image via SnipeGame

Level Up is done with the battle report cards. The advanced battle report carries the most XP, so better use it on maids ranked higher. Similarly, Skill Manuals are used to carry out upgrades of the Skills of a maid. There are three skills each which will be activated during battles.

Chip Slots are also important to provide a few boosts in stats for each maid. They can be of any type, Attack, HP, Defense, etc. Once allocated to a maid, the same chip cannot be equipped by another maid. Players will also get an option to upgrade those chips as well.


Battles are idle, which means players do not have movement controls to move a player. What he has control over is the placement of the maids before battles which will be important in order to take the damage or attack effectively. It can be done by drag and drop of the maids before the battle begins.

Image via SnipeGame

Players do not need to keep a preset battle 5 (team) beforehand. The game will save the previous list along with the formation you used last time. In the next battle, players can change it to whatever is necessary.

Maid Master Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

We shall list some additional tips and tricks players should remember while playing Maid Master.

1. Train your higher-tier maids first

First and important tip. Always the higher tier maids get the first fruit of training cards, so better organize them. Using them for battles also gives good benefits in finishing the match early too as they are the powerful ones of the lot.

2. Make use of Dispatch often

Dispatch in Maid Master
Image via SnipeGame

Dispatch doesn’t need much of a player’s work really. They just need to assign their maids to a particular region, so that they undergo a few tasks to solve challenges for a period which in return will earn them a lot of rewards.

3. Use the Auto mode

Auto mode and 2X help in ending the battle early and without doing much screen time. The auto mode enables automatic skill moves applied and it doesn’t need the player’s interference. So, it is the best addition for those who need to progress quickly and not concentrate too much.

4. Keep an eye on the quests

Quests give out good rewards on completion. So make sure you check the quests and then follow that path to unlock rewards and also complete the time-limited challenges before they expire.

5. Skip stories if you don’t want them

Skip the story
Image via SnipeGame

There are some players who aren’t interested in the story part of the game, which is played in the chapters. So they would like it to be removed. Even though there isn’t an option for the “complete removal” of the plot yet, you can disable the View Story option by unchecking it.


Maid Master is a fun, progressive RPG title that needs less than no time to master once you get a grip on the game basics. Getting the top 6 Star Maids will strengthen your team which will be very effective during chapter progression and arena battles. However, with a lot of work on the Maid training and level-ups, it is important to monitor your game and apply perfect tactics to your battles for better results. Do remember, if you struggle somewhere or have difficulties, this Maid Master beginners guide is always there to help you.

Did you find this Maid Master Beginners Guide helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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