Marvel Super War Tier List February 2020

Welcome to the second edition of Marvel Super War tier list. We’re about halfway through Season 1, but the players have had enough of heroes, updates and all. So here, we’ll be going through each role individually so as to avoid confusion and to give you a proper understanding of the Marvel Super War February 2020 tier list.

Disclaimer: This tier list is opinionated, with some feedback from several other players. Feel free to argue about the positions of the heroes in their tiers.


S: OverpoweredCaptain America, Proxima Midnight, Emma Frost
A: StrongBlack Panther, Beast, Quicksilver, Captain Marvel, Deadpool, Star-Lord
B: GoodBlack Widow, Lady Sif, Mister Fantastic, Spider-Man, Ghost, Blade, Ancient One
C: FairCorvus Glaive
  • Spider-Man has been nerfed to oblivion and he doesn’t feel as strong as he was in pre-season. Still a viable pick, but there are better alternatives than him now.
  • Captain America was nerfed as well, from super OP to OP. Still one of the strongest fighters in the game with amazing jungle clear speed and efficient ganking abilities.
  • Proxima Midnight is very underused but people don’t realise that she’s an amazing assassin with a high skill capacity. A good Proxima Midnight can completely dominate the game because of her AoE CC abilities and ultimate that executes low HP targets.
  • Lady Sif is really good as an assassin, but the problem is that her jungle clear speed is too slow. She may starve early game and as a jungler, you would want to avoid that. She is a lot better as a fighter in the top lane.

Top Lane

SAnt-Man, Deadpool, Mister Fantastic, Hulk, The Thing, Lady Sif
ACorvus Glaive, Executioner, Heimdall, Namor, Ronan, Cull Obsidian, Ancient One, Captain America
BBlade, Captain Marvel
CGroot, Sandman
  • Ant-Man‘s minion clear speed is mediocre, but his skills allow him to be a powerhouse against the enemy’s top laner. He can enlarge himself to do massive AoE damage, or minimize himself to escape ganks. His ultimate also allows him to deal damage to towers really fast.
  • Ancient One is weak early game but her tankiness and sustain in the mid to late game makes her very good as a top laner. A good Ancient One can easily snipe a key enemy hero (like the Marksman) and switch places with them, thus allowing a 4v5 teamfight.
  • Groot may be a decent support, but he’s not a very good top laner. Other heroes like Captain America or Deadpool can out-poke him and deal damage to Groot without being damaged themselves.

Mid Lane

SJubilee, Scarlet Witch, Magneto
ALoki, Iceman, Iron Man, Human Torch, Storm, Doctor Strange
BEmma Frost, Ancient One, Ebony Maw
  • Jubilee‘s range is absurd and coupling that with her immense DPS and mobility makes her one of the best mages in the game. She is able to deal damage and kite those who are close to her with her stuns and with her ultimate, she can deal massive damage to multiple targets at once.
  • Scarlet Witch and Magneto are the mages with the most burst potential in their kit. Within a split second, they can obliterate a target if they aren’t careful enough. They each have their own protection against ganks too, with both of them having a knockback skill and ultimates with amazing crowd control.
  • Ebony Maw is listed as a support in game, but he can actually be a decent pick for mid lane because he is able to manifest himself into his enemy and regenerate lost HP while dealing damage and heavy CC to those around his host.
  • Human Torch is the best example of “high risk, high reward”. He can be absolutely unstoppable if he continuously lands his triangles on marked enemies. If not, he’s just a sitting duck. The whole point of Human Torch is to stall for time until his S2 is up for use again. If you can’t aim well or continuously land S2 on enemies, he would be a low tier hero.

Bot Lane (Marksman)

SRocket Raccoon, Star-Lord
AAngel, Yondu
CWar Machine
  • Rocket Raccoon is a team killer with his AoE basic attacks. He’s also really mobile and can easily escape danger with his acceleration buff on S2. If the team fails to kill Rocket Raccoon fast, they may find themselves getting melted by him in return. His passive also increases his attack range which significantly gives him a power spike once you decide to upgrade it.
  • Star-Lord is so annoying to kill. His acceleration just makes him impossible to catch, and on top of that, he can use his S1 and basic attacks while moving. His ultimate allows him to deal immense damage in teamfights and clear waves really fast. Since nobody would be stupid enough to stand in his ultimate, it also makes as a really good zoning tool.
  • Yondu can pierce through enemies with his needle and kick those who get near him. One drawback is that his basic attacks aren’t like your typical MOBA heroes’. You have to constantly aim and use your S1 wisely to stun enemies. The best thing about Yondu is that you can attack while moving, so you can kite enemies really easily or chase enemies without stopping to attack. If you can’t consistently aim and hit basic attacks, Yondu would be the worst Marksman in the game.
  • War Machine was buffed in the last patch, but he’s still very weak. Although his skills are weak, he can still take down towers fast with his S2 and escape danger with his S3. His ultimate is a good zoning tool but he’s just a still target once he activates it, so use your S3 wisely. All in all, there are better options out there than War Machine.


SThe Thing, Namor, Hulk
ACull Obsidian, Groot, Mantis, Ebony Maw
BRonan, Heimdall
CCloak & Dagger, Sandman, Thanos
  • Yes, Thanos as a support is viable but not recommended. He has decent CC and can be a meat shield for the Marksman. Besides that, he has nothing to offer for ganking and/or healing.
  • Cloak & Dagger has the potential to be a good support because of her AoE heal, but her S3 takes too long to appear. By the time Cloak appears to silence enemies, they’ve already escaped the area. Her ultimate is good too because it saves low HP allies, but it may also cause death because those in Cloak cannot move. Enemies can simply wait till the target reappears and kill them.
  • The three in the S tier are very tanky and can provide very good CC to kill the enemy Marksman during ganks. Hulk can lockdown and thrash a single enemy, Namor can keep enemies within a zone, and The Thing can stun the entire team with his ultimate’s wide radius.

Do you have any suggestions? or do you feel there are some changes needed in this Marvel Super War February 2020 Tier List? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. And to get instant news and updates, make sure to follow us on Twitter.

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