Marvel Super War Class Guide: Learn how to play each of them

Marvel Super War is garnering fame in the soft-launch counties, and the devs will hopefully release it globally very soon. We have been playing the game a lot, and we think this Marvel Super War Class Guide will be helpful to beginners and those who are new to MOBAs in general. So, let us go through each class of Marvel Super War to guide you with the basics.

Marvel Super War Class Guide

There are 6 total classes in Marvel Super War – Tank, Assassin, Energy / Power, Marksman, Fighter, and Support. All of these classes play a different role in battles. We’ll learn about each of them below. I have listed the best heroes in each class, but if you’re looking for details, check out our tier list of Marvel Super War.

1. Tank

Recommended Build: Defense item builds

tank class marvel super war
The Thing – Marvel Super War

Tanks are the meatshields in this game. They are frontline heroes and have a huge amount of HP. They are generally played in the top lane. In team fights, they are the ones who absorb a lot of damage. Their teammates stay behind them and target enemies so that the enemies will have a huge obstacle in their path. The best tanks in Marvel Super War at the moment are Hulk, The Thing, and Namor. Hulk literally picks up and smashes his enemies into the ground, while Thing turns into a boulder and knocks them up. Namor, though, has a different, unique ability – A whirlpool that pulls in enemy heroes. This helps his teammates to finish them off and gain an upper hand in battle. They, as expected of a Tank, use the Defense item builds to increase Armor.

2. Assassin

Recommended Build: Jungling item builds

assassin class marvel super war
Best – Marvel Super War

Assassins can carry a game by themselves. If they’re supported by decent teammates, a great Assassin player will be unstoppable. They jungle, that is, they farm different buffs for their team. Assassins “roam and support”, meaning that they farm buffs, and if they see a potential KO, they swoop in and finish off the enemy. They can have a very big impact on the outcome of a game. They have to constantly be on the lookout for enemy heroes, and if anyone is stealing their jungle kills. an Assassin to quickly level up to 4 by jungling, to unlock their ultimate attack. Most of the time, teams with better Assassins win more games. Some of the best Assassins in-game at the moment are Beast, Ghost, Captain Marvel, and Quicksilver. They use the Jungling item builds to farm quickly.

3. Power / Energy

Recommended Build: Energy item builds

mage class, iron man in msw
Iron Man – Marvel Super War

Power class heroes see a lot of action throughout the game. Their job is to control the flow of enemy minions in the lanes and ensure that no enemy heroes get past them. Power class generally level up the fastest. This is because, as I said before, they have to continuously stem the flow of enemy minions. Now, a power class hero should try to stay in their lane and not divert to other lanes. They are ones who are suitable for the middle lane. Prominent power heroes at the moment include Jubilee, Magneto, Human Torch, Iron Man (Energy), and others. They use Energy item builds.

4. Marksman

Recommended Build: Speed item builds

marksman marvel super war
Rocket Raccoon – Marvel Super War

This is another class, besides Assassin, that can change a game single-handedly. They generally take the bottom lane in battle. but can also resort to jungling in case of the absence of a jungler. Marksmen are squishy heroes and need either a Tank or Support hero to help them. Alone, they can easily become fodder for enemy heroes. A Marksman’s job is to take out enemy towers in the bottom lane as quickly as possible, and then join team fights. A 1v1 between Marksmen is highly unlikely in the early game, whereas in the late game, it’s bound to happen. In such a scenario, Rocket Raccoon comes out on top. He is probably the best MM in-game right now, along with Angel, with Star-Lord being the second best. Marksmen use item builds that increase attacking speed and movement speed.

5. Fighter

Recommended Build: Attack and Defense item builds

fighter class marvel super war
Captain Marvel – Marvel Super War

Fighters are heroes that can play the parts of both mid-laner and top laner. If you don’t have a Mage or Tank, but you have Fighters in your team, you can ask them to assume either of the above roles. Some Fighters are even suitable for Jungling and farming, like Mr. Fantastic. So, you can see that Fighters can play a wide variety of roles, right from top laner to supporting the Marksmen in the bottom lane. Some of the best Fighters in-game at the moment are Captain America, Deadpool, Executioner, Blade, and others. They use mostly the Attack and Defense items to increase attack and gain Armor.

6. Support

Recommended Build: Healing and Defense item builds

support class marvel super war
Mantis – Marvel Super War

Support heroes are those that help other heroes. They support their teammates by either healing them, or by assisting them to kill enemies. Healers include Mantis and Cloak&Dagger, while Supports like Groot and Cull Obsidian isolate their enemies from their team and help their teammates to finish the enemy off. Mantis, Groot, and Cloak&Dagger generally help out Marksmen in the bottom lane, while Cull takes top lane. Groot and Cull can also tank for their team, hence they can be frontline heroes. Mantis is the most OP Support hero at the moment, and the team that has the more skilled Mantis has a greater chance of winning. Groot is another game-changer, with his ability to pull enemies, immobilize and stun them. Good Supports can easily have an influence on which side can win the match. They use healing and defense item builds.

So, that’s all for our Marvel Super War Class guide, folks. If you have any queries or want to discuss it, feel free to leave a comment below. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates about our site. You can also join our community Discord, to hang out and have a great time with fellow mobile gamers. Until then, keep superhero-ing!

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