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MeowHeroes: The Complete Pet Guide and Tips

Become The best Pet Trainer!

MeowHeroes is a mobile game produced by YUEYOO GAMES. Set out on an adventurous journey through the colorful world of MeowHeroes and enjoy raising a variety of powerful and legendary creatures. Choose from four classes, form alliances with pals, and take on humorous bosses. Pets are a vital feature of MeowHeroes because they serve as one of the main damage sources for the players, alongside the main character. So, in this article, we will go through how to get pets, the pet level-up system, pet rarities, and pet races.

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Collecting Pets in MeowHeroes

There are two methods for acquiring and adding pets to your roster. The first method is to wish in the various pet banners, which include the standard regular pet banner, where you have the chance of getting a pet ranging from R-Rarity to SSR-Rarity, the race selection pet banner, where you can summon a pet from the race of your choice, and the mythic summon banner, where you can wish for mythical SSR-Rarity pets.

MapleHeroes – Idle Adventure

The second method of acquiring pets is through eggs. Players can collect eggs in the form of egg fragments, and once enough fragments have been collected, the eggs can be hatched, depending on the type of egg, any rarity of pets can be obtained. Eggs can also be obtained via completing various types of quests or missions, as well as from event rewards.

Levelling up the in-game Pets in MeowHeroes

Pets can be leveled up in MeowHeroes by upgrading them with Pet Food and Adventure Coins. Players simply need to go to the pet area, select the pet they want to level up, and then click the upgrade button as many times as they want the pets to level up, making sure they have enough pet foods and adventure coins.

MapleHeroes – Idle Adventure Pet Guide

Furthermore, pets have a level cap system, which means that once they reach a particular level, they cannot be raised any further unless the player decides to breach the level barrier by using Soulstone. Players will confront the first level cap when the pet reaches level 20. Take note that the pets cannot be of a greater level than the player.

You may also raise the pet’s stars to make them stronger, and if a certain number of stars are raised, the pets may evolve as well. To improve the star level of a specific pet, the player must feed it another pet of the same rarity, for example, to raise the star level of an SSR-Rarity pet, the player must give it another SSR-Rarity pet.

List of Pet Rarities and Races in MeowHeroes

Pet Rarities

Pets in MeowHeroes are divided into five Rarities. Starting with R-Rarity and SR-Rarity, the lowest rarities among the Tiers of Rarities, these pets can be easily obtained from Eggs and summons because their drop rates are very high, making them easy to obtain.

Then there are the SSR-Rarity pets, which are the Mid-Tier Pets; these pets have lower drop rates than R and SR rare pets, making them a little more difficult to obtain but not as difficult. There is no doubt that SSR-rarity pets are more powerful than R and SR-rarity pets.

MapleHeroes – Idle Adventure Pet Guide

Then we have our Strongest Tier Pets, which are SSR Mythic-Rarity and SSR Legend-Rarity. They are without a doubt the strongest pets in MeowHeroes, with SSR Mythic-Rarity pets being significantly stronger than SSR Legend-Rarity pets. As powerful as they are, they are also difficult to obtain and necessitate a lot of luck, as their drop rates are extremely low, making them extremely rare. Consider yourself fortunate if you get one early in the game.

Also, make use of the pets fusion mechanics, which allows you to combine eight lower rarity pets at once to get one tier higher pet. For example, you can fuse 8 SR-Rarity pets to get 1 SSR-Rarity pet, and the same is true for other tiers.

Pet Races

MapleHeroes – Idle Adventure Pet Guide

Pets in MeowHeroes have a variety of Races. The pets’ races are separated into five categories: Beastmon, Aquaborn, Ghostkin, Fairykin, and Dragonborn. Summoning in the regular pet banner will bring you any pet from any race at random, but summoning in the Race Pet Summon banner will get you a pet from a specific race since you can choose the race of the pet before you summon in the Race Pet Summon banner.

MeowHeroes Pet Guide: Tips and Tricks

Make it a habit to visit the pet gallery area whenever you summon or obtain new pets. Each new addition to your collection rewards you with Gold Mushrooms in the gallery. These mushrooms can be valuable in acquiring even more pets, so don’t miss out on this bonus.

2. Optimize duplicate pets

Duplicate pets shouldn’t be overlooked, they’re valuable resources. Instead of benching them, use duplicate pets as fodder for the pets you’re focusing on raising. This strategy not only helps in leveling up your pets but also maximizes the potential of your entire pet collection.

3. Take advantage of the Pet Fusion

Take advantage of the Pet Fusion option to combine lesser rarity pets and obtain greater rarity ones. This method significantly increases your chances of acquiring more powerful pets. By strategically fusing pets, you can strengthen your lineup and overcome tougher challenges more effectively.

4. Choose your pet’s race wisely

When summoning for pets, consider using the Race Pet summon banner if you’re specifically aiming for a pet from a particular race. This targeted approach increases your chances of getting the desired pet, aligning with your strategic preferences and team composition goals.

5. Manage your resources wisely

Stay vigilant about your adventure coins and pet food supplies. While these currencies are relatively easy to obtain, they can also be quickly depleted, especially with frequent pet upgrades and adventures. Keeping track ensures you always have enough resources to support your pets’ growth and your own progression.

Final Thoughts

Pets play a crucial role in enhancing your journey through MeowHeroes. Whether obtained through banners, egg hatching, or fusion mechanics, pets offer a diverse array of abilities and strengths to aid you in your adventures. Remember to prioritize collecting egg fragments and utilizing special eggs for higher rarity pets. By understanding and maximizing the potential of your pets, you’ll surely elevate your gameplay experience in MeowHeroes

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