Moving Castle Beginners Guide and Tips

Battle the chaos of the fantasy doom from your moving castle!

Moving Castle is a strategy game set in a fantasy world. Brought to you by JJ Future, this game is all about monsters invading the world, and you, with your mobile palace, set for your adventure. In this Moving Castle Beginners Guide, I will guide you with the basics and most necessary mechanics of this game, so that you can survive in this chaotic world with your ‘castle and Kingdom‘.

In Moving Castle, you will have to drive your moving castle to save survivors on the way, recruit heroes, find allies, and fight formidable monsters for a way out of the crisis. Developing your castle is also a must in this game. You can also check our Moving Castle Redeem codes article to get a headstart in the game.

Moving Castle Gameplay Basics

The game comprises a story-telling and the missions that follow. Each chapter is a new segment or level in the game, that comes with several missions you need to complete. Completion of each mission rewards you with resources or playable characters. Initially, you will be guided as to what and what not to do in the game for the first few chapters.

The basics involve tapping and dragging your castle on the go, while also retrofitting and upgrading your moving castle. You may find treasures on the way (shown on the map). Furthermore, there would also be a battling human (against a beast), trapped men, or creatures you may choose to save or ignore. Remember that, if you save them, they will join your camp.

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Whenever an enemy appears on the map, you will have to fight them, to progress. To fight them, tap on the enemy, and then a new interface opens, where you can choose your army, and generals to beat the enemy battalion. Besides traversing the map, another important task would be to manage and build your castle.

Additionally, the required number of rooms and facilities that might fit your army, you would also need to retrofit your castle with cannons and other weaponry useful for battles. Level up to unlock more and more types of collectible resources and constructible facilities to upgrade your castle. While your focus should only be on the quests to progress through the story, keep an eye on the status of the workers in the castle too.

Moving Castle Beginners Guide Tips and Tricks

Here are some major tips and tricks that I wish I had known before I started venturing into the wilderness of the chaotic fantasy world:

1. Upgrade the Power Center

The power center can also be called the heart of the core of your castle. The castle’s moving speed, the infantry’s marching speed, carrying capacity, etc., and the exploration power of the castle (how far you can see items on the map), all depend upon it.

Also, the level up to which you can upgrade other facilities depends upon the level of the power center. Simultaneously, upgrading the other facilities like the kitchen, infirmary, etc., also acts as eligibility to upgrade your power center. Hence. maintaining the balance is necessary.

2. Build an Infirmary and other facilities as soon as possible

An infirmary is very much necessary to treat wounded soldiers. Your castle can’t survive long amidst the chaos without proper military. As you have to fight against enemies often, you will need an infirmary to treat your soldiers and heroes.

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Besides, you will also need facilities like food and water workshops to process the respective resources. Also, a kitchen is necessary for the smooth functioning of the castle. Hence, build these facilities as soon as they are available at your current level, and the missions tell you to do so.

3. Help others on your way and welcome them aboard

As you move forward with your castle, you will meet soldiers who need to be rescued. Also, there would be heroes held as hostages. The game would leave it up to you to decide, whether to help them or not. In case you help them, they would join your crew, and become laborers in several facilities of your castle, or join the military.

Hence, to strengthen your army power, try rescuing the hostages, to increase your castle’s strength. Also, the required amount of strength required to rescue the hostages is always shown before the rescue mission. Make sure to only commit to the cause if you have enough of that strength at that moment.

4. Keep Scouting and Recruiting heroes

Besides rescuing, you may also recruit new heroes from the hero academy or the recruitment room. Furthermore, the recruitment can be temporary, for maybe, only a day, and also sometimes free of cost. But the free recruitments are only available after the cooldowns.

Also, the scouting room is available for employing scouts. The scouts often traverse the map and suggest the best path to continue your journey. Also, the owl scout helps find rare items on the map, like antidotes, medicines, etc.

5. Have ample manpower and Upgrade your heroes

Heroes are the leaders and forerunners of the battles you might have to fight. They remain behind your footsoldiers and constantly deal damage to the enemy during any raid or battle. Besides, the heroes also come with a special move (with a cooldown), that can cause massive damage. Hence, upgrading the heroes is necessary, to fully utilize their potential.

On top of that, the strength of the army in your possession also matters a lot. Hence, take care that you have a lot of men in your castle for every task there is in the castle. Be it processing food and water, maintaining the castle, or fighting battles, be ready with your men.

6. Check out for Missions

The missions are the ones that complete the stories and increase your levels in this game. So, keep an eye on what the missions of a particular level are. Missions can range from defeating a certain enemy to upgrading your facilities. Without completing missions, sometimes you might not be able to advance on the map. Hence, always go along with the missions that are pending, since they are the only way to progress.

7. Go for Treasure-hunting but be aware

Once you start your journey, treasures and resources are readily available on the map. Click on them and send your men to fetch whatever they contain. However, some boxes are traps set up by your enemies, hence, be ready to endorse damage to your men when you come across one. Since there is no way to figure out which is a real one, it is suggested not to unveil all the treasure or resource boxes, whenever they are very closely placed.

8. Use Diamonds only when needed

Although diamonds are abundantly available in the game, it is recommended that you use them only when it is necessary. Diamonds are necessary while building facilities, hence, are deemed essential often.

9. Raise your Throne level to strengthen your castle

The throne level is kind of an upgrade on the overall capability of the castle, and the heroes. It also determines what facilities can be built in the castle. Raise your throne level whenever the necessary eligibility is met. to strengthen your castle’s overall capabilities.

10. Spend your Resources and make Decisions wisely

Resources like bread (food) and water are required by the workers in the castle. Although they can be obtained as rewards, found as treasures, or made in the castle, there must be aways some left in the storage.

Image via JJFuture

The resources further come in handy while upgrading or building any new facility. Also, finally, remember to make decisions wisely, as the game would often give you two options to choose from. Depending on what you choose, the story will progress that way. Hence, make decisions wisely.

Final Thoughts

That was all about the Moving Castle Beginners Guide from our side. If you like fantasy, simulation, and management games, the game is a pretty good concept. Keep the said tips in mind; you will find no trouble while playing this game. Happy gaming!

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